Modern Cinderella Chapter 45

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Translator: lilcupcakez

The Heart that Believes [7]

“Disgusting.” Qi Feng revealed a look of disdain. 

“Despicable!!” At this time Si Ming had appeared in their sight. “For you!” Si Ming pa.s.sed the fencing sword out of where towards Jin Ming Xian. “And this one too!” Next he had delivered a ‘pistol’ towards Qi Feng.

All the muscular men sweated profusely…They knew all these kids…They were all favored by the G.o.d….

These couple handsome and cold young men had stood in the middle of these rude and sketchy men…The battle of the century: Angels and Devils had began….

“What do we do, leader?” The rest of men obviously had lost their confidence.

“This is the chance that we had waited for a long time!!” The man wiped off his sweat. “Let’s go! Today, we’ll just let them go!!” They had already ran away before they had finished their statement.

But Qi Feng’s eyes were filled with coldness. He picked up the pistol….No one could have escaped…

“Qi Feng!” The cute girl had stood up. “Don’t!”

“Pa!” Along with the sound of the pistol, it had exploded into a colored flag….

“Hehe….” Si Ming smiled dumbly, “So sorry…”

Qi Feng scrunched his eyebrows and threw the ‘pistol’ onto the ground…

Jin Ming Xian looked at the ‘fencing sword’ in his hands then he walked over to Moya.

“Did you get hurt?” Moya ran towards Jin Ming Xian.

Ding – Moya’s head – Jin Ming Xian actually used the fencing sword and poked her arm.

“Without a doubt, it was fake.” Jin Ming Xian stared at the rubber fencing sword. He smiled lightly.

“You….!!” Moya held her fist tightly. “What if it was real?!”

“You wouldn’t die anyways.” Jin Ming Xian tossed the ‘fencing sword’ towards Si Ming.

Even though Moya hated Jin Ming Xian’s actions, she still kept her emotions calm. She looked at Si Ming who had walked here. “Oh right, why did everyone come here?”

“It’s not our business!!” Jiang Shan stared at Si Ming evilly. “It was Ming’s idea to come.”

“What are you saying?!!” Si Ming harshly punched Jiang Shan.

“That’s not really what happened. We came out to bring Xiao You You to play.” Hu Lin caressed Lan You’s beautiful face.

“Thank goodness we came otherwise Ming Xian and Feng would’ve suffered.” Lan You peered towards Qi Feng who was in the pavilion.

“You guys know each other?” Moya raised her eyebrows. She had thought it was strange that Jin Ming Xian turned around and helped Qi Feng.

“Hm.” Si Ming nodded his head awkwardly.

“You guys can go.” Jin Ming Xian stared at Si Ming.

“No! Since you guys had came, let’s all go play!” Moya tugged at Si Ming’s sleeves.

Si Ming looked at Jin Ming Xian’s cold and icy eyes…”We still have other business to attend to. Moya, don’t take advantage of our Ming Xian ah!” After that was said, he waved his hand and strolled over in another direction.

“Oh.” Moya sighed disappointedly. “What business could they have…” She turned her head around and wanted to greet the cute girl. “Eh?! They’re also gone!”

“Let’s go.” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes had flashed over Moya and headed straight towards the gra.s.sland by the lake. After that ‘battle,’ he had forgotten what the activity the old housekeeper had planned for him was.

Moya was silent and she quietly followed him….

The midsummer’s suns.h.i.+ne had turned the color of the lake to a golden color.

Moya sat by Jin Ming Xian’s side quietly….

Modern Cinderella Chapter 45

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