Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 771

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"This was not their first victim. Therefore, we have to investigate deeper into this orphanage and satellite-launching center. I suspect that the He Lan family is plotting something huge," Xinghe said. Chui Qian felt chilled by her every word.

"A huge scheme?" Chui Qian was shocked by this revelation. "What kind of scheme? What else do you all know?"

Xinghe shook her head. "I cannot reveal that information for now because there are too many things that we do not know. After some more confirmation, I will definitely tell you everything because we will need your help to completely destroy this ma.s.sive family. Relying on He Lan Qi alone is not going to accomplish something as ma.s.sive as that."

Chui Qian then realized, the scariest thing about the He Lan family was not He Lan Chang but the ma.s.sive size of the family itself!

Over the past few decades, the He Lan family had seeped into every corner of the country like an untreatable disease. Removing He Lan Chang would only offer a temporary respite, it would not remove the He Lan tumor completely. If anything, He Lan Chang's demise would only tip them off and make them tighten up security. Therefore, He Lan Chang's incident must be kept a secret!

"Then, we must not let the truth about He Lan Chang leak out …" Chui Qian opened his mouth to say but before he could finish, Xinghe nodded with understanding.

"We are clear about that or else why would we choose to deal with He Lan Chang in private?"

The way Chui Qian looked at Xinghe became different. "Miss Xia, you have impressed me with the intricacy of your plan again. Thankfully, this time you guys are around, or else Country R would be in deep trouble!"

"What does Mr. President mean by that?" Mubai who had been silent all along asked.

Chui Qian explained immediately, "My original plan was to expose the He Lan family's criminal evidence today and choose to die together with them. I can only imagine the consequences from that. The He Lan family would definitely fight it to the death and since they have their people all over the country, if this was brought to light, the consequences would be unimaginably bad…"

Xinghe frowned. "Thankfully you did not do that."

Chui Qian also realized how big of a mistake that would have been. "Indeed, thankfully you have managed to save me and save this country."

Or else, instead of saving his country, he would have sent his country into absolute chaos and he would have been branded a traitor. By now, Chui Qian was completely impressed with Xinghe's party. In the future, he swore to help them with everything he could, and he believed that, with their cooperation, they would one day bring down the whole He Lan family. He would not give up until he saw this vicious tumor removed from his beloved country!

This was his only chance at redemption and his responsibility. After bidding Chui Qian farewell, Xinghe and Mubai continued their a.n.a.lysis in the car. After a long discussion, they decided to use the orphanage as their opening. Naturally, this required cooperation from He Bin.

What He Bin needed to do was to announce to the public that He Lan Chang had suffered a stroke and he would have to take over the family business. He Lan Chang's illness was quickly spread across country, but no one could tell for sure how he actually was.

He Bin a.s.sumed He Lan Qi's ident.i.ty to help with Xinghe's plan. Since he was raised in the He Lan household, he had insider knowledge about many different things so a.s.suming He Lan Qi's ident.i.ty was a non-issue.

Therefore, no one was suspicious. During this process, He Bin found out about many things the He Lan family had been doing behind the scenes. He collected this valuable information and pa.s.sed it all onto Chui Qian.

Chui Qian's responsibility was to undo the influence He Lan Chang had sown into these few sectors and departments!

Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 771

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