Modern Cinderella Chapter 40

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Translator: lilcupcakez

The Heart that Believes [2]

Jin Ming Xian walked over to Moya’s side. “Get up.” He ordered expressionlessly. This crazy girl is still sleeping right now! Besides that, she has an ugly sleeping posture!

“Xiao Ya.” Hao Jun You knelt down to Moya’s side. “Ming Xian is here.” He reached his hand over wanting to carry Moya.

“Hua.” Before he could do so, Jin Ming Xian poured the tea in his teacup on Moya’s face.

“What are you doing?!” Hao Jun You was slightly angry.

“This is called punishment.” Jin Ming Xian calmly explained.

Even though it was a cup of tea, Moya still wasn’t fully awake…She slowly opened her eyes….”Ah!” She yawned loudly. “You’re all here.” Moya’s head reached to grab her wet hair. “How was my hair wet?!”

“That was your saliva.” Jin Ming Xian said these four words expressionlessly.

“Ah?! Is that true? Senior You?!” Moya covered her face while asking.

Hao Jun You didn’t respond. He raised his hand over and patted Moya’s wet hair…

“Go wash it. Even if it was summer, you might still get a cold.” His eyes contained deep pity.

“Oh, no…..” Moya’s face was pale white. “Was it really saliva?! This time I’ve lost faces for sure!”

In the building, a faint smell of tea had floated around the room… Jin Ming Xian sat on the sofa and stared at the newspaper in his hand.

“Why?” Hao Jun You sat across from him.

Jin Ming Xian placed his newspaper down and looked at Hao Jun You. “What why?”

“Why are you trying to get close to Moya?” Hao Jun You would never believe that Jin Ming Xian was near Moya because he really fell in love with her.

“I said that before because I need her.” Jin Ming Xian peered at the watch on his hand. That crazy girl had taken a shower for almost an hour long. She couldn’t have slept in it, now did she!

“Need?” Hao Jun You scrunched his eyebrows. “Is it because you need her to pa.s.s the boring time?”

“……” Jin Ming Xian stood quietly for a couple of seconds. “I will do everything a boyfriend should do.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Moya walked out of the bathroom and held a towel to dry her hair.

Hao Jun You stood up and walked over to Moya. He took the towel from her and dried her hair for her.

“Let’s go.” Jin Ming Xian avoided the scene where Hao Jun You dried Moya’s hair for her.

“Hm?” Moya looked at Jin Ming Xian in confusion. “Where are we going?”

Jin Ming Xian scrunched his eyebrows tightly…”You forgot?!”

Moya looked at Jin Ming Xian’s fierce eyes… “Ah! Sorry! I forgot!” She quickly ran back to her room. “I will go change my clothes.”

Jin Ming Xian took a deep breath and calmed his emotions. He picked up the pink box and threw it at Moya. “This is for you.”

“For me?!” Moya was a little flattered. “Thank you!” She hugged the box and walked back to the bedroom.

“Ming Xian also knows how to coax a girl?” Hao Jun You stared at the egg which was already cold.

“I wasn’t the one who prepared it.” Jin Ming Xian’s expression was ugly and smelly. That crazy girl actually forgot?! She didn’t care about him! Maybe it was because of how proud Jin Ming Xian was or maybe because of emotions that even he couldn’t understand, but Moya’s ‘neglect’ had led Jin Ming Xian to be surprisingly furious.

Moya laid the short white lace dress on her blue bed. Its exquisite workmans.h.i.+p and elegant floral ornaments are all that Moya has never seen…

Modern Cinderella Chapter 40

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