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Chapter 106: Disciplining Tianhao Zhang

"Don’t call me Younger Brother. I don’t have a loser like you for an elder brother. I will beat up anyone who tries to stop me from teaching Qingfeng Li a lesson today."

Tianhao Zhang glanced coldly at Young Master Zhang.

His gaze was icy cold and as if he was looking at a stranger.

Tianhao Zhang had kicked his elder brother out of the way with no hesitation just now.

In his heart, he had never thought of Young Master Zhang as his elder brother. Young Master Zhang was only a loser who had no future in life.

Why did he need to listen to the words of a loser?

"Big brother Li, I’m sorry. I can’t stop him. Run now with Xiaoman Lu."

Young Master Zhang guiltily said with fresh blood on his lips.

His heart was filled with regret. He was going to treat Qingfeng to the spa with a happy ending today but they ran into Tianhao Zhang.

If Qingfeng’s legs were broken by his younger brothers, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

"Young Master Zhang, this is not your fault. Your younger brother is a low life who dared to hit even you. What a nutcase."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and comforted him.

He knew that Young Master Zhang felt guilty so he tried to comfort him.

Even though Young Master Zhang and Tianhao Zhang were brothers, they were polar-opposites. Young Master Zhang heavily valued friends.h.i.+ps while Tianhao Zhang was a lowlife who abused his power.

There were all kinds of people, those who were kind and those who were evil.

If Young Master Zhang was a kind-hearted man, then Tianhao Zhang would be a man with a demon’s heart. He has decided to teach this b.a.s.t.a.r.d a lesson later to avenge Xiaoman Lu and Young Master Zhang.

"You even beat up your elder brother. You're a sc.u.mbag."

Qingfeng turned and insulted Tianhao Zhang.

He originally wanted to insult Tianhao Zhang’s parents but remembered that his parents were also Young Master Zhang’s parents. He was friends with Young Master Zhang so he couldn’t insult his parents. Thus, he only insulted Tianhao Zhang.

"Qingfeng Li, you dare to insult me. I’m going to break your legs."

"Many people have said that but in the end, it’s always their legs which were broken."

"Today is your death day. Everyone go and capture him. I want to break his legs myself."

Tianhao Zhang waved his hand mightily and said to the dozen security guards behind him. He was very angry that Qingfeng had called him a lowlife and wanted revenge.

For a rich kid like Young Master Zhang, anyone who dared to insult him must die and must be tortured.

"Yes, second young master."

The security guards standing at the front walked towards Qingfeng with clubs in their hands.

In their eyes, they were tall and mighty. They could easily finish off this young man ahead of them. If they perform well and made the second young master happy, their futures would be bright.

The two security guards waved their clubs and aimed towards Qingfeng’s head.

Peng Peng!

Qingfeng suddenly kicked with his left leg towards the abdomens of the two security guards. They were sent flying to the air and fell heavily to the ground with a thump. Their faces turned white and they could not stand up from the ground.

The clubs in the hands of the security guards were also knocked off.

Everyone was stunned when they saw that Qingfeng sent the two security guards flying with just a single kick.

The security guards of Jade Finger Emperor were all highly experienced in combat, but they had lost to him immediately.

"Everyone go and capture him."

Tianhao Zhang waved his hand mightily and ordered the dozen security behind him.

The dozen security guards smiled fiercely and surrounded Qingfeng with clubs in their hands.

They were angry that Qingfeng had kicked off two security guards and embarra.s.sed them in front of the Second Young Master. They stared at Qin

gfeng with murderous intent in their eyes.

"Be careful, brother Li."

Xiaoman shouted when she saw the dozen security guards surround Qingfeng. She was afraid that Qingfeng would be hurt.

Unfortunately, she was a powerless woman who was of no help to Qingfeng and could only stand by helplessly.

Young Master Zhang also looked on nervously. He was scared that Qingfeng would be hurt but he had injured himself and was unable to help even if he wanted to.

The dozen security guards were eager to avenge their injured brothers. They simultaneously raised the clubs in their hands and waved it towards Qingfeng.

Qingfeng quickly moved like lightning and dodged the attacks of the security guards. No matter which direction they approached him from, they could not land their clubs on him.

Pa pa pa pa..

Qingfeng knocked down one person with every punch and kick.

In a moment, all the savage security guards that surrounded Qingfeng were on the ground.

So strong. The dozen security guards looked at Qingfeng with fear in their eyes, as if they had seen a monster.

"Big brother Li is so strong."

Tianhao Zhang was also stunned. She did not expect Qingfeng to be so strong.

Her eyes s.h.i.+ned brightly with admiration. Women naturally liked powerful men. Of course, other than the stunned Xiaoman Lu, Young Master Zhang was also stunned. His shock then turned into happiness. Big brother Li was so friggin' strong!

Even though people of the Zhang family had been hit, Young Master Zhang was happy.

Tianhao Zhang frowned when he saw that the dozen security guards had been knocked out by Qingfeng. A serious expression crossed his face. Qingfeng was far stronger than he expected.

But Tianhao Zhang was not worried; he was level four in tae-kwan-do and was very strong.

"Fellow, you have some skills up your sleeves. Let me see what you’ve got."

Tianhao Zhang removed his top, revealed his toned muscles and walked towards Qingfeng. He decided to deal personally with this young man.


Tianhao Zhang let out a shout and punched fiercely with his right hand. There was a Peng!

Qingfeng grabbed onto Tianhao Zhang’s fist with a single hand under the shocked gaze of everyone. No matter how hard Tianhao Zhang tried to move, he was unable to move his fist.


Qingfeng suddenly kicked Tianhao Zhang’s knee with his right leg. Tianhao Zhang’s knee broke with a snap. He let out a scream and kneeled in front of Qingfeng.

Previously, Tianhao Zhang had requested Qingfeng to kneel and apologize. Naturally, Qingfeng returned the favor and made Tianhao Zhang kneel.

Everyone was stunned when they saw that Qingfeng had defeated Tianhao Zhang with a single move. Fear appeared on their faces when they saw Tianhao Zhang kneeling in front of Qingfeng.

Tianhao Zhang was beaten up. Sh*t was getting real!

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 106

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