Modern Cinderella Chapter 56

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1Translator: lilcupcakez

The Opened Key [4]

The trees had slipped past their eyes…The deep green color in the midsummer…

Hao Jun You had driven the car to where Moya had previously waited at…

“Moya?” Hao Jun You got off the car but Moya wasn’t seen anywhere. He slightly scrunched his eyebrows…

“Jun You.” s.h.i.+ Lin walked up to Hao Jun You from behind. “Are you looking for Moya?”

“s.h.i.+ Lin, did you see Xiao Ya?” Hao Jun You faintly smiled.

“No.” s.h.i.+ Lin avoided his gaze. The beautiful eyes held a feeling of alienation when it looked at anyone else besides Moya.

“Senior Jun You and s.h.i.+ Lin are both here, ah.” You Mei slowly headed towards them. “Why are you guys just here?”

“You Mei, did you see Moya?” s.h.i.+ Ling held onto You Mei’s delicate hands.

“Oh, she just left with Jin Ming Xian.” You Mei looked at Hao Jun You’s expression.

“…..” Hao Jun You still smiled, besides that pale expression nothing else could be detected.

“…..” s.h.i.+ Lin glared at You Mei. “Are you sure Moya left with Jin Ming Xian ah? She didn’t tell Jun You ah.”

You Mei blinked her eyes as though she hadn’t seen the look s.h.i.+ Lin gave to her. “Yes ah. She happily went into Jin Ming Xian’s car and left.”

Hao Jun You closed his eyes.

“Jun You?” s.h.i.+ Ling carefully looked towards Hao Jun You.

“It’s no big deal.” Hao Jun You walked towards his car. “She probably had something to do. In that case, I’ll just leave now.”

“Jun You.” s.h.i.+ Lin ran over to Hao Jun You’s car and seemed like she wanted to say something. However, Hao Jun You didn’t seem to have heard her. He increased the car speed and drove the car off.

A red Ferrari stopped in the green bamboo forest…

“It feels nice in here.” Moya sat in the front of the car.

“You like it?” Jin Ming Xian’s hand caressed a bamboo. “Proud plant.” He revealed a smile of disdain.

“Not proud, but n.o.ble.” Moya jumped off the car and walked over to Jin Ming Xian’s side. “I like bamboos, empty but not empty. It’s delicate but not bendable. It stands up against the wind and rain.”

“I know.” Jin Ming Xian calmly responded.

“You know?!” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian’s beautiful side face.

“Pandas all like it.” Jin Ming Xian stated this in a serious tone.

“What?!” “Pa!” Moya froze. “Hua La!” The ice had broke…She had frozen because Jin Ming Xian actually called her a panda. The ice had broke because it had come out from the Fencing Prince – Jin Ming Xian’s mouth.

Jin Ming Xian turned around and stared at the stunned Moya. “I am joking.” He expressionlessly claimed.

“I know.” Moya helplessly lowered her head. Well is there someone who would’ve thought that he had revealed the truth?! But this joke was kind of cold…In the hot summer, a breezy wind had blown past…

“You….” Jin Ming Xian looked at Moya.

The green bamboo forest had swayed due to the slight wind…Quietly…The midsummer’s sunset had turned into a rainbow color and sprinkled at the n.o.ble bamboo forest…

Modern Cinderella Chapter 56

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