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Chapter 105: Enraged for the Beauty

"Xiaoman, what happened to your face? Who hit you?"

Qingfeng frowned slightly and asked with concern.

He could clearly see the handprint on Xiaoman Lu’s face. It was clear that she had been hit by someone.

Qingfeng cared deeply about Xiaoman Lu. She was a good girl. Originally, her face was innocent and beautiful but now, it was swollen, disrupting her beauty.

How could someone hit such a pretty girl? His heart hurt from just looking at the mark.

The person who hit Xiaoman Lu deserved to die. You better not let me figure out who you are or I will not let you go easily. Qingfeng ruthlessly thought in his mind.

"Sob*… Big brother Li, the second Young Master requested me to give him a ma.s.sage. He hit me after I refused. He even wanted to rape me..."

Xiaoman Lu rushed into Qingfeng’s arms and sobbed loudly.

She was nearly raped by Tianhao Zhang just now. She was terribly afraid and finally burst into tears when she saw Li.

She was only a university student who did not know much about the dark side of society.

In her heart, she could only rely on Qingfeng.

Previously she had seen on the news that a university student went to a hotel for an interns.h.i.+p. In the end, the student committed suicide by jumping off the building. It was said that a bully wanted to rape the student and the student would rather die than allow that to happen so she jumped off the building.

In the past, Xiaoman Lu thought that the happenings in the news were very far from her. She did not think that it would one day happen to her. She was also bullied by a wicked young master. She felt extremely sad.

"Xiaoman, don’t be afraid. I am here. No one can bully you."

Qingfeng’s heart was torn when he saw the tears of the pretty girl.

He knew that society was complicated and the hearts of people could be wicked. But he had underestimated the shamelessness of Tianhao Zhang. He wanted to rape Xiaoman Lu. What a lowlife.

At this moment, Qingfeng had already placed Tianhao Zhang in the ‘villain’ category.

"Pretty girl, you should be honored that I have chosen you. Where are you going to hide now?"

Tianhao Zhang smiled coldly and rushed into the booth with a dozen of security guards. His face was twisted with malevolence.

Xiaoman Lu’s face became pale and she snuggled towards Qingfeng’s chest when she saw Tianhao Zhang. She was clearly terrified.

In her eyes, the second young master was a devil in the skin of a human.

"Friend, please bring that pretty girl over to me."

Tianhao Zhang smiled lightly and said arrogantly to Qingfeng.

He had seen Qingfeng with Young Master Zhang in the booth and knew that Qingfeng was his elder brother’s friend. But in the eyes of Tianhao Zhang, his elder brother was just a loser. His friend must be a loser too.

Why did he need to treat losers with respect?

"Why should I bring her over to you. Are you r.e.t.a.r.ded?"

Qingfeng’s eyes were cold and hostile. He knew that it was Tianhao Zhang who had hit Xiaoman Lu.

Even though Tianhao Zhang was Young Master Zhang’s brother, but he still insulted him. He was very angry.

He was angered for this beautiful woman. He needed to find justice for Xiaoman Lu.

"Fellow, you dare to insult me. Do you know who I am?"

Tianhao Zhang asked darkly when he heard Qingfeng insulting him.

Tianhao Zhang was the Second Young Master of the Zhang Family. He was the true successor of the Zhang Family so his social status was extremely high.

When someone saw him, they would usually suck up to him and light him a cigarette.

But now, this insignificant fellow dared to insult him. He was extremely displeased.

"Are you a lowlife?"

Qingfeng smiled lightly and insulted.

In his heart, the fellow ahead was a lowlife. He not only hit Xiaoman Lu but also wanted to rape her.

When faced with the lowlifes of society, Qing

feng had two solutions. The first was to insult them, and the second was to beat them up. He would not let these people live a good life.

"Fellow, you dare to insult me. I will break your legs today."

Tianhao Zhang’s face darkened and he fiercely said when he heard Qingfeng calling him a lowlife.

He was the Second Young Master of the Zhang Family and a respected person. Now that he was insulted, he had to re-establish his prestige and teach this fellow a lesson.

"Younger brother, big brother Li is my friend. Why don’t you let today’s things go?"

Young Master Zhang stood up and suggested when he saw that Tianhao Zhang was about to start a fight with Big brother Li.

"It’s very easy for me to forgive him. He needs to bring Xiaoman Lu into my hands and beg on his hands and knees. If not, there’s no way I will forgive him."

Tianhao Zhang glanced lightly at Young Master Zhang and said.

Young Master Zhang’s became unhappy when he heard Tianhao Zhang’s words.

Young Master Zhang felt that his brother was too much. He had already told his brother that Big brother Li was his friend but the other still wanted Brother Feng to kneel. This was an insult to his face.

Furthermore, Young Master Zhang had already informed the people of the Jade Finger Emperor spa that Xiaoman Lu could only give Qingfeng service. But now, his second brother wanted her to give him a ma.s.sage. This was another insult to his face.

Young Master Zhang was furious. He felt that his face was lost after all the insults from his brother today.

"Younger Brother, can you let Big brother Li and Xiaoman go."

Young Master Zhang sincerely asked Tianhao Zhang.

"Why should I give you face. Who are you? Get the f*ck away. I’m going to f*ck this b.i.t.c.h today. I’m also going to break Qingfeng’s legs."

Tianhao Zhang said with disdain and glanced coldly at Young Master Zhang.

In his heart, his elder brother was a loser who he can insult whenever he wanted.

"Younger Brother, I’m your elder brother."

Young Master Zhang was angry when heard Tianhao Zhang say that he was nothing.

He was furious that his younger brother had insulted him in front of everyone. It was very embarra.s.sing.

"Hmph. A loser who has an erectile dysfunction. What use do you have? Get away."


"I’m going to repeat myself. Move away. I want to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson."

"Big brother Li is my friend. No one can touch my friend today."

Young Master Zhang said with determination and stood in front of Tianhao Zhang.

In his heart, Big brother Li was the person he respected the most. Big brother Li not only cured his sickness but also respected him. Even though the man in front of him was his younger brother, he continuously insulted him and held no respect for him.

Young Master Zhang swore that he would stop the actions of Tianhao Zhang today at all costs.


Tianhao Zhang’s foot suddenly kicked towards Young Master Zhang’s abdomen. Young Master Zhang was kicked to a few yards away and heavily fell to the ground.


Young Master Zhang spat a mouthful of fresh blood. His face was pale and he was saddened. He could not believe that his younger brother had hit him.

"Young Brother, you hit me?"

Young Master Zhang’s face was ghastly pale and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 105

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