Mother Truth's Melodies Part 11

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Our earth has a _North Pole_, Where 'tis very cold; It also has a _South Pole_, That's just the same, we're told.

But half-way between, And all the way around, We call it the _Equator_, And heat doth there abound.

For there the sun s.h.i.+nes always, Though it goes north or south Some twenty-three degrees or more, And sometimes causes drouth.

The sun goes north, we call it.

But 'tis the earth instead, That tips, and makes it seem the sun Comes higher overhead.

And when the sun is northward 'Tis summer here, you see; And when it's to the southward 'Tis there in same degree.



I know a little brown-eyed boy, His name is Harley Hart; And with a naughty boy or girl, Our Harley has no part.

He cons his lessons o'er and o'er, And once he fell asleep, With finger marking A, B, C, As 'twere the place to keep.

And then he dreamed a funny dream-- The page jumps up to dance, The letters laugh, and by and by, Like imps they leap and prance.


Now Harley oft had wondered whence The letters first had come; And I'm afraid he sometimes wished They all had staid at home,

Instead of teasing him with quirks, And bothering him with names That seemed to help him hardly more In learning words than games.

One little imp squeaked: "I am _A;_ You could not be a man Without me." Then another cried: "I am E" and quickly ran,

Exclaiming: "And without us both You could not have a h_e_ad."

Another says: "You'd have no l_i_mbs If _I_ were lost or dead."

Then _O_, "You'd have no n_o_se nor t_o_es, If it were not for me;"

"And what is more, were I not here,"

Says _U_, "yo_u_ could not be."


And thus they each and all lay claim To parcel and to part Of what he was, or what should do With hand, or head, or heart.

They hung a ladder 'gainst the tree, And clambered up and down; They played a thousand pranks as wild As any gipsey clown.

They whispered that they came from Rome, And that, if rightly placed, They'd serve our Harley with a feast A king would joy to taste.

So when he woke and knew they were The little mystic keys That open Learning's gates so wide, He loved his A, B, C's.




We are small, and we are few, But we're wondrous mighty, too,-- For no word can language wear, Save in it we hold a share.

One of us in May is met,-- One is caught in every net; One is in the clambering vine, One, in Moon, must ever s.h.i.+ne; One's in you,--and all so shy, The last is hiding in your eye.



The name of everything we know, as _slate_, or _book_, or _toy_, Is called a _Noun_.

All names are nouns; remember this, my boy.

A word that means to be, to act, or to be acted on, Is called a _Verb_; as _is_, or _eat_, or _sing_; or he _is gone_.


A word that tells the color, form, or quality of things, Is called an _Adjective_; as, _bright_, or _round_, or _softest_ wings.

A word that tells how things are done, as _quickly_, _bravely_, _well_.

Is called an _Adverb_; and I'm sure you many more can tell.

A word that's used in place of nouns, a _p.r.o.noun_ we may call; As, _I_ for mother; _you_, for James; _this_, _that_, for hoop or ball

A _Preposition's_ placed before a noun, and serves to show Relation to some other word; as, Rover's _in_ the snow.

And then _Conjunctions_ join two words or sentences together; As, man _and_ boy, or birds will fly _and_ winds blow o'er the heather.

Then _Interjections_, _Oh!_ and _Ah! Behold!_ and many another, Express surprise, delight; dismay, far more than every other.


And these the _Parts of Speech_ we call; _Eight_ parts as you may tell; And all the language you will know, when these you've studied well.


A NOUN or name that means but one, Is called in the _singular number_; But when it stands for more than one, 'Tis _plural_, child, remember.

Mother Truth's Melodies Part 11

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