More Toasts Part 217

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"Yes," replied the patient yet firm woman. "I had to resign. n.o.body worried about who was going to fix up the sandwiches and salad and freeze the ice cream, but me. So I decided I was just a born worrier and was out of my cla.s.s."


Arthur T. Hadley, president of Yale, said of youth at a tea in New Haven:

"I find youth modest, almost over-modest. I don't agree with the accepted idea of youth that is epitomized in the anecdote.

"According to this anecdote, an old man said to a youth:

"'My boy, when I was your age I thought, like you, that I knew it all, but now I have reached the conclusion that I know nothing.'

"The youth, lighting a cigaret, answered carelessly:

"'Hm! I reached that conclusion about you years ago.'"


While inspecting examination papers recently, a teacher found various humorous answers to questions. A cla.s.s of boys, averaging twelve years of age, had been examined in geography. The previous day had been devoted to grammar. Among the geographical questions was the following:

"Name the zones."

One promising youth, who had mixed the two subjects, wrote: "There are two zones, masculine and feminine. The masculine is either temperate or intemperate; the feminine is either torrid or frigid!"

More Toasts Part 217

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