My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1364: Battle Between Eastern And Western Self-Cultivation Forces

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Qingfeng led everyone away from Dao Palace Mountain and headed outside of the Kunlun Mountains District. 

He didn't know that it now was incredibly chaotic in the outside world. 

Not only was the Kunlun Mountain chaotic, all of Huaxia self-cultivation realm was in chaos, as if everything had been turned upside down. 

Huaxia had always been called the Dragon of the East throughout history, because it was the origin of and the most powerful region of Eastern self-cultivation. Many folklore characters and ancient legends all came from Huaxia. 

In the ancient era, Huaxia once was the centre of the Eastern self-cultivation world. Self-cultivators of countless countries would travel there to pray and learn self-cultivation techniques, in hopes of becoming a powerful self-cultivator themselves. 

Many legends were scattered throughout the vast country of Huaxia from the deserted era, to the ancient era, and finally to the modern era. 

There were many famous mountains in Huaxia, and amongst the most famous ones, aside from the Kunlun Mountains, there were also the Dragon-Tiger Mountain, Mount Gao, Mount Tai, Mount Hua, Mount Emei, Mount Tian, Wudang Mountain, and so on. Every mountain had self-cultivation sects. 

They would normally eat and live inside these deep woods and tall mountains. However nowadays, these self-cultivators in the tall mountains were butchered, their blood tainting the mountains. 

Those that murdered the Eastern self-cultivators had blonde hair, white skin, and blue eyes. They were all from the Western forces. 

The Western self-cultivators were led by the Sky G.o.d's Emissary Nicholas. Aside from him, there was the Sun G.o.d's Emissary Ames, Remy the Seraph, the Three-eyed Fiend, Lord Ruthven the Vampire Knight, the Four-winged Black Drake, Sky-Devouring Lizard, and so on. 

This time, the Western orthodox self-cultivators, devilish powers, vampires and so on all arrived within the Eastern self-cultivation world to steal treasures and kill self-cultivators. 

All of Huaxia's self-cultivation forces were distressed, as many of the super sects, heavenly level sects, and king level sects had been ma.s.sacred. 

Even some emperor level sects were deeply wounded by the Western self-cultivators. Two were annihilated and one was crippled. 

In Huaxia's Eastern Sea city, n.o.ble Palace, villa number 13, Xue Lin was sitting in the living room with a concerned look. Many people gathered around her, there were Ziyi Miao, Sky Fate Demon King, and several others acquianted with Qingfeng. 

"Sister Xue, Huaxia's self-cultivation world is very chaotic recently with the invasion of the Western self-cultivators. Many Eastern self-cultivators were killed, and their techniques were stolen." Ziyi Miao said to Xue with a frown. 

Xue nodded and said, "Do you have news on my husband?"

Ziyi shook her head and said, "Not yet, young master is still in the forbidden Kunlun district, and I don't think he has left yet."

Xue took out her phone in an attempt to call Qingfeng, but it couldn't even dial. 

Qingfeng's phone had been melted by the cold energy when he entered h.e.l.l. All the components were destroyed, so his phone was unusable. 

Xue's attractive face became worried, and she got up from the sofa and walked outside. 

Ziyi's face changed as she said, "Sister Xue what are you doing? Where are you going?"

Xue smiled lightly and said, "Ziyi, I'm going to the Kunlun Mountains to find my husband."

Ziyi was startled, hurriedly getting up from the sofa and running up to grab Xue's arm. 

"Sister Xue you can't go there. All of Huaxia's self-cultivator realm is in a mess, and the Western self-cultivation main army is already here. If they find the Phoenix bloodline in you, they'll definitely capture you or even kill you. Those vampire emperor powers will never let you go." Ziyi said with great concern. 

Xue shook her head and said, "No, I must go to the Kunlun Forbidden District. If I don't see my husband, I'll worry myself to death."

Then the Sky Fate Demon King spoke, "Young Mistress, you don't have to go. I've just used my Ying-Yang Bagua device and took a look. Master is fine, and he'll be back shortly."

"Sky Fate Demon King, are you telling the truth?" Xue looked at Sky Fate Demon King with excitement. 

The Sky Fate Demon King said firmly, "Young Mistress, I'm sure. Young Master is the destined one, and the forbidden Kunlun district could never hold him."

Xue's unsettled heart calmed when she heard the Sky Fate Demon King. She thought for a moment and didn't open the front door, calmly returning to the living room. 

At the same time in the Eastern Sea Hospital, Ruyan Liu looked at the baby in the hospital bed with worry. 

The baby's face was pitch black as her whole body was surrounded with devilish energy. Her spirit energy was being slowly engulfed by the Saint's soul.

"Sister, when will brother-in-law be back? Little Apple doesn't have much time left." Jiaojiao Liu asked Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan frowned her delicate brows, and said, "I just called and it didn't go through. I don't know when he'll be back either." 

Jiaojiao said, "Sister, we can't wait anymore, the baby is in great danger. I think it would be better if we went to the Kunlun district to find brother-in-law."

Ruyan nodded and said, "Ok, then let's go to the forbidden Kunlun district."

"You can't go," said Niching Luo as she blocked Ruyan.

Ruyan frowned and asked, "Miss Luo, why won't you let us go?"

Niching Luo shook her head and said, "Miss Liu, all of Huaxia's self-cultivation realm is in a mess, and many self-cultivators had been killed. The Western self-cultivators have already arrived, so there will be great danger if you head out."

Ruyan frowned and said, "But I don't even know how Qingfeng is. Whether or not he is safe, or if he had acquired the Saint Peris.h.i.+ng Fruit yet."

Nishang rolled her eyes and pointed at the black kitty beside them and said, "This is the Cat of Fate. It can sense whethe Brother Li is safe or not."

Ruyan's attractive face lit up with joy, she nearly forgot about this demonic beast. Qingfeng had brought it back from the Tiger Continent especially for Ruyan so that it could protect Little Apple, and now it's finally come to use.

"Little kitty, can you see if Qingfeng is safe in the forbidden Kunlun district?" Ruyan lifted her red lips and asked the Cat of Fate beside her. 

The cat rolled its eyes and said, "Don't call me kitty, don't be rude."

Jiaojiao wasn't as polite as her sister, and she came over to the Cat of Fate, reached out her hand and slapped it on its head. 

"What's wrong with calling you kitty? You're only a cat that my brother-in-law gave to my sister! Try being arrogant and full of pride again, and we'll cook you into a stew." Jiaojiao stared at the Cat of Fate and said harshly. 

The Cat of Fate was startled hearing Jiaojiao's ultimatum. This girl in front of it was too harsh, even wanting to eat it. 

"Fine, don't kill me and I'll check whether or not Qingfeng is safe." The Cat of Fate said as it chose to surrender. 

The Cat of Fate might be a demonic beast, but it felt a strange aura from Ruyan's sister. Her energy was very powerful and was able to suppress the Cat.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1364: Battle Between Eastern And Western Self-Cultivation Forces

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