My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Ways to Comfort a Woman

"Dear, in your heart, am I really prettier than Ruyan Liu?"

Xue Lin’s gorgeous face was shy. Her lashes fluttered charmingly.

"Honey, I’ve already said it. You are the most beautiful in my heart. Ruyan Liu cannot compare to you."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and said.

He had learned his lesson now. In front of his honey, he could only say that his honey was the most beautiful.

Qingfeng had plenty of practice sweet-talking woman. After a few words, Xue Lin’s heart was already sweet as honey.

"Dear, I forgive you. You don’t need to kneel on the was.h.i.+ng board anymore."

Xue Lin’s heart was sweet as honey after Qingfeng say that she was the most beautiful. She decided to forgive his previous words.

No matter how smart a woman was, they would still be hoodwinked by flattery.

"Thank you, honey."

"Husband, I asked you recommend someone for the Finance and Security Department. Have you chosen anyone?"

"Yes, honey. I recommend Hao Luo to be the Director of Security and Yan Xu to be the Director of Finance. Both are good people."

Qingfeng smiled lightly and recommended the people he chose to Xue Lin.

He had specially gone to the Security and Finance Department this morning to investigate.

The Security Department was responsible for the safety of the Ice Snow Corporation and a vital part of the company. It would be most dependable for Hao Luo, his sidekick, to be the head of Security.

The Finance Department was also very important. Qingfeng did not know anyone from the Finance Department but he had met Yan Xu once. Yan Xu was previously the Vice-Director of the Finance Department and was very familiar with the financial affairs of the company. She was a good candidate for the position.

"Okay, I will officially a.s.sign them as Directors tomorrow." Xue Lin smiled and said.

She had publicly announced in the morning that Qingfeng would be responsible for choosing the future Head of Security and Finance. This was partially to compensate Qingfeng. It was also to give her husband more power so that the employees of the Ice Snow Corporation would all suck-up to him instead of finding trouble with him.

"Oh yeah. Dear, tomorrow you don’t have to come to the company. You can directly go to Liu Corporation for our business deal."

"Honey, you’re telling me to go find Ruyan Liu tomorrow?"

"Yes. But you are only there to discuss the business deal with her. Don’t be seduced by her."

Xue Lin frowned slightly and said.

"Rest a.s.sured, honey. I will not be seduced by her."

Qingfeng smiled and a.s.sured her.

Dong Dong Dong…

The chimed twelve times and signaled that it was 12 am.

"Dear, rest well."

Xue Lin said and walked gracefully towards the second floor.

Even though she treated Qingfeng very well. But she had no plans to make love with him. She had OCD and mild s.e.xual apathy. She had an innate resistance towards men.

It was already her limit wearing nightwear in front of Qingfeng.

"I’m so sleepy. Time to go to bed."

Qingfeng yawned. He was very tired since it was already 12am.

He took a hot shower then went to sleep in his bedroom on the first floor.

He had a great sleep. He even dreamt that he lied on the bed and was surrounded by many beauties. There was Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xue, Wanqiu Xia, Xiaoyue Zhang…

He had just stripped the women of their clothes and was preparing to ravage them when he woke up. This left him in a bad mood.

If he had a few more minutes, he would able to ravage these women in his dream.

Since he was awake, he could only get out of bed.

The weather was bright and sunny. It was another day with good weather.

Qingfeng woke up, washed his face and brushed his teeth. He then had his breakfast and walked towards the Liu Corporation.

Xue Lin had told him yesterday to go to the Liu Corporation to find Ruyan

Liu to discuss the progress of the business deal. He didn’t need to go to work at the Ice Snow Corporation today.

Half an hour later.

Qingfeng took a taxi and arrived at the Liu Corporation.

"Small beauty, it’s been a while. Have you missed me?"

Qingfeng walked into the hall and smilingly said to the receptionist.

The receptionist was not very beautiful. But her face was pretty and she had a few cute freckles on her face.

He wanted to flirt with her every time he came to Liu Corporation.

"Ah, why are you here again?"

The small beauty asked nervously and took a nervous step back when she saw Qingfeng.

Even though the young man was handsome, he was too violent. The receptionist was scared.

"Gan-brother. Don’t mess with her. Can’t you see she’s almost in tears?"

Qingfeng was prepared to tease the receptionist when he heard a seductive voice.

He turned around and was instantly attracted. Ruyan Liu was gorgeous today. She was seductive with bright eyes and pearly white teeth. Her long lashes fluttered attractively.

She did not wear the red dress today but wore a black dress. The black dress hugged her voluptuous body. She was seductive, attractive and charming.

"Gan-sister. You are so pretty today, I almost couldn't keep my eyes off of you."

Qingfeng said with a smile. His gaze was heated.

"Loquacious fellow! How many women have you said this to?"

Ruyan Liu’s glared at Qingfeng prettily.

"Gan-sister, you are the only one I’ve said that to."

Qingfeng said smilingly.

In truth, he had lied. He had said the exact words to Xue Lin last night and made Xue Lin’s heart as sweet as honey. Today, he had said the same words to Ruyan Liu. But, he had no choice. Women all liked sweet-talk.

For women, sweet-talk was like a sharp arrow that could pierce the heart. No women could escape from sweet-talk.

"You are so good at sweet-talking. Let’s go to the Antique Marketplace."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and said.

"Why are we going to the Antique Marketplace?"

"The subject of our business deal is over there."

"Ok, let’s go."

Qingfeng nodded and walked with Ruyan Liu towards the Antique Marketplace.

"CEO called him... Gan-brother just now?"

The pretty receptionist’s mouth was agape as Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng walked away. Her eyes were filled with shock.

Ruyan Liu was the CEO of the Liu Corporation and the first seductive beauty of Eastern Sea City. How did she become the gan-sister of this violent man? The receptionist thought for a long time but still could not understand.

"Gan-Sister, you are so beautiful today."

Qingfeng walked and said to Ruyan Liu.

"You’ve said this phrase many times. Do you have some kind of ulterior motive?"

Ruyan Liu glared at Qingfeng prettily. Her face was gorgeous and seductive.

"Gan-sister, I’m only complimenting you. Why would I have ulterior motives?"

Qingfeng pretended to be hurt but his eyes silently darted towards her chest. The snow-white cleavage was too attractive.

Gan-sister is so pretty. He thought silently in his heart.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 114

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