My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1368: Returning To Huaxia

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"Senior Sister, Qingfeng Li's strength is too strong. He actually punched a big hole in the black dragon's tail!" a short-haired girl disciple went to Mengyao Fu's side and said.

The beautiful and fresh looking woman's eyes were s.h.i.+ny, as if bright little stars flas.h.i.+ng. Her tone carried traces of adoration.

Mengyao Fu nodded, her eyes betraying a touch of joy as she said, "Qingfeng Li's strength is even stronger than mine. We will all be saved this time."

When the surrounding self-cultivators heard Mengyao Fu, a touch of joy appeared in their eyes.

"Human, Eastern Self-cultivator. How dare you wound me? I will kill you." the black dragon looked at Qingfeng and said with murderous intentions.

Qingfeng only smiled faintly with a look disdain. "Kill me? You think you are capable enough?"

Qingfeng Li pulled out the Fire Emperor Sword from his body and decided to kill the black dragon that was standing in front of him.

"Fire sword intent." Qingfeng Li muttered. The Fire Emperor Sword in his hand striked forward. It turned into a long flame and surrounded the Black Dragon.

Black Dragon's eyes showed a trace of panic. It found itself surrounded by fire, rocks, trees, sky, earth, mountains, and rivers. But everything was made of scorching hot flames. It was a world covered in blaze.

The burning flame seemed to roll like the lava river. It was burning ceaselessly on the black dragon's body and making a crackling noise.

Black Dragon opened its mouth and uttered a mournful scream. Its skin was being seared by the flames and it could not bear the intensity of the pain.

"This sounds really bad. a saying for sending someone to death. I'll just send you off the road. 1 " Qingfeng Li waved the Fire Emperor Sword in his hand and sliced forward. He directly cut off the black dragon's head.


Blood was flowing out of the black dragon's head and dyed the ground red.

The black dragon's huge body fell to the ground, struggled twice, then ceased movement. It was dead.

The Talisman Emperor Sect's self-cultivators looked at Qingfeng Li, each having a serious face on them. They saw how powerful Black Dragon was earlier but it had been beheaded by Qingfeng Li so easily.

Qingfeng Li moved to the dead black dragon. He took out his Fire Emperor Sword and cut open its belly, removing a red demonic pill from its stomach.

The Red demonic pill was fist sized. It seemed like a bright red apple, emitting a rich energy aura.

Qingfeng Li took the demonic pill in his hand, walked to Mengyao Fu and said, "The demonic pill is for you."

Mengyao Fu shook her head and refused, "You killed the black dragon, the demonic pill is yours."

Qingfeng Li gave no explanation and put the demonic pill into Mengyao Fu's hands.

Qingfeng Li's strength was very strong now, and he had high combat power. Demonic pills were not that useful for him but it could help Mengyao Fu improve her strength.

"I'm leaving. Recently, Huaxia's self-cultivation world is in chaos. The Western self-cultivators are coming for a fight. You have to be careful." Qingfeng Li advised Mengyao Fu and turned away.

Looking at Qingfeng Li's back getting further away, Mengyao Fu's face looked complicated. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something but ultimately didn't. She sighed and said nothing.

"Senior Sister, do you know Qingfeng Li? Why did he give you such a valuable demonic pill?" A short-hair female Self-cultivator came to Mengyao Fu's side and asked gossipily.

Mengyao Fu frowned and said, "What is there to ask? Hurry up, let's go."

The short-haired female self-cultivator stuck her tongue out, making a funny face. Then, she turned away.

Qingfeng Li returned to the Wolf Fang Team. Daoist liked to gossip as well so he put his arm around Qingfeng Li's shoulder and asked, "Boss, what kind of relations.h.i.+p do you have with that beauty? Why are you so good to her?"

Qingfeng Li reached out his palm and slapped him, saying, "Why do you have so many questions. Let's get out of here and back to Huaxia."

Qingfeng Li's was very anxious and did not want to delay. He contacted one of Fengwu Cao's helicopters directly and left the forbidden district of the Kunlun Mountains.

The Helicopter shuttled through the clouds, their destination Eastern Sea City. Inside the helicopter, Fengwu Cao explained the situation of Huaxia to Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng, recently Huaxia's self-cultivation world is in chaos. Many people have already died at the hands of the Western self-cultivators."

Qingfeng Li asked, "Who is notable among the Western self-cultivators that came this time?"

Fengwu Cao said, "This time, many powerful masters from the Tiger Continent came, including the Sky G.o.d's Emissary, the Sun G.o.d's Emissary, the Seraph, the Vampire Knight, Sky-Devouring Lizard, the Three-Eyed Fiend, and so on. There are over ten thousand powerful Western self-cultivators masters all together."

Hearing Fengwu Cao's introductions, Qingfeng Li's face changed. He did not expect that many masters from the Western World of self-cultivators to come at once. Each and every one of them were famous too.

Qingfeng Li asked, "How about Huaxia's self-cultivation sects?"

Fengwu Cao's face turned pale and she said, "Many sects had been destroyed, and cultivation techniques and vitality stones were robbed. We lost miserably."

Qingfeng Li's fist landed on a cup next to him, shattering it completely. He said in anger, "These Western self-cultivators. Dammit. This time I will have to kill them all."

Ding Ding Ding ...

At this time, Fengwu Cao's cell phone rang. As soon as she saw it was a call from Red b.u.t.terfly Yip, she quickly pressed the answer b.u.t.ton.

"Sister Cao, it's bad. We got news that Vampire Knight and Sky Swallow Lizard came to Eastern Sea City."

Red b.u.t.terfly Yip was very loud on the phone, so everyone inside the helicopter heard it.

Qingfeng Li's face changed, took the phone immediately and said, "Red b.u.t.terfly Yip, this is Qingfeng Li. You need go to Eastern Sea City's n.o.ble Palace immediately to protect my wife Xue Lin."

"Okay, I'll go right away." Red b.u.t.terfly Yip knew time was running out, so she hung up immediately and headed for Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng Li felt a sense of danger in his heart. He felt that this time, the Vampire Knight and Sky-Devouring Lizard were coming to the Eastern Sea City for his own wife.

Qingfeng Li knew that he had killed many Western self-cultivators in the Tiger Continent and made many enemies. This time, they came to Huaxia and will certainly not let him go easily.

At this time, Vampire Knight and Sky-Devouring Lizard had already arrived at Eastern Sea City.

Vampire Knight was wearing a long red robe. His face was rosy and his body was exuding a powerful aura.

"The fresh taste of delicious blood, I have already smelled it." Vampire Knight sniffed his nose and said excitedly.

Beside him, Sky-Devouring Lizard also said, "I also smell the scent of fresh blood. It is also the fresh blood of a pure G.o.dly beast bloodline."

The two guys exchanged a look with each other and walked in the direction of the blood scent, where Xue Lin was.

Xue Lin was sitting in the living room with Ziyi Miao, Sky Fate Demon King, and another person, which was Red b.u.t.terfly Yip.

Red b.u.t.terfly Yip looked at Xue Lin and said. "Miss Lin, you have to leave the villa immediately. It is very dangerous here.

A saying that means you're gonna send someone to their death.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1368: Returning To Huaxia

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