My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1379: Soul Of A Saint

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Qingfeng Li drew the Black-White Millstone back into his mind. At the same time, the Fire Dragon Soul returned to his mind as well. Dark Night Emperor likewise returned to his long sword.

The Fire Dragon and Dark Night Emperor were renowned, peerless masters from the ancient era. But now, all that remained of them were their souls, which took refuge with Qingfeng Li.

Taking the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l from the desk, Qingfeng Li left the room and headed toward the room where Ruyan Liu was staying.


Qingfeng Li pushed open the door to the room and strode in.

"Qingfeng," said Ruyan Liu. Her face lit up with joy and excitement as she saw him walk in. "You're back. Is the fruit ready?"

Qingfeng Li gave her a smile. "I've succeeded in refining it," he said, pointing at the black liquid in the bowl he was holding. "This is the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l."

"Qingfeng, then hurry up and give the Nectar to the baby," Ruyan Liu said excitedly. "Then we can destroy the Saint's Soul in her mind and she'll wake up."

Qingfeng Li nodded. Not wasting anymore time, he hurried to the baby's side.

The baby slept in her cradle. Her cheeks, once a rosy red, were now blackened. This was a result of being occupied by the Saint's Soul.

The baby's entire body was surrounded by devilish energy. Her mind was foggy, and her feeble spirit energy was locked in combat with the Saint's Soul.

It was fortunate that Qingfeng Li was a Destined One, someone who could become a Sky Emperor, and that Ruyan Liu was of an Immortal's bloodline. Only then could their child, born of an Immortal's bloodline, have remained safe. The Saint's Soul had been unable to consume the infant.

Of course, given enough time, the Saint's Soul would still be able to consume the baby's soul.

Looking at the baby, a hint of heartache appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes.

"Apple Blossom," he said. "Wait for Daddy. Daddy's going to help you wake up now."

Qingfeng Li reached out with his right hand and opened the baby's tiny mouth. He brought the bowl to her lips and slowly poured in the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l.

The baby, being unconscious, was unable to swallow the liquid on her own. Qingfeng Li ma.s.saged her mouth and throat, forcing the liquid in.

Immediately after the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l entered the body of the baby, it released a powerful wave of black energy in the form of tadpole-shaped Heavenly Dao talisman scripts, which held the power of absolute destruction.

The black talisman scripts entered the mind of the infant, beginning to break down the Saint's Soul therein.

The Saint's Soul within the baby had once belonged to a Devilish Saint. It took the form of an emaciated man in a long black robe. Long sharp nails grew from the Devilish Saint's hands. His eyes were beady, giving him a vicious appearance.

The Saint's Soul, surrounded in a cloud of black light-energy, was in the process of devouring a golden ball of light before it.

Within the golden ball of light, there was a child. The child was tiny, like a newborn infant. This was no doubt the Spirit Light-Sphere belonging to the baby.

The Spirit Light-Sphere was curled into a ball, trying to dodge away from the attacks of the Saint's Soul. But she was far too weak. Having already taken several blows from the Saint's Soul, her fading spirit energy was on the brink of destruction.

Just as the baby was met with the greatest danger, the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l rushed into her body. Morphing into a series of Heavenly Dao talisman scripts, the little black tadpole-like energy combined to form a ma.s.sive word, spelling "Perish" as it charged at the Saint's Soul.

Seeing the giant word, the Saint's Soul sensed the Heavenly Dao talisman scripts of absolute destruction contained within. His face s.h.i.+fted to a look of fright.

The Saint's Soul turned, trying to flee, but found that his body was pinned in place. There was no escape for him.

It was the black talisman scripts radiating from the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l that had pinned him in place.

These talisman scripts were of the Heavenly Dao of Destruction, they held the power to destroy anything in the world. Used on a Saint's Soul, it was extremely effective in eradicating it completely.

Countless black tadpole-like runes flowed into the body of the Saint's Soul. They carried with them the memories of the ancient past, having flowed along with the sands of time since the Primordial Ages. And now, they began to destroy the Saint's Soul, wearing away his spirit energy.

The Saint's Soul let out a shriek. True, he was once a Saint, and one from the Extraterrestrial Planets at that, but he was powerless before the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l.

"I beg of you," the Saint's Soul sent out a Spirit wave to Qingfeng Li. "Please, let me go." He didn't want to die, didn't want to be destroyed here.

With his level of spirit energy, Qingfeng Li naturally heard the Saint's soul pleading for its life. "b.a.s.t.a.r.d," he sneered. "you actually tried to kill my daughter's soul. There won't even be a speck of dust left once I'm done with you."

Qingfeng Li continued to control the Saint Nectar of h.e.l.l, compelling it to emit more of the all-destructive force in the form of the Heavenly Dao of Destruction talisman scripts, eroding away the Spirit energy of the Saint's Soul.

The Saint's Soul was dissolving at a visible rate. His feet and legs were completely gone, reduced to dust. If this continued, there really would be nothing left of him, not even a shred of his soul would survive.

By the end, there was no way the Saint's Soul would even be able to reincarnate.

"Qingfeng Li, don't force my hand," staring at the s.p.a.ce where his legs and feet had been, the Saint's Soul threatened. "You better let me go, or I swear I will ignite my own soul and cause it to explode in your daughter's mind. If worst comes to worst, I'll take her with me."

At this, Qingfeng Li's expression changed. He knew that, if the Saint's soul were to ignite his own spirit energy and blow up, he would of course die himself. But at the same time, the baby's mind-s.p.a.ce would be blown apart as well.

Qingeng Li transmitted a message to Dark Night Emperor. "Senior, what do I do? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to detonate his own soul."

Dark Night Emperor paused a moment, thought for a second and then answered, "Qingfeng Li, use your Black-White Millstone," his voice was cold. "Use the power of the Chaos to suppress him. You can render him unable to self-detonate and eradicate him completely."

Nodding, Qingfeng Li mobilized the Spirit energy in his mind-s.p.a.ce, trying to call out the Black-White Millstone. But it did not appear.

Overwrought with worry, QIngfeng Li wondered what was wrong with the Black-White Millstone. Why was it dropping the ball at this juncture? Why wasn't it appearing?

At his wits end, Qingfeng Li hurriedly implored of the Fire Dragon Soul. "Senior Fire Dragon, you can communicate with the Black-White Millstone. Quickly, tell it to help me suppress the Saint's Soul."

The Fire Dragon Soul nodded, releasing the power of the Origins of Heaven and Earth. This was a Spirit wave of ancient power that was capable of communcating with the Black-White Millstone.

A moment later, the Fire Dragon replied to Qingfeng Li, "Just now, I spoke with the Black-White Millstone. It told me that if it were to help you suppress the Saint's Soul, it would exhaust half of its Spirit energy. The Saint's Soul is too powerful, after all, and the Millstone would be harmed in the process. It's a bad deal for the Millstone."

Qingfeng Li's expression changed. "Senior Fire Dragon," he said. "Please tell the Black-White Millstone, if it helps me suppress the Saint's Soul from self-detonating, as long as we save the baby, I can agree to any terms the Black-White Millstone names."

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1379: Soul Of A Saint

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