My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Nucleus

Zheng Jiahe’s leg was injured and it wasn’t easy to take a bath, so it took a little longer. By the time he came out, Song Chengshu had taken a bath upstairs.

Song Chengshu let Zheng Jiahe sit on the sofa, he removed the plastic wrap that he wrapped before, took out his special medicine box, then carefully cleaned Zheng Jiahe’s wound, and then sewed it up. This time, Song Chengshu gave Zheng Jiahe an anesthetic and relieved him from a lot of pain.

When he was busy with that, Su Ruizhe came out of the kitchen with the meal. He boiled the simplest porridge with preserved eggs and fried eight eggs. Su Ruizhe is really good at cooking porridge. The porridge is very thick and tastes good. In addition, the taste of meat and preserved eggs are perfectly combined. It’s really delicious. The eggs used for the frying are the eggs laid by the hens in the s.p.a.ce. They do not have a fishy taste but are tender and fragrant. They are sprinkled with a little soy sauce. The delicious eggs make people want to swallow their tongues.

Zheng Jiahe never imagined that after such terrible changes in the world, he would have the chance to eat such delicious food. He was red-eyed while eating.

“What’s wrong? The wound hurts?” Seeing his appearance, Song Chengshu asked with concern.

“No, no…” Zheng Jiahe’s swallowed a mouthful and said, “I just think of my parents… When I escaped from the Internet Cafe last night, I called them, but there was no signal on my cell phone, so I couldn’t reach them at all.”

“Where are your parents? Is your home in S city?”

“No… They are abroad…” Zheng Jiahe grabbed his hair painfully. The whole world changed overnight, just like the last movies he saw and it actually happened, and he even almost died in the mouth of those monsters! He couldn’t imagine what would happen to his parents who are far away from home.

Looking at Zheng Jiahe’s sad appearance, they all felt a little shake in their hearts. Unfortunately, in this situation, the plane and other things must have stopped operating long ago, and there is no way to find out anything about them.

“Guns are allowed abroad. Maybe they will be okay.” Song Chengshu patted him on the shoulder and persuaded him, “You just need to live well now and wait for the communication to recover in the future. Maybe there will be a day when you get to meet them again.”

Zheng Jiahe nodded hard and continued to eat.

After dinner, Song Chengshu helped Su Ruizhe clean up the dishes and chopsticks and went to the kitchen to wash them together.

Zhang Yun looked at Zheng Jiahe and said, “What are you going to do next?”

“I don’t know…” Zheng Jiahe shook his head and looked at Zhan Yun with some hesitation. “Can I follow you? I’ll try to kill the zombies, and I’ll try to collect supplies…”

The more Zheng Jiahe said, the lower his voice became. After all, they were strangers who met by chance. The other side had saved his life and brought him back to eat such a delicious meal. How could he be shameless and ask for more?

Everyone knows that in such a world, food is the most important thing. No food can survive. If they agree to take him with them, they have to waste more for one more person’s food…

“Yes.” Zhang Yun simply agreed as he knew that he won’t drag them down. Anyway, after recent observation, he thought Zheng Jiahe was a good man, and it should be helpful to them for him to stay.

Zheng Jiahe raised his lower head quickly with a face full of incredulity.

“Thank you, thank you! I will work hard! I… ”

Zhan Yun waved his hand in amus.e.m.e.nt and said towards the excited Zheng Jiahe, “There’s another room downstairs. You live there. You should wait for everything to be healed.”

“OK, OK, thank you, thank you…” Zheng Jiahe is really happy. All three of them are good people and have good skills. It’s great to follow them.

Last night, they stayed up all night. Several people were exhausted and soon returned to their respective rooms to have a rest. There are not many households in the villa area, so there are not many zombies gathering, which is safe for them for the time being.

Everyone slept directly until the afternoon, Su Ruizhe brought out the iced mungbean soup[1] from the refrigerator and asked the others to come over and drink it. During the day, the temperature is very hot. The air-conditioning is open and the curtains are pulled down, but it still feels very hot. In a few days, maybe the water and electricity will be cut off. I’m afraid it will be even worse.

“Xiaozhe, what’s the use of the crystal nucleus you got before?” After drinking a sweet iced mungbean soup, Zhang Yun suddenly remembered the translucent crystal nucleus that Su Ruizhe had dug out from the head of the zombie dog and asked.

“It’s very useful.” Su Ruizhe said and took out the nucleus.

This crystal core has been washed by Su Ruizhe with water, showing a translucent shape, with a little red, if you didn’t know where it was dug out from, it would look very pleasant.

“It’s not just zombie scratches and bites that trigger abilities, but also nuclei.” Su Ruizhe put this crystal nucleus in front of Zhang Yun so that he could see more clearly. “As time goes on, the nucleus will condense in the brain of the zombie, which contains the zombie virus, but also contains a lot of energy.”

In the past life, nuclei were gradually discovered about a month after the apocalypse, and the use of nuclei was studied only after a period of time. Ordinary people can activate a power after swallowing a crystal nucleus, while ability users can replenish their power by consuming a crystal nucleus. Being bitten by a corpse can also stimulate powers, but after all, it is necessary to be injured. If you are not careful, you will be bitten to death by a corpse. How can that be more convenient than a crystal nucleus?

Therefore, after the discovery of the usefulness of nuclei, the human demand for nuclei also increased. Later, nuclei have become an alternative currency besides food.

Of course, everything has two sides, the nucleus also contains the zombie virus, using the nucleus makes it also very likely to be infected and become zombies. But in order to survive in the apocalypse, there are countless people who are willing to take risks and try.

“Would you like to try?” Su Ruizhe looked at Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun looked up at Su Ruizhe and without hesitation picked up the crystal nucleus and threw it into his mouth.

After about five seconds, Zhan Yun fell back and fell into a coma.

Song Chengshu was shocked, so he quickly helped Zhang Yun, and then looked eagerly at Su Ruizhe. “He… He’ll be fine, right?”

“It’ll be okay.” Su Ruizhe went forward with Song Chengshu to help Zhang Yun lie down on the sofa.

Su Ruizhe can never take a chance with Zhang Yun casually. Zhang Yun’s power in his previous life was acquired by an accident of being scratched by a zombie, which shows that he has antibodies in his body. So if he takes the crystal nucleus, there will be no problem.

Now it is still the early apocalypse, the sooner the ability is aroused, the sooner the strength can be improved. In the apocalypse, only with strength can you survive.

The author has something to say:

[Small theatre on the street]

Song Chengshu: So many chapters, only the first day of the apocalypse and it is really exciting. What should I do in the future? I’m just a little doctor, and I can’t afford to get hurt.

Zhan Xiaoyun: Wifey is taking a bath. Wifey is taking a bath. Should I take a peak or not? No, after he washes.

Song Chengshu:…

Zheng Jiahe (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.): Huhhhhhhhhhh

Song Chengshu: What are you doing Zheng Jiahe?

Zheng Jiahe: Oh, this is the first time I have an ability, I feel full of strength, no, I want to go down and kill a bunch of zombies!

Song Chengshu:…

Su Xiaozhe: Zhan Xiaoyun, go take a bath.

Zhan Xiaoyun: Fragrant Wifey! (づ ̄? ̄)づ

Su Xiaozhe: o(*////▽////*)o

Song Chengshu:… So what is the meaning of my existence?! Is it really good for you to treat a little doctor like this?

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My Cherry Will Explode In The Apocalypse Chapter 26

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