Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 716

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Xinghe wasn't cognizant of such details, so she was surprised Mubai would be so thoughtful. This was only Tong Yan's birthday party, but he cleared out his schedule to accompany her; this gesture touched her heart.

"You look beautiful but you're still missing one thing." Mubai suddenly took out and pulled open a jewelry case. Sitting inside was a pair of ruby earrings. Xinghe was again taken aback when she saw the earrings.

Ali beside her exclaimed with joy, "These are gorgeous! Xinghe, they would look great on you!"

Xinghe's outfit was indeed missing an accessory. She looked at Mubai with surprise and asked, "How did you know I would be missing this?"

Mubai grinned wickedly. "Because I know you too well. So, I've prepared everything that you might have forgotten."

A date and jewelry were what he meant. There were emotions swirling in Xinghe's eyes. There was another emotional mess in the room, and it was Ali. Like a proud mother, she looked at them and she was touched by how perfect they looked standing beside each other. There would never be a couple more compatible than they would. They were equal in terms of looks, brains, and talent. They complimented each other perfectly.

Ali felt lucky that she was a friend of the both of them.

Mubai personally helped Xinghe put on the pair of earrings. She looked even more mesmerizing with them on. Even though he had seen her in pretty outfits, Mubai still had his breath taken away when he studied her.

His scorching gaze scanned the frame of her body and grumbled, "Xinghe, you are indeed gorgeous. But, do you have to attend the party like this?"

For some reasons, Ali smelled jealousy in the air.

It probably came from Mubai who was envious that others would have the chance to witness Xinghe's beauty. He would prefer if her beauty were his alone.

Xinghe nodded. "I have to, or else how are we going to light up a certain someone's hatred to the maximum?"

Mubai smiled. "Then I will have to be by your side to protect you. Remember to not leave my side."


"Let's go." Mubai offered her his arm. Tonight, he would be her knight, the one who parted the way for her. He was there to compliment her glow, she would be the only main character that night!

He was willing to be her background as long as she was willing to grace him with her beauty. Xinghe took Mubai's proffered arm and they headed towards the party.

That night, Tong Yan was in her best dress as well. Like Xinghe, she didn't want to lose; she wanted to smother Xinghe with her presence. However, to her consternation, Xinghe came in a better dress than she did. She even had the handsome Xi Mubai beside her to enhance her beauty.

Their arrival seemed to have silenced the ballroom. They attracted everyone's attention. No matter male or female, their gaze was glued to them. Actually, most of them there were used to seeing handsome guys and beautiful girls and were inured to physical attraction, but they were still impressed by Xinghe and Mubai.

Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 716

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