My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Beauty Yan Xu


The sexy beauty walked so fast that she bumped into Qingfeng with her soft body and dropped her stuff by accident.

Qingfeng was surprised after looking up at her. She was such a delicate beauty.

She was about thirty years old, had a delicate face, ruddy skin, a hot body, and her chest was as big as watermelons and wiggled like peaches, which created a seductive atmosphere.

If one was saying Xue Lin was cold and Xiaoyue was innocent, then this woman in front must be mature. She was a mature and exotic woman.


The mature beauty exclaimed while touching her chest. She must have hurt herself walking into Qingfeng.

"Do you have your eyes with you when you walk?"

The mature beauty stared at Qingfeng and complained.

Although she was impressed by his looks, she was still a bit mad beacuse of the chest pain from bumping into Qingfeng.

"I’m sorry. To make it up for you, why don't you let me massage them?"

Qingfeng started to reach out his hands while smiling. You should make up for the mistakes you’ve made. Qingfeng decided to give her a massage as an apology. He reached out his hand on the beauty’s chest and started to rub it.

"Beauty, does it still hurt?" He asked while smiling.

The mature beauty suddenly flushed her face like a ripe persimmon after feeling her chest was touched. She was so mad!

She’s never met a jerk like him. She just wanted an apology after getting bumped into by him, and now he was actually rubbing her chest! Isn’t he trying to take advantage of her?!

She couldn’t believe this handsome gentleman-looking guy was actually a pervert and was behaving this way at such a young age. The mature beauty stared at him viciously.

If eye contact could cause a murder, Qingfeng would have been killed thousands of times over.

"Asshole! I’m busy right now, but I’ll kick your ass later."

After throwing a fierce stare to Qingfeng, the mature beauty stood back up and ran to the company without caring for the pain on her body.

She was the Vice Director of the finance department of the Ice Snow Corporation. She was still staying at the hospital and hanging drips for her fever until she got a phone call from her co-worker in the finance department this morning that ten million dollars were stolen from the department and the whole company was investigating about this case.

As the vice director of the finance department, such a huge amount of money being stolen should definitely be her responsibility to investigate. As a result, she took off the drips and rushed to the company immediately.

But no one would expect she would bump into Qingfeng after arriving at the company, which drove her frustrated.

It would be fine if he just bumped into her, but that brat even grabbed and rubbed her chest. What a jerk!

The mature beauty was trying to kick Qingfeng and give him some punishment, but she was running out of time since she had to deal with the money issue in the finance department first.

She had just arrived at the company and didn’t know the money issue had been cleared up. She didn’t know who Qingfeng was since she hadn’t seen him yet, either.

Qingfeng smiled faintly while watching the mature beauty leave. He found a name tag on the ground.

This name tag was definitely just dropped by the mature beauty.

"Yan Xu, Finance Department Vice Director".

Qingfeng read the name tag and suddenly realized the beauty early was coincidently the financial department vice director, Yan Xu!

Qingfeng was holding the name tag and walking toward the financial department while smiling.

It was located on the second floor on the east side. He arrived there soon.

Qingfeng received so much attention as soon as he walked into the financial department.

Most people who worked in the financial department were women, some of them were even beauties. They all tried t

o approach Qingfeng and couldn’t even wait to get into his arms.

These women all knew that the boss had given this dude the right to select the finance director. That being said, this guy in front of them owned the right to select the candidate.

They could become the finance director as long as they bribed this young man.

The mature beauty felt so annoyed after seeing all the women trying to rub themselves on the young man. What are they doing during their working hours? Is the young man that attractive?

Right when the mature beauty walked close to the young man and saw his face, she was shocked.

This young man was just the one that bumped into her in the hallway.

Did this jerk follow me here because I’m hot? The mature beauty mumbled in her mind while staring at Qingfeng with alertnessd.

She knew there were lots of guys out there that wanted her for her glamourous look. She was so annoyed by the sexual harassment on the bus and those sex requests by various assholes on the street.

Therefore, she was really skeptical when she saw Qingfeng had followed her to the finance department. She highly doubted that this guy didn't come for her.

"Hey, beauty, we meet again."

Qingfeng greeted her while smiling.

"Huh, who wants to see you again? I don’t even know you, don’t try to act like we are close or anything."

"It’s enough for me to know you, you’re Yan Xu, the Finance Department’s Vice Director."

"You even stalked me? Are you trying to chase me? I’m telling you, I’ll never fall for people like you."

Yan Xu replied coldly while shaking her face

What the heck? Chasing you?

Qingfeng didn’t know how to react. Stop being narcissistic, please. Although you do look cute, you are nothing compared to my wife. Am I crazy enough to leave my wife for you?

"Why? Why are you not talking? Aren’t you trying to win my heart by coming over here?"

Yan Xu sneered as he said to Qingfeng.

She thought she disclosed what Qingfeng was thinking and made him felt embarrassed to fight back. Huh, you want to chase me? No way!

"Beauty, are you a narcissist? Since when did I say I'm here to chase you?"

Qingfeng rolled his eyes and was a bit speechless.

He thought he was cocky enough, but now, seems like there was another one who was more narcissistic than him.

Indeed, narcissism was an issue for everyone.

"If you are not trying to chase me, then why are you here?"

Yan Xu sneered at Qingfeng. She didn’t believe what he said and was determined that he must have come to the finance department for her.

"Here, you dropped your name tag, I came to return this back to you."

Qingfeng handed the name tag to the arrogant chick.

"Oh! It’s really my name tag!"

Yan Xu took over her name tag with a little surprise.

She suddenly realized she probably dropped it when she bumped into the young man earlier.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 101

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