My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1369: Xue Lin In Danger

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Xue Lin frowned when he heard Red b.u.t.terfly Yip ask her to leave. She said, "Miss Yip, I will not leave. I have to wait for my husband to come back."

Red b.u.t.terfly Yip responded, "Miss Lin, you are in great danger right now. The masters from the Western self-cultivation forces have arrived in Eastern Sea City, and their target is you. If you stay here, Qingfeng Li will be worried. If they were to capture you, Qingfeng Li will be in danger as well."

After listening to Red b.u.t.terfly Yip's explanation, Xue Lin's brow tensed up. She pondered over it. She was kidnapped before, and those villains threatened Qingfeng Li with her life, which caused him to suffer injuries.

Xue Lin remembered clearly that the Crimson Blood Sect of the Devilish Dao had kidnapped her and threatened her husband to stab himself with a knife three times. Thinking of what Qingfeng Li had done for her, Xue Lin was heartbroken.

"We have to get out of here sooner rather than later. Otherwise, it will be too late," Red b.u.t.terfly Yip urged Xue Lin again.

Xue Lin finally nodded and said, "Okay, let's go."

A hint of happiness appeared on Red b.u.t.terfly Yip's face. She had been waiting for Xue Lin's agreement. As long as Xue Lin was safe, she would have something to report to Qingfeng.

When the crowd was preparing to go outside, the gate to the villa was forced opened.

Only a bang was heard, and a big hole was kicked through the iron gate. A middle-aged man wearing a red robe and a young man with a pony tail came in. These two people were indeed the Vampire Knight and Sky-Devouring Lizard.

"I just heard you were about to leave, but I do prefer you staying," the Vampire Knight said to Xue Lin with a heartless look.

The Vampire Knight's expression was very malevolent. He looked into Xue Lin's eyes as if he was looking at a little lamb, his eyes emitting bloodthirst, almost as if he wanted to devour her.

Xue Lin's face turned gloomy and said in cold voice, "Who are you? Why did you bust open my door?"

"Let me introduce myself. I am Lord Ruthven. You can call me the Vampire Knight. Your blood smells very delicious and is much to my liking." Ruthven posed liked a gentleman, looking at Xue Lin and saying excitedly.

Hearing the Western self-cultivator say that he wanted to drink Xue Lin blood, Red b.u.t.terfly Yip's face changed. She said in a cold voice, "You are really bold, even daring to trespa.s.s private property. Let me teach you a lesson."

Red b.u.t.terfly Yip smashed her own palm towards the Vampire Knight.

Her target only smiled coldly and extended a finger, emitting a red light. At once, Red b.u.t.terfly Yip's palm was shot, and her body flew out horizontally. Blood splattered out from her mouth, and she was seriously injured, losing her ability to fight.

"Beauty, would you consider leaving with me?" Vampire Knight came towards Xue Lin, his eyes were full of evil intentions.

Xue Lin was just an ordinary person. She did not practice self-cultivation, so it was normal that she was not the Vampire Knight's opponent.

On the side, Ziyi Miao and Sky Fate Demon King rushed out. They punched out their fists and attacked the Vampire Knight together.

Suddenly, the pale man slapped his palm twice consecutively.

Bam bam!!

Only two loud noises were heard, and Ziyi Miao and Sky Fate Demon King's body were blown away. They flew ten meters away and the wall. Blood splatted out and they were seriously injured.

Xue Lin's face turned pale, and her tender face revealed a touch of fear. She did not think that these masters around her were not the Vampire Knight's opponents, being defeated in one move.

Xue Lin turned and tried to run away but the Vampire Knight extended his grip with a beam of red light. He sucked Xue Lin's body directly into his grip.

"Beauty, your fresh blood is great. I have a feeling that I will breakthrough once I drink your fresh blood," the Vampire Knight looked at Xue Lin, his face blus.h.i.+ng red as he said in excitement.

As the Vampire Knight, Lord Ruthven had a special liking for human blood, especially ones containing powerful bloodlines.

At this time, Sky-Devouring Lizard said, "Vampire Knight, you cannot ingest her blood."

Vampire Knight frowned and said in a cold voice, "Sky-Devouring Lizard, what do you mean? Do you want to stop me? I am not afraid of you."

Sky-Devouring Lizard smiled faintly. His eyes flashed with a touch of anger, but it was quickly suppressed. Then he said with a cold voice, "Vampire Knight, do not forget. We came to Eastern Sea City to capture Xue Lin. It was the Sky G.o.d's Emissary's direct order that we are to capture Xue Lin to threaten Qingfeng Li."

Vampire Knight's brow wiggled, feeling that things were a bit troub2lesome.

They were indeed ordered here by the Sky G.o.d's Emissary's arrangement. However, after seeing Xue Lin, Vampire Knight was attracted to her blood, wanting to drink it to increase his own powers.

Vampire Knight rolled his eyes and said, "Sky-Devouring Lizards, Xue Lin's blood contains an ancient G.o.dly Beast's power. Don't you want to drink it?"

Sky-Devouring Lizard frowned and said, "I'd like to drink it but will the Sky G.o.d's Emissary let us go?"

Vampire Knight smiled faintly and said. "This is rather simple. We only need to put Xue Lin's blood in two bowls, and we will have one bowl each. As long as we don't kill her and not suck out all of her blood, then it should be okay."

Hearing what the Vampire Knight, a light appeared in Sky-Devouring Lizard's eyes and he said. "That is a good idea. Then let's pour out two bowls of Xue Lin's blood."

Vampire Knight smiled faintly. He went to the kitchen and took two bowls to the living room. Then he readied his crimson nails, ready to cut Xue Lin's wrist to let out some of her blood.

Xue Lin was pale as fear filled her eyes. In front of her, the Vampire Knight and Sky-Devouring Lizard were too heretical and very powerful. She simply could not resist.

"Am I going to die here today? Dear, where are you? Come and save me." Xue Lin's eyes showed a touch of anxiety, and all she could think of was Qingfeng Li.

At this moment, Xue Lin hoped to see Qingfeng Li very much, hoping that he could appear. But Qingfeng Li was now at the Forbidden district of of the Kunlun Mountains. It was impossible that he would appear here!

But at the very second, a familiar voice sounded in Xue Lin's ears, and Xue Lin tears instantly started flowing down.

"Who dares to try and bleed out my wife? Who doesn't want to live anymore?" Qingfeng Li face looked gloomy, as he crashed through the villa windown.

Qingfeng Li took a helicopter and returned to Huaxia, where he immediately returned to the Eastern Sea City and arrived at n.o.ble Palace.

Qingfeng Li came to the neighborhood, but he soon smelled the pungent scent of blood. The gatekeeper was killed and his house was filled with a pungent bloodthirsty aura.

Qingfeng Li utilized his movement technique and quickly rushed in. He was just in time to hear the Vampire Knight speak of his desire to suck the blood out of his wife, and he was burning in fury.

This d.a.m.ned Vampire Knight! Strong murderous intent began rising in Qingfeng's heart.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1369: Xue Lin In Danger

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