My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1360: Jianhuang Zhao Brutally Punched By Fists

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Jianhuang Zhao already trained in the Immortal's Sutra, but he was only at its first level. There was still a lot more he had yet to learn, so his power was limited and clearly not Qingfeng's match. 

"Jianhuang, you haven't even fully mastered the Immortal's Sutra yet, and you dare to parade your abilities in front of me? Just watch how I beat you up."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and swung his fists. His punches shot out incessantly throughout the dimension and smashed Jianhuang off of his balance. Shortly after, Jianhuang's face was punched into a greenish swollen bulge, and his eyes were bruised, making him look like a panda. It looked brutal. 

Not only that, Qingfeng even broke Jianhuang's left arm, and his white bones were exposed as blood spewed out nonstop. 

"Qingfeng, you win today, but I'll come back and get my revenge." Jianhuang looked at Qingfeng coldly and turned to run. 

"You want to run? Do you think you can get away?" Qingfeng shouted loudly and channeled his vital essence. He punched out with his fist yet again and hit Jianhuang on his back, puncturing a hole. 

Jianhuang cried out in pain. Luckily it was only his back and didn't come into contact with his heart. He had escaped this time but was deeply wounded. 

"Essence Blood Ignition! I have to escape!" Jianhuang chanted loudly and unleashed the Immortal's Sutra. His whole body turned into a ray of golden light and shot out of that place instantly. 

Jianhuang Zhao's speed was as fast like lightning, and constantly accelerating. Qingfeng's expression grew cold; he was too late if he wanted to capture Jianhuang. 

"This Jianhuang Zhao sure runs fast, it seems like the Immortal's Sutra truly is powerful." Qingfeng smiled lightly with hints of regret in his eyes. 

Alhtough Qingfeng didn't kill Jianhuang Zhao this time, he did wound Jianhuang heavily, so at least in the short term, Jianhuang's abilities were substantially reduced. Even if he meets Linger Yao again, he wouldn't be able to harm her. 

Qingfeng came beside Linger Yao and asked, "Are you okay?"

Linger Yao frowned and didn't say anything, but she was pale with hints of blood on her lips.

Qingfeng reached out, wanting to wipe off her blood, but Linger Yao turned away in refusal. 

Qingfeng felt awkward, because he also didn't know what to do when he saw Linger Yao again. 

Qingfeng Li's mind entered into his interspatial ring and wanted to take out an elixir to cure Linger Yao, but he found his interspatial ring was empty without anything inside. 

He patted his head with hints of distress, because he just remembered that while he was inside the second level of h.e.l.l with Mengyao Fu, he had entered the Taotie's body. While inside, Qingfeng had already used all his elixirs. 

Qingfeng showed hints of awkwardness on his face as he said, "Linger Yao, I've used all of my elixir, so can I transfer some of my vital essence to help you recover?"

Linger Yao shook her head and said, "No need, I'm about to leave to find the Demonic-Imperial Sect's members."

After she spoke, Linger Yao turned to leave without any hesitation.

Qingfeng sighed as he watch her leave. He wanted to stop her, but he stopped just as he took one step. 

Qingfeng knew that it would be useless even he caught up to her, because the two would always have something caught in between. 

He turned to join the Wolf Fang Team, and everyone looked at Qingfeng oddly with hints of confusion. 

"Boss, what's your relations.h.i.+p with Linger Yao, why did you help her?" Daoist was very interested in gossip as he asked Qingfeng. 

Qingfeng stared at him and said, "Why do you ask so much, shut up."

Daoist was scolded, so he became a bit depressed. 

Bald Man snickered on the side and said, "Daoist, why are you asking Boss? She's definitely the boss's female friend."

Qingfeng felt terrible now, he stared at Bald Man and said, "You shut up as well, don't join in the gossip."

After he spoke, he ignored everyone in the Wolf Fang Team. Instead he walked beside Black Puppy and said, "Puppy, lead me to Dao Palace Mountain."

Black Puppy nodded and led the group in the front, as Qingfeng followed beside it. Everyone began heading towards Dao Palace Mountain. 

Dao Palace Mountain was a ma.s.sive mountain that reached into the clouds in the sky, without an end to the naked eye. 

During the ancient era, Dao Palace Mountain was one of the ten big immortal mountains. It had a great reputation, such that many self-cultivators trained there to become saints and immortals. 

There were plenty of demonic beasts in the area, and not long after Qingfeng and the others left, they met a few demonic beasts. However, Qingfeng was now incredibly powerful. With just one slash of his sword, all these demonic beasts were killed. 

Along the way, Qingfeng didn't keep count of how many demonic beasts he killed, but the Fire Emperor Sword in his hands was tainted bright red with blood, never ceasing killing along the way. Finally, they successfully reached Dao Palace Mountain. 

Dao Palace Mountain was seven thousand metres tall, and there were tall trees, black rocks, ruins, and wrecked architecture scattered all the way to the top of the mountain. 

There used to be many palaces, Daoist paG.o.das, and martial training arenas, but now there was nothing left standing, as it all turned into ruins. 

Qingfeng looked forward and saw shattered rocks, pillars, pieces of bricks, and palaces. Everything looked so deserted and broken down. 

Qingfeng turned his head and asked, "Daoist, is your ancestral master in those ruins up on the top?" 

Daoist nodded and said, "Yes boss, my ancestral master is trapped in the ruins above."

"Everyone come with me, let's see what's in those ruins." Qingfeng waved his hand and led everyone up the mountain. 

The mountaintop was bare; aside from black rocks there weren't any plants, gra.s.s, trees, vines, or even demonic beasts. 

Qingfeng frowned and his eyes filled with questions. Normally, there would be plants or flowers growing on mountaintops, but this one was completely bare, like a ruins site. 

Qingfeng walked in the very front, because he knew that there might be danger ahead. He was the most powerful out of the group, so naturally he should walk first to protect others. 

As he walked forward, he grew more unsettled as he felt a sense of danger in the ruins before him. 

Qingfeng unleashed his spirit energy around to investigate the ruins before him. 

All he saw was a cave deep within the ruins, and inside was black devilish energy rolling like a sea of mist. That devilish energy blackened the sky, and it was moving like boiling water, as if it wanted to burst out.

Indistinctively, he could even see a white-haired elder locked up by iron chains and lying on a rug. He was skinny all over, as if all his essence blood had been sucked out by the devilish energy. 

"Could this white-haired elder be the Daoist's ancestral master, Heavenly Dao Elder?" Qingfeng frowned as he thought to himself.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1360: Jianhuang Zhao Brutally Punched By Fists

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