Modern Cinderella Chapter 46

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Translator: lilcupcakez

The Heart that Believes [8]

“Talk.” Jin Ming Xian seemed to have felt her strangeness.

“…..” Moya stood up and tossed a rock into the lake. “Ming Xian, you know that cute girl?”

Thump. The rock had fell into the lake and caused ripples.

“Don’t know.” Jin Ming Xian answered indifferently.

“Oh.” Moya lowered her head and sat on the gra.s.s. Her hand played around with the green gra.s.s. “Actually…” There were some things that she wanted to tell Jin Ming Xian already.

“What?” Jin Ming Xian leaned on the ground and close the iceberg like eyes.

“You don’t need to say that I am your girlfriend.” Moya’s voice was low. It was so low that even she couldn’t have heard what she had just said. If Jin Ming Xian didn’t knew that cute girl, then why did he started to act strangely after he saw the girl on the carousel? “If you need my help, you can just tell me. You don’t need to…”

“……..” Jin Ming Xian hadn’t responded. His eyes were still closed and the suns.h.i.+ne had s.h.i.+ned on his handsome face.

“Before at the carousel…” Moya pulled at the lace on her dress.

“Father.” Jin Ming Xian’s beautiful lips slightly moved. “This park was built by my father.” His voice still held no temperature yet his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.

“This ah.” Moya had no idea why Jin Ming Xian had mentioned this suddenly. “You are so blessed, so jealous of you.”

“But…” Jin Ming Xian’s hand held onto the thin green gra.s.s. “After that, they had all left me.” Jin Ming Xian’s voice was quiet, as though he wasn’t the one who had said that or maybe that wasn’t his story.

“….” Moya rapidly stood up from the ground. “What?!” That made more sense why she had never heard of anyone talk of Jin Ming Xian’s parents or spoken about at the villa.

“They…abandoned me…” Jin Ming Xian’s lips had curled up and he actually smiled.

“No!” Moya held her fist tightly when she exclaimed this.

Jin Ming Xian opened his eyes, that iceberg like eyes held no warmth. “But, this is the truth.”

“I said so! They wouldn’t have!” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian’s eyes. “There must be a reason! There must be a reason!”

“What reason would have led them to abandoned their child….” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes revealed a look of disdain. “If they didn’t leave, would they have died?”

“No!” Moya pulled on Jin Ming Xian’s hand. “It obviously isn’t because of this!”

“Yeah.” Jin Ming Xian stared at the hand which was pulled by Moya. He could feel the warmth. “Obviously they wouldn’t have died.”

“If it was because they would have died, no matter what, they wouldn’t have left!” Moya held Jin Ming Xian’s hand tightly.

“……” Jin Ming Xian’s body had trembled. He looked at Moya’s eyes which revealed how determined she was.

“If there was something that led them to leave you, then it must be something related to you! Only you, only you would let them leave you behind with such pain!” Tears had fell down Moya’s face. Even her foster parents, under such challenging situations, would still attempted their best to take care of her!

“I…..” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes had slightly narrowed. “Humph……I….What makes you say that?”

“Because I believe ah!” Moya wiped the tears off of her face. “Because I believe ah!”

“The belief that comes out of nowhere…” Jin Ming Xian smiled with contempt.

Modern Cinderella Chapter 46

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