Mother Truth's Melodies Part 6

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S-I-N-G, SING, Just hear the children chant.

B-A, BA, B-Y, BY, And that spells BABY, love;

L-A, LA, D-Y, DY, And that spells LADY, dove.

M-A, MA, R-Y, RY, And that spells MARY, child,

E-D, ED, D-Y, DY, That's EDDY, sweet and mild.




ONE, two, (1, 2,) Here's a kitten for you;

THREE, four, (3, 4,) She will open the door,

FIVE, six, (5, 6,) And your cream she will mix,--


SEVEN, eight, (7, 8,) If you are too late,

NINE, ten, (9, 10,) To cover the pan;

ELEVEN, twelve, (11, 12,) And then you must delve,--

THIRTEEN, fourteen, (13, 14,) To cover her sporting;

FIFTEEN, Sixteen, (15, 16,) But while you are fixing,---


SEVENTEEN, eighteen, (17, 18,) Remember I'm waiting,

NINETEEN, twenty, (19, 20,) For b.u.t.ter a plenty.

To those who serve you, children, all, Be gentle and polite,-- For thus are gentle-women known, Or gentle-men, at sight.



DOLLY DIMPLE, just for fun, Stands to show us she is ONE.

Dolly and her sister Sue Show that ONE and ONE make Two.


Dolly, Sue, and Nanny Lee, Show that ONE with TWO make THREE.

Doll, Sue, Nan, and little Noah, Show that ONE with THREE make FOUR


Doll, Sue, Nan, Noah, and Ben Brive Show that ONE with FOUR make FIVE.

Now all these with Jenny Hicks Show that ONE with FIVE make SIX.


One more, Ned, a baby, even, Shows that ONE with SIX make SEVEN.

With these girls and boys, put Kate, And the ONE with SEVEN make EIGHT.


All these eight, with Adaline Show that ONE with EIGHT make NINE.

Now with these put d.i.c.k, and then You'll see that ONE with NINE make TEN.



I hope my children never will Say, "Give me" this or that,-- But, "If you please," I'd like a bun, Or, "Thank you" for a pat.



TEN little chick-a-dees clinging to a vine,-- A speckled snake charmed _one_, then there were but NINE.

Mother Truth's Melodies Part 6

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