Modern Cinderella Chapter 7

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Meeting the ‘Glacier’ Again [3]

“No ah..~” At this moment the only one in a ‘good mood’ was Moya. “I didn’t close the car door. It’s probably closed when your head b.u.mped against the car door.”

“Really?” Jin Ming Xian raised one of his eyebrows.

Moya used her hands to point at the car ceiling, “pang” and the door closed. Her expression was sincere. “I really didn’t close the door.” But she added quickly in her heart “it’s me.”

Jin Ming Xian’s expression began to ease a bit, “But that’s also your fault! If you didn’t come to disturb my sleep I wouldn’t against the car!”

“Hahaha!~” Moya burst out laughing again. “Now you just admit that you were the one who b.u.mped against the car?”

“You…!” Jin Ming Xian doesn’t have much talent when it comes to arguing.

“Hey~. My stomach hurts from laughing~” Moya clutched onto her stomach.

“Ming Xian, Moya. You two knew each other?” Hao Jun You stood in front of the car, feeling a bit odd…

“Yes ah!”


Moya and Jin Ming Xian both held two different att.i.tudes.

“Your name is Jin Ming Xian and mine is Moya. We all know this, so isn’t that call knowing each other?” Moya stared at Jin Ming Xian’s icy eyes.

“I don’t know this crazy girl.” Jin Ming Xian’s eyes were full of disdain.

Moya didn’t care.

“Get out of my way!” Jin Ming Xian moved back and lifted his slender legs.

“What are you doing?!” Moya widened her eyes. He isn’t going to kick the car doors now, is he?! This is a Ferrari ah!

Foreseeing Jin Ming Xian’s next actions, Moya rushed up to hug his legs. “A Ferrari is very expensive. The King of Destruction.”

“Guang Dong!!” Jin Ming Xian fell back into the car again making his head slam against the other car door very hard. “Crazy girl!” Clenching his jaw while completing the sentence.

“So-sorry ah~!” Moya quickly lets go of her hands. “I was just scared that you were going to kick the car doors.”

The girls who were standing outside were stunned~No way! Their fencing prince Jin Ming Xian actually spoke that much! To the same girl! And it’s a new girl! And she isn’t even that pretty ah~ Like a cow going on a rampage!

Under the scorching sun, the girls had already stood there for 45 minutes. They had forgotten the situation which they asked Moya for help for.

“What should we do?! Is Jin Ming Xian hurt?” You Mei pulled at s.h.i.+ Lin’s clothes and the tears filled her eyes.

“Why don’t do you ask about Moya’s well-being! She and that glacier are in the car. Who knows if she had frozen to death!” s.h.i.+ Lin always sneered at Jin Ming Xian. Compared to his cold personality, s.h.i.+ Lin prefers a gentleman like Hao Jun You.

“Climb out.” Acting as if it was no big deal, Moya pointed at the window.

“Crazy!” Jin Ming Xian sat back on his seat. It’s impossible for someone like him to climb out the window!

“Then you can never get out!~” Moya revealed a sly smile.

“….” The glacier’s forehead began to drip down sweat. Can a crazy person even come to Qingtan?

Hao Jun You tried opening the door once more to no avail…

“Come out, Ming Xian.” Hao Jun You took the gla.s.s of the window down. “It isn’t that easy to kick the door of a Ferrari down.” Hao Jun You smiled slightly. “Moya, no problem right?”

Modern Cinderella Chapter 7

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