Mother Truth's Melodies Part 28

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Written for our pet, as indicative of what he _should be_ but _is not_.

Know ye our little black-eyed boy?

His name is Kenney Stone; Now listen, for he always speaks In such a gentle tone.

He never says "I will!" "I wi'n't!"

He's never rough nor rude, But always bows with, "Thank you; please;"

And tries to be so good.

Our Kenneth never kicks nor strikes, Nor makes an ugly face; He never slides down banisters, Nor puts things out of place.

He never says a naughty word, Nor tells a big, big story!

O, no, nor even a little one, To make us all so sorry.



Our Kenneth is a gentleman, He will not scratch nor bite; He never speaks to any child, A word that is not right.

Our Kenneth never slams the doors Nor stamps along the halls; He goes away when he is told, And comes when mamma calls.

Our Kenneth, everybody loves, Because he's so polite, Our darling little black-eyed boy, Our Kenney Stone so bright.



On thy cheek the roses lie; Lilies, on thy forehead fair; Violets blue, in each bright eye, Sunbeams, in thy golden hair.

Pearls, within thy coral lips, Ears and nostrils, crystal-clear, Dainty, sea-sh.e.l.l finger tips, Form, a sylph might love to wear.

Yet no beauty, thou, my child, Save as filled with inward grace; Save a spirit, undefiled, Warm thy heart and wreathe thy face.



Dear children, you are sometimes led To sorrow, sin, and woe, {289} Because you have not courage quite, And dare not answer, No.

When playmates tell you this, or that Is "very nice to do,"

See first what mamma says, or if You think 'tis wrong, say No.

Be always gentle, but be firm.

And wheresoe'er you go, If you are asked to do what's wrong, Don't fear to answer, No.

False friends may laugh and sneer at you.

Temptations round you flow, But prove yourself both brave and true, And firmly tell them, No.

Sometimes a thing that's not a sin, You might be asked to do,-- But when you think it is not best, Don't yield, but answer, No.

True friends will honor you the more, Ah, yes, and false ones too, When they have learned you're not afraid To stand and answer, No.


And when temptations rise within, And plead to "come," or "go,"

And do a wrong for "_just this once_"

Be sure you answer, No.

For when you once have done a Wrong, The Right receives a blow,-- And Wrong will triumph easier now, So haste and answer, No.

There's many a little boy and girl, And man and woman too, Have gone to ruin and to death For want of saying, No!

So, young or old, or great or small, Don't fail, whate'er you do, To stand for Right and n.o.bly dare To speak an honest No.



Yes, my darling, when you question, I will answer, simple, plain, Just the Truth;--and when playmate Tells you anything again, Come to Mother, she will tell you, Yes, and tell you always true, For she knows what's low and sinful, And what's right and wrong for you.


'Tis wrong, my dear, to do a thing That mother must not know; And when your playmates, old or young, Shall tell you thus to do, Leave them at once, and quickly come To your dear Mother's side, And tell her,--for she'll know what's wrong, And she will be your guide.



Mother Truth's Melodies Part 28

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