My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1373: Seizing Vampire Knight

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Those Western self-cultivators saw the Vampire Knight fleeing and their faces changed drastically, their eyes full of fear.

The only person they could rely on was the Vampire Knight. They would die if he ran away.

"Master Vampire Knight, you can not escape! Save us, we are still here." Dozens of Western self-cultivators shouted at the Vampire Knight, some even shedding tears.

The Vampire Knight smiled coldly with a hint of mercilessness in his eyes. He did not care about the deaths of these Western self-cultivators, though these men came to the East with him.

The Vampire Knight was cruel, vicious, and heartless. His own life was the most important and everything else did not matter.

His speed was fast, and he turned into a bolt of b.l.o.o.d.y lightning and instantly reached the side of the window. He could see the endless sky outside already.

"Very well, as long as I leave this place, I can return to the Sky G.o.d Emissary." Vampire Knight's eyes showed a touch of happiness and excitement at the hope of escaping.

But in the next moment, Vampire Knight's face changed dramatically. His eyes were full of fear because in front of him was a person standing, and it was Qingfeng Li.

"What happen? When did Qingfeng Li get in front of me? Why did I not noticed?" the Vampire Knight had a look of horror stuck on his face when he found Qingfeng right in front of the window. The only explanation Qingfeng's speed was much faster than him.

"Vampire Knight, where are you going?" Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and asked even when he knew the answer.

The Vampire Knight's face turned gloomy. His feet trod on the window forcefully and his body flew towards another window, wanting to escape in the other direction.

However, when the Vampire Knight came to the other side of the window, Qingfeng Li appeared there again and blocked him from the front.

Qingfeng Li was like a G.o.d who had the ability to predict the future. He could always guess where the Vampire Knight appears and stop him from getting away immediately.

"Qingfeng Li, can you let me go?" the Vampire Knight looked at Qingfeng Li and asked.

Qingfeng Li laughed and looked into Vampire Knight's eyes, like he was looking at a dumba.s.s.

"Vampire Knight, you and I are enemies. Do you think I will let you leave? Did you get a concussion from walking into a door? Or did you get a brainfreeze?" Qingfeng's eyes were fiilled with contempt.

Hearing the words of Qingfeng Li and also seeing the mockery in his eyes, Vampire Knight's face changed. His face turned blood red and his heart filled with anger.

The Vampire Knight could not wait to reach out and strangle the boy in front of him and kill him. But, he knew he was not an opponent of Qingfeng Li at all and could only hide his anger in his heart.

"Qingfeng Li, although I came to the Eastern Sea City, I did not kill your wife. Let's not cross each other's path," Vampire Knight looked at Qingfeng Li and said.


Without a single word, Qingfeng Li reached out of his right hand and slapped at the Vampire Knight's face. His right cheek was. .h.i.t and swollen in red. The swelling was as high as a bun, and there were five bright red fingerprints on his face, looking a bit pathetic.

The Western self-cultivators from behind witnessed this scene and were all in shock. That was the Vampire Knight. He was the king of the vampires and was invincible in the Western World of Self-cultivators. But, now he was so easily slapped by Qingfeng.

"Qingfeng Li, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. How dare you hit my face?" the Vampire Knight looked at Qingfeng Li and said with an indignant face, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng in rage.

If gazes could kill, Qingfeng Li would have been killed numerous times by the Vampire Knight.

"Vampire Knight, I will give you a chance. Tell me how many Western self-cultivators came this time?" Qingfeng Li smiled coldly at the Vampire Knight and asked.

The Vampire Knight shook his head, his eyes full of anger as he smirked, "Keep dreaming. I will not tell you."

"Very well. I'd like to see how hard your mouth is." Qingfeng Li extended his right hand and slapped the Vampire Knight's left cheek. The left side of his face became swollen red and five red fingerprints were visible, just like his right cheek. Now his face looked like two big buns, kind of funny looking.

Of course, this was not funny. In fact, it was somewhat miserable.

The Vampire Knight of the Western World of self-cultivation was such an prestigious figure. But when he came to the East, he was face-slapped by Qingfeng Li non-stop.

"Qingfeng Li, I'll tell you what. When the Sky G.o.d Emissary arrives, he will surely rip you into pieces." Vampire Knight tried to threaten Qingfeng.

Pa pa pa ...

Qingfeng Li waved his right hand towards Vampire Knight's face and kept slapping. He hit the left cheek, then the right cheek, turning his two cheeks swollen like a pig's head.

The Vampire Knight wanted to speak but when he just opened his mouth, Qingfeng Li's hand slapped again and knocked out his teeth. His hair became crazily messy, and a lot of scratch marks were left on his face. His look and skin was severely damaged.

The Western self-cultivators from behind witnessed this scene and were all shocked.

"Too miserable, The Vampire Knight's face is being beaten nonstop. This is simply impossible in the West!"

"Yeah, since we came to the World of Eastern self-cultivation, the Vampire Knight had killed innumerable self-cultivators and is invincible. Why is he so weak now?"

"If the Vampire Knight dies here, we're done too. If I knew, I would not have come to Eastern Sea City."

Those self-cultivators at the back all whispered, their eyes concealing a miserable look.

These people followed Vampire Knight here. Originally, they thought they could get treasure, but they never thought that it would be a fatal mistake.

Qingfeng Li slapped the Vampire Knight more than a hundred times repeatedly, half of his teeth had came out. Both of his cheeks were like a pig, and he lost half of his hair. It was indescribable how miserable he looked.

"Vampire Knight, I will ask you again one last time. How many people came from the Western World of Self-cultivators came this time?" Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand, grabbed Vampire Knight by his neck, and asked coldly.

The Vampire Knight's mouth was unable to speak anymore. It was crooked from Qingfeng Li's beating. But the eyes of Vampire Knight were still staring at Qingfeng Li fiercely, as if he really wished he could kill him.

"Since you don't want to talk, then I'll kill you." Qingfeng Li smiled. His right index finger slightly tighten and was ready to strangle Vampire Knight.

As for the Vampire Knight in front of him, Qingfeng Li was very angry in his heart. This guy actually dared to capture his wife!

At this time, Black Puppy spoke, "Qingfeng Li, slow down. Don't kill him."

Qingfeng Li frowned and said, "Puppy, why don't you want me to kill him?"

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1373: Seizing Vampire Knight

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