Modern Cinderella Chapter 35

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Translator: lilcupcakez

Invincible Moya [5]

“Let who go jump off a building?!” A sharp voice came from outside of the F cla.s.s.

Moya stared at the young female teacher. “Hi.” She softly bowed.

The female teacher didn’t respond to Moya, instead, she observed Moya up and down. “You are Moya? The one everyone was talking about?”

Moya didn’t answer but she slightly frowned.

“And who are you?” Si Ming’s eyebrows wrinkled more.

“Ah, you are Si Ming, right.” The teacher immediately changed to a happy face. “I am your subst.i.tute teacher. My surname is…..”

“Okay.” Liu He impatiently interrupted her. “You don’t need to introduce yourself. We already know.”

“Oh, so I see.” Professor Li smiled awkwardly.

Moya turned her head around. She had no idea if it was her imagination or that she always felt that this female teacher was glaring at her.

Professor Li walked up to the podium, “Well, where is everyone learning up to?” She opened the book.

“Shouldn’t you, the professor, had already prepared this before cla.s.s?” Hao Jun You kept a faint smile, but his smile was a bit icy.

“This…this is something I had neglected. Then Jun You, can you tell me where are you guys up to?”

“Professor, of course, I can tell you this.” Hu Lin stared at Professor Li who grinned sweetly. “But before this can I give you an advice?” He revealed a rare warm expression.

“Of course!” Professor Li agreed while smiling.

“The answer is that we are up to markets.” Hu Lin’s smiling face suddenly became cold. “The request is that you should stop calling us directly by our names!” Hu Lin furrowed his eyebrows in disgust.

Professor Li was stunned. “….hehe…this ah, okay.”

“Welcome here.” Moya stood up and softly clapped her hands.

Professor Li looked at Moya. She didn’t know why bur Moya’s enthusiasm in her eyes became bragging and showing off.

“Pa!” “Pa!” Si Ming and the others had followed Moya’s random sense of rhythm and clapped.

“Thank you, everyone!” Professor Li finally understood the F cla.s.s from the old professor’s mouth. So the teachers could be treated like this too. “Moya, can you stay after cla.s.s? I want to ask you some questions.” How did this girl actually came to Qingtan and how did she get into F cla.s.s? She wanted to know everything.

“No.” The person who had answered this question was Jin Ming Xian who had his attention out the window.

“Ah? Do you have a question? Oh no, request?” The professor looked towards Jin Ming Xian’s handsome face. Her face was actually a little red.

“She is with me at night.” Jin Ming Xian’s gaze was outside the window and he didn’t even look at Professor Li.

“What?!” Professor Li widened her eyes, shocked. Jin Ming Xian who was cold and heartless would go home with a girl?! “This ah, this professor will bring her home.”

“No need.” Jin Ming Xian turned his head. His beautiful eyes stared at Moya. “She goes to my place.”

Professor Li seemed as though she had gotten a huge shock. She said nothing even after a while…

While Hao Jun You turned his head towards Moya. Seeing her red face made him felt a little hurt for some reason…

“Are you not going to teach us?” Lan You elegantly got up from his seat. “If that’s the case, I’m going back to practice piano.” He shot the professor a faint smile and turned around to walk out of the cla.s.s.

“Aish~!” Liu He let out a long sigh. “So boring.” After that, he had left the cla.s.sroom as well.

“Then goodbye.” Right after Hu Lin and the other also left.

After a few minutes, the only people in the cla.s.sroom were Professor Li who was stunned, Moya who had laughed dumbly, Hao Jun You who was reading an English book, and the expressionless Jin Ming Xian.

Modern Cinderella Chapter 35

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