My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1363: The Devil Is Dead

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The white-haired elder's face changed when he heard that Daoist wanted to save him. He knew of the dangers here; there once were spirit emperor self-cultivators who came and were killed by the Devil. 

The white-haired elder said, "You must all leave, the devil is too powerful, you're no match for him."

Then, a cold voice sounded, "You want to leave? No one can escape today! I'll kill all of you!"

The voice sounded throughout the area, ringing around the area so that no one could pinpoint the source.

Qingfeng surveyed the surroundings inside the cave, yet he still couldn't find out where the voice came from. 

"Puppy, have you found where the Devil is?" Qingfeng asked as he frowned. 

Black Puppy lifted its dog nose and smelled around. Then it pointed its paw in front and said, "Over there."

Qingfeng walked towards the northeast direction and discovered a bundle of devilish energy that boiled incessantly there, within which there were a pair of red eyes. 

Qingfeng pulled out his Fire Emperor Sword and charged forward as he formed a ray of flaming sword energy and shot it at the black energy. However the black energy ma.s.s quickly dodged the attack. 

Black Puppy said, "Qingfeng that isn't black energy, it's a spiritual light ma.s.s! The soul of the Devil."

Qingfeng suddenly realized, this Devil's body had already died and all that was left was its soul.

The Devil's soul unleashed powerful energy, cracking the rocks around it as they could not withstand the pressure. 

Qingfeng felt happy, because if the Devil had a physical body, then it would be harder to defeat, since his powers were limited. 

However the opponent was only a soul, so Qingfeng wasn't scared at all because he had the Black-White Millstone inside his mind. It was a Yin-yang light ma.s.s that contained invincible power. 

Qingfeng placed the Fire Emperor Sword inside his interspatial ring and walked forward towards the devilish energy light beam.

"Earthling, how dare you approach me? Do you want to die?" The devilish soul looked at Qingfeng and said with murderous rage. 

The devilish soul was immensely powerful. He had killed many self-cultivators who had wandered in here, and swallowed their spirit energies. 

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "Dummy from outer s.p.a.ce, prepare to die."

The devilish soul looked at Qingfeng coldly, his eyes shot out bloodthirsty red light as he said, "Your body is very strong! I can swallow your spirit energy and let you die without a place to be buried." 

The devilish soul formed a ray of black light that entered Qingfeng's mind in an attempt to swallow his spirit energy. 

Qingfeng smiled coldly as he released the spirit millstone from deep within. The Black-white Millstone charged out suddenly, shooting out two rays of black-white light rays that swallowed the devilish soul and converted it into its own spirit energy.

"Ah, you earthling! Why do you have the Chaos Millstone?!" the devilish soul screamed with terror. 

The Devil never imagined that the legendary Chaos Millstone would be in the hands of an earthling. It appeared during the birth of the universe and contained insurmountable power. 

Tragically, the Black-White Millstone wouldn't give the devilish soul anytime to listen to a response. After a second, his soul was sucked into the Millstone. 

"Boss, are you okay ?" Daoist walked beside Qingfeng and asked with worry. 

He just saw with his own eyes how powerful the devilish soul was that entered Qingfeng's mind. 

Qingfeng opened his eyes, and two rays of golden light shot out. It immediately punctured two ma.s.sive holes into the large rock in front of him. 

The Black-White Millstone just swallowed the devilish soul's spirit energy, and Qingfeng absorbed a bit of it, which increased his spirit energy to the first level of the Spirit Emperor Realm. 

"Boss, you're too powerful, the golden light that shot out from your eyes even punctured through the rock." Daoist was startled as he spoke. 

Everyone around was all scared by Qingfeng. They thought he had been controlled by the devilish soul, but instead, his eyes shot out golden light. 

Only Black Puppy wasn't afraid, and joy filled its eyes as it said, "Qingfeng your spirit energy has increased again! It has reached the first level of the Spirit Emperor Realm!" 

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "Yes, my spirit energy has increased again, and I've already swallowed the devilish soul's spirit energy."

Qingfeng pulled out his Fire Emperor Sword and came to the white-haired elder. He suddenly swung out four strokes and broke the four chains, freeing the elder. 

Qingfeng placed his palm on the white-haired elder's back and channeled vital essence into his body to help him recover. 

Shortly after, the white-haired elder's face began to show shades of red, and he recovered enough to stand up. 

"Kiddo, thanks for rescuing me." The white-haired elder thanked Qingfeng. 

Qingfeng smiled and said, "I'm friends with Daoist, and you're his Ancestral Master. It's the least I can do."

Qingfeng rescued the white-haired elder from the devilish pond and said, "Everyone let's leave and return to Huaxia."

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake grew excited. "Yay! Finally we can return to Huaxia, and I can eat Xue Lin's egg and tomato noodles again!"

The Sky-Devouring Snake looked at Puppy and said, "You have such low standards, I want to eat savoury meat noodles."

Qingfeng patted his head in speechlessness. These two were demonic beasts of the ancient era, yet they were fighting about what kind of noodles to eat.

"You two stop fighting! You'll have plenty once we get back to Huaxia." Qingfeng smiled lightly and led everyone out. 

As Qingfeng prepared to leave, he discovered a black box inside the cave. 

This cave was thirty centimetres long, ten centimetres wide, and five centimetres tall. It didn't look very big, but black devilish air was boiling inside. 

Qingfeng held up the box and was about to open it. 

The white-haired elder immediately said, "Qingfeng don't open it, it contains the source energy of the Devilish Dao, and it can corrode anyone who opens it. You have to destroy it."

 Qingfeng nodded and swung his Fire Emperor Sword at it, but the box wasn't even scratched. 

He then used his fist, but the box still wasn't shattered. This black box was too firm, so Qingfeng had to use his Golden Flames to finally burn it into ashes.

The devilish energy boiled inside the box and wanted to flee, but there was no way it could escape the Golden Flames. Qingfeng sighed in relief when the black box was finally reduced to ashes. 

"Come, let's head back to Huaxia." Qingfeng led everyone away from the forbidden Kunlun Mountains district and headed towards Huaxia.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1363: The Devil Is Dead

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