My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1343: Out Of Inferno

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The Taotie was murderous and strong, devouring more than a thousand self-cultivators within a very short period of time and turning all of those people into its sustinence.

There were wails and cries echoing throughout the second floor of h.e.l.l as all of the self-cultivators let out miserable screams. Terrified by the unrelentless killing, they tried to escape in different directions, but there was no way to escape.

Whenever the Taotie opened its mouth, they would be sucked into its mouth.

The Taotie had already eaten more than a thousand self-cultivators, but it was not full. Its stomach was like a bottomless pit, and it also thought that those low level self-cultivators held too little energy and were not enough to satisfy its hunger.

Taotie looked at Huohuang Fu, realizing that this woman held lots of energy inside her body. If it ate the woman, then its power would greatly improve.

Huohuang Fu's face changed and fear flashed across her eyes. She knew that the Taotie had targeted her, and its next move was to eat her.

As expected, the Taotie opened its mouth and started to inhale, trying to suck Huohuang Fu into its mouth.

Huohuang Fu moved her body, stomping on and creating a huge hole in the ground. She tried to fly into the air so that she could escape from this place.

But Huohuang Fu had no way to escape, even if she was a master at the second level of the Spirit Emperor Realm, she would have no resistance in front of Taotie and would be sucked away.

Huohuang Fu knew that she might become the Taotie's food after a few seconds.

"Is this the end for me, I don't want to accept my death yet." Huohuang Fu's face was pale, and she felt a strong sense of regret.

It was very difficult for her to get to Spirit Emperor Realm and become the sect master of the Talisman-Emperor Sect. She was one of the strongest people from the orthodox forces of the world of self-cultivation and was able to roam carelessly in the world.

But now, Huohuang Fu was about to die on the second floor of h.e.l.l. Even worse, her corpse would be consumed inside the Taotie's mouth. Upon thinking about this, she felt even more miserable.

Mengyao was devoured by Taotie, now I am going to be devoured by it too. Maybe after I die, Menyao and I can become master and disciple in our next life, Huohuang Fu thought to herself. She could only comfort herself like this to ease her fear.

At this critical moment, an ear-shattering thud rang out.

Two people flew out of Taotie's ears, one was Qingfeng Li and the other Mengyao Fu.

Upon seeing the appearance of Qingfeng Li and Mengyao Fu, everyone was dumbfounded. They were even more shocked than when they first saw Taotie.

"What did I just see, Qingfeng Li just flew out from the Taotie's body, how is that possible? Every human that was devoured by the ferocious beasts died; not a single one of them survived, so how did Qingfeng Li survive?"

"Right, right, is Qingfeng Li a human or a ghost? How did he fly out of the Taotie from its ear? He is too strong."

The self-cultivators talked among themselves, and shock and admiration filled their eyes. Some self-cultivators had their mouths so wide opened that they could shove an apple inside.

Black Puppy, the Wolf Fang Team, Flower Fairy, Xianzhi Qin, and the others were thrilled to see Qingfeng Li, and all of their worries disappeared.

"Our boss finally came out alive, I knew he had not died," Alice wiped the tears off the corners of her eyes and said.

Flower Fairy held her hands together tightly, which showed her nervousness inside. Upon seeing the living Qingfeng Li, her heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her chest! She was thrilled, excited, happy, which made her rosy face look even more beautiful.

The Taotie looked at Qingfeng Li and Mengyao Fu, its eyes showing confusion, it could not understand how these two could have escaped when it already devoured them.

While the ferocious beast was feeling confused, Huohuang Fu quickly flew out of its mouth and left this place.

In the next moment, Taotie let out a miserable scream, shattering the earth of the second floor of h.e.l.l.

Some black stuff flew out of the Taotie's ears, revealing itself to be black-colored blood.

When Qingfeng Li and Mengyao Fu escaped out from the Taotie's ears, its eardrums were shattered and started bleeding, so obviously the Taotie would scream in pain.

"Let's hurry up and escape from this place! We will be killed by Taotie if we are late," Qingfeng Li said to Mengyao Fu, and they went in opposite directions. One to the east, the other to the west, they ran for their lives.

When the self-cultivators around, including Jianhuang Zhao, Binghuang Dao, Yihuang Shou, and Huohuang Fu, saw Qingfeng Li and Mengyao Fu running away, they ran for their lives too without saying one more word.

The Taotie was injured right now, and it was screaming miserably. It had never been injured in its life, and the area of injury was its vulnerable ears too.

No matter if it was for demonic beasts or humans, ears were one of the weakest parts of their bodies. Rupturing one's eardrums would be extremely painful.

"Despicable human, I will kill you, so don't dare to escape," the Taotie looked at Qingfeng Li and Mengyao Fu and growled angrily. Its voice sounded gloomy and murderous.

Luckily Qingfeng Li was smart, Mengyao Fu and he had separated from each other and ran in two opposite directions.

Even though the Taotie was angry and wanted to kill both of them, it was hesitating about who to kill.

"I will kill the woman first, she is the most despicable one." The Taotie looked at Mengyao Fu and finally made its decision to chase after her.

Qingfeng Li was running away, but he was constantly glancing back and noticed that Taotie started to move. It seemed like it was going to go after Mengyao Fu.

Shoot, I cannot let the Taotie go after Mengyao Fu! She will be in danger! I must protect her! Qingfeng Li thought to himself.

Qingfeng Li stopped running away, and took out a dagger, he manipulated his vital essence, and suddenly swung the dagger out in the direction of the Taotie, cutting into its body.

The Taotie was. .h.i.t by the dagger, so it became angry and turned its head at Qingfeng Li.

"Big fool, it was me who cut through your eardrums! If you have the guts, then come after me, you big heap of trash," Qingfeng Li cursed at Taotie, and turned his body around to run away.

Upon hearing Qingfeng Li's curse, Taotie shouted in anger, "This d.a.m.n human! Not only did he stab me with a dagger, he also called me 'garbage'! This man must die! I am going to catch up to him, bite him into pieces, and eat him!"

Taotie let out an angry growl and turned its body to chase after Qingfeng Li instead of Mengyao Fu.

Qingfeng Li channeled his vital essence frantically and flew restlessly through the air.

He began to use the knowledge on dimension that he had just learned, switching between going into s.p.a.ce and coming out of s.p.a.ce. He appeared in both another dimension and h.e.l.l simultaneously.

Every time when Qingfeng Li appeared, he was able to move another hundred meters, his movement speed becoming as fast as a lightning.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1343: Out Of Inferno

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