My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1344: Hunting Down Qingfeng Li

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The Taotie was chasing after Qingfeng, which gave the others the chance to escape. Everyone tried to run as fast as possible, but some people chose to stay. They were Jianhuang Zhao, Binghuang Dao, and Yihuang Shou. These three sect masters had chosen to stay behind because their eyes were on the Immortal's Sutra that was still there.

Jianhuang Zhao was the first one to react, he took a step earlier than the others, grabbed the Immortal's Sutra, and ran off right away.

Binghuang Dao's face changed after seeing Jianhuang Zhao running way, as he yelled out, "Jianhuang Zhao, put the Immortal's Sutra down."

But Jianhuang Zhao did not heed his warning, choosing instead to run even faster and disappearing in a moment.

Binghuang Dao cried in indignation. Even though he was good friends with Jianhuang Zhao and they fought together against Qingfeng Li earlier, now they were fighting for their own benefits and for the Immortal's Sutra.

"Jianhuang Zhao, do not think that you can escape after you s.n.a.t.c.hed the Immortal's Sutra, I won't let you off that easily," Binghuang Dao shouted as he flew up into the sky and chased after Jianhuang Zhao.

He would never let the Immortal's Sutra fall out of his hands, since it was a treasure that he wanted to obtain.

Yihuang Shou also looked livid, and he chased after Jianhuang Zhao too.

Yihuang Shou also cursed secretly, "That d.a.m.ned Jianhuang Zhao, he stole the Immortal's Sutra away."

The Immortal's Sutra was a treasure, one that could even help a cultivator to become an immortal. Every self-cultivator wanted to have it with no exceptions.

The other self-cultivators also all split up, most of them went in the direction of Jianhuang Zhao to find the Immortal's Sutra, while the others escaped in different directions.

The Taotie was concentrated on hunting down Qingfeng Li, so it had no time to go after the others.

The biggest enemy to the ancient ferocious beast right now was Qingfeng Li. It must catch Qingfeng Li and slice him into eight pieces, and only then would it appease the hatred piled up in its heart.

Qingfeng Li was running non-stopping as if he was flying, channeling the vital essence stored in his body frantically. The Taotie was chasing after him furiously, and the distance between the two was shrinking.

Even though the Taotie's body was enormous and might seem too fat to move, it was one of the ten ancient ferocious beasts and was able to run at a very fast speed.

The distance between Taotie and Qingfeng Li changed from one kilometer to eight hundred meters, then six hundred meters, and then five hundred meters; the distance was getting shorter and shorter.

Qingfeng Li's face was very serious, and a cold light flashed across his eyes. He knew that if he continued to run at this speed, the Taotie would catch up to him in no time.

"d.a.m.n it, that fatty is so fast! Where should I run to?" Qingfeng Li tried to figure out a route to escape to.

"Senior Fire Dragon, is there only this Taotie in h.e.l.l, or are there other dangers?" Qingfeng Li frowned, and asked the soul of the Fire Dragon residing in his mind.

The Fire Dragon responded, "Little brat, there are at least two ancient ferocious beasts suppressed on the second floor of h.e.l.l. The Taotie is just one of them, and there should be something even stronger."

Upon hearing the Fire Dragon's message, Qingfeng Li felt thrilled.

He tried to hold back his excitement and responded to the Fire Dragon, "Senior Fire Dragon, how can I find the other ancient ferocious beast? I want to induce a conflict between them to buy me some time to escape."

The soul of the Fire Dragon thought for a moment and said, "I better come out and help you, or else you will be killed by the Taotie before you find the other ancient ferocious beast."

The soul of the Fire Dragon flew out of Qingfeng Li's mind, and transformed into an ancient G.o.dly Dragon. Its whole body was the colour of burning gold, and it had fire on its body from head to tail. The fierce flame lit up the second floor of h.e.l.l.

The Taotie was chasing after Qingfeng Li until there were only ten meters left between them. This distance was very dangerous, as it could have eaten Qingfeng Li at once. But at this critical moment, Taotie caught a glance of the G.o.dly Dragon above Qingfeng Li's head.

The Fire Dragon was one of the G.o.dly Dragons from back during the ancient era. It was a G.o.dly beast, the born enemy of the Taotie. It lived on land, but the Taotie lived in h.e.l.l.

Taotie roared at the Fire Dragon with anger in its voice, they were enemies back in ancient continents and they had battled against each other many times.

The soul of the Fire Dragon opened its mouth, and formed a ball of Heaven-Earth Flame, which contained extremely high temperatures. It was the G.o.dly Dragon's flame, and it could burn everything in this world into ashes. The ball of fiery light shot onto the Taotie's body, scorching its body with white smoke filling the air as it cried miserably.

While the Taotie was screaming, the Fire Dragon shouted, "Qingfeng Li, run to the north! There is a demonic beast named the Qiongqi. It can help you to fight against the Taotie."

Qingfeng Li nodded, and he bolted toward the north, Qingfeng Li knew that the soul of the Fire Dragon only had limited power, and it could only make at most one or two fire attacks.

As he went north, Qingfeng Li felt colder and colder. His body began trembling, it was super cold. 

Qingfeng Li manipulated the fire vital essence inside his body to resist against the cold. He also used the Mortal Purgatory Body to make his body even stronger so he could resist the chilling aura of h.e.l.l.

Fortunately, Qingfeng Li refined the h.e.l.l Flower, so he was able to endure h.e.l.l's coldness. If it was any other person that came here, they would have become an ice-cube by now.

The Taotie, which was behind Qingfeng Li finally realized the situation. It watched Qingfeng Li who was running away, and a murderous look of anger flashed across its eyes.

"Human, how dare you collude with the Fire Dragon to attack me?! I will not let you guys off easily," Taotie said coldly, and gave off an intensified murderous vibe.

As a legendary demonic beast, the Taotie was also very smart. It had noticed that the Fire Dragon that was attacking it was only a fragment of its soul and did not have a real body.

This meant that its attack power was limited, as long as Taotie could catch up to them, it could kill both of them.

Taotie stomped the ground with its huge feet and flew into the air. It was like a huge black mountain, which covered the sky and sun, chasing after Qingfeng Li.

The angered Taotie was even stronger, and everything in h.e.l.l backed away from it.

Whether it was those demonic beasts or plants in h.e.l.l, everything that had the ability to think all ran away.

Qingfeng Li glanced back and noticed that the Taotie was getting closer and closer to him, almost scaring him to death and making him run even harder.

Finally, Qingfeng Li saw a sihoulette at the horizon. It was enormous, as big as a building.

It crept there, was the size of a cow and had the appearance of a tiger, but its body was covered with a hedgehog-like skin. It had wings, barked like a dog, and sustained itself by eating humans.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1344: Hunting Down Qingfeng Li

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