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Chapter 103: Xiaoman Lu is In Danger

"Little brother, my friend came today. Can you give the King Lobby to me."

Young Master Zhang frowned and said to Tianhao Zhang.

Under most situations, he rarely fought for things with his brother. But today he was treating Qingfeng Li to a big massage and didn’t want to disappoint him.

This was the first time Young Master Zhang was fighting for something with his little brother in 20 years, and it was for a private room.

"Big brother, I’m taking this private room. Go take your friend somewhere else."

Tianhao Zhang looked at Young Master Zhang coldly. He sounded annoyed.

Tianhao Zhang really looked down on this older brother of his.

Because everyone knew that Young Master Zhang was born with erectile dysfunction, he was teased and bullied too. This made him very unhappy.

Furthermore, the whole Zhang Corporation was under his control. His father really liked him as well and didn’t really put this older brother in his eyes.

In Tianhao Zhang’s heart, his older brother didn’t have any strengths. He was just someone who will leech off the family until his death.

After hearing what Tianhao Zhang said, Young Master Zhang’s face changed and his expression was kind of ugly.

He didn’t think that his own little brother would not give him any face and would directly tell Big brother Li and him to leave.

If his little brother only wanted himself to leave then fine, but he wanted Big brother Feng to leave too. This made Young Master Zhang very uncomfortable.

In Young Master Zhang’s heart, Big brother Li was who he respected the most. At this moment, he was extremely unsatisfied with his little brother, but he couldn’t do anything about it since his little brother was well liked by his father and controlled the whole Zhang Corporation.

Take this Jade Finger Emperor Spa for example, the real boss was Tianhao Zhang. As for Young Master Zhang, even though he could spend time here, but he had no managing rights.

"Young Master Zhang, it’s okay. We can switch the room."

Seeing the difficult situation that Young Master Zhang was in, Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and talked.

It was just a private room, he didn’t want the two brothers to fight about this.

To him, a big private room would be great, but so would a smaller private room. He didn’t really care.

"Big brother Li, sorry."

Young Master Zhang looked apologetic, he was clearly uncomfortable with not getting Qingfeng Li into the King Lobby.

If he could control the Zhang Corporation, then he would’ve gotten his brother to leave a long time ago, but too bad he wasn’t.

"Young Master Zhang, let’s go. It is just a private room, it isn’t a big deal."

Qingfeng Li wasn’t someone who loved to have face. Furthermore, this was the business of the Zhang Corporation and he was just a guest, he didn’t want to make it difficult for Young Master Zhang.

Qingfeng Li and Young Master Zhang left King Lobby together and went to the Plum Blossom Lobby.

The Plum Blossom Lobby was smaller than the King Lobby, and the decorations were not as luxurious either. They were clearly on different levels.

Inside the private room, Qingfeng Li and Young Master Zhang sat face to face.

There was more than a dozen bottle of beer in front of Young Master Zhang, and they were all downed by him, but he continued to drink.

"Young Master Zhang, drink less alcohol. It isn’t good for your body."

Seeing that Young Master Zhang wouldn’t stop drinking, Qingfeng Li tried to dissuade him.

He could tell that Young Master Zhang was sad, extremely sad, and he was using alcohol to cheer up.

"Big brother Li, you saw too, I don’t have any status in the Zhang family. The whole family business is being controlled by my younger brother. I don’t have any rights, I couldn’t even decide on the private room."

Speaking of his experience in the Zhang family, Young Mast

er Zhang felt terrible.

Because he had a micropenis and was born with erectile dysfunction, he was really looked down on in his family. The father didn’t like him, the brother looked down on him, Qingfeng Li was the first person who really became his friend.

Originally he wanted to treat Qingfeng Li to a big massage and it was a good thing, but he got kicked out of the King Lobby by his younger brother, this made him feel extremely embarrassed. So he could only drink non-stop to numb the pain in his heart.

"Young Master Zhang, you are healed now. You are not as corrupt as those other young masters, you will be successful in the future."

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and tried to comfort him.

The other four young masters of Eastern Sea city, Chen, Wang, and Li were all fastuous and only cared about their looks. Only Young Master Zhang had a good character.

And it was also because of that, Qingfeng Li would treat his sickness and even treat him as a friend.

"Big brother Li, drink with me."

Young Master Zhang raised his cup and said sadly.

"Okay, I will drink with you."

Qingfeng Li nodded and took his wine cup and drank a cup with Young Master Zhang.

At this time, in the King Lobby.

"Sister Qin, I heard girl #30 is a university student, is that true?"

Tianhao Zhang smiled lightly and said to the beautiful woman beside him.

The woman was very pretty, and her face was glamorous. Her name was Yuqin Tang and she was the manager here.

"Yes, second young master, the name of #30 is Xiaoman Lu. She is a university student and very pretty."

Yuqin Tang smiled prettily and said.

"Very well, then let Xiaoman Lu come here to massage me."

Tianhao Zhang took a hit of the cigar and blew out a smoke and said.

"Second young master, the eldest master said that Xiaoman Lu can only serve Qingfeng Li, and nobody else."

Yuqin Tang frowned and said.

She remembered very clearly. Elder master had said before that Xiaoman Lu could only service Qingfeng Li and nobody else.

"Sister Qin, I am the real owner here, the words of that stupid brother of mine don’t matter. You have to go get Xiaoman Lu to give me a massage right now, or else you don’t need to work here anymore."

Tianhao Zhang looked at Yuqin Tang coldly, his face was very annoyed.

Seeing how unhappy Tianhao Zhang was, Yuqin Tang was surprised. She only remembered what the elder master had said but forgot that the real boss of the Jade Finger Emperor Spa SPA center was the second young master, not the elder one.

She was depressed about how much she talked just now. If she knew before then she would’ve directly called Xiaoman Lu over. Why would she even mention the elder master? She must be bored.

"Second Young master, I will call Xiaoman Lu to come here to give you a massage right away."

Yuqin Tang smiled and walked out to call Xiaoman Lu.

It wasn’t long before Xiaoman Lu followed Yuqin Tang to the private room.

"What a pretty girl."

Tianhao Zhang’s eyes lit up, a sense of heat appeared in his eyes.

He was the second young master of the Zhang family. He had played many women but the woman before him was so pretty, it made his blood boil.

The girl was very pretty, her white skin, sparkling eyes, and tall nose made her facial features very elegant. Her face was perfect, she was pure like an angel, it made people want to kiss her.

She was wearing a pink short skirt that wrapped around her breast and waist perfectly, it made people want to commit crimes.

"What is your name?"

Tianhao Zhang smiled and asked heatedly.

"My name is Xiaoman Lu."

Xiaoman Lu’s red lips slightly curved up, she took a step back, and a flash of panic appeared in her eyes.

The man before her was like a hungry wolf, it made Xiaoman Lu scared.

She originally thought she came to serve Qingfeng Li, but she didn’t think she would see a stranger, and this terrified her.

She felt a sense of danger from the young man in front of her.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 103

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