My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1383: They Won't Let The Puppy In

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There was a saying that a poor man in a crowded city will have no visitors, while a rich man in the remote mountains would be called on by distant relatives. A while ago when Tianci Zhang was deemed as unimportant in the Zhang family, many people looked down on him and would not drink with him.

But after Tianci Zhang became the CEO of the Zhang family and gained control over tens of billions of yuan in funds, those people started to bribe him, praise him, and drink with him. Those people were only drinking buddies and would not benefit him in the long term.

Although drinking could pleasure a person briefly, it would harm one in the long run.

Qingfeng Li could see that was the reason for Young Master Zhang's fat body. Because of eating too much fat lately, Young Master Zhang's face was pale and weak, his stomach was perked up, and his eyes were dim.

"Big Brother Li, your criticism is correct. I've been too high profile lately, but from now on, I will listen to you," said Tianci Zhang appreciatively as he bowed to Qingfeng Li.

There was a saying that good medicine was bitter to one's tongue but benefits their sickness, and good advice was harsh to one's ear but was good for one's actions. If anyone else had said this to Tianci Zhang, he would have slapped them immediately. He had been dazed lately and would not accept anyone's opinions.

But Qingfeng Li was different from the others. When Tianci Zhang was mortally ill and disrespected by his entire family, it was Qingfeng Li who cured him and helped him become the CEO of the Zhang Family, allowing him to have a net worth of tens of billions.

Qingfeng Li basically revived Tianci Zhang, and that was why he would listen to Qingfeng Li, because he knows that Qingfeng Li would not harm him.

"Tianci Zhang, you are morbidly obese right now. If you keep drinking, you'll get liver cancer. When you die, you won't even know how you died," strictly, Qingfeng Li said to Tianci Zhang.

Qingfeng Li did not want to lecture others, because their lives don't matter to him. But Tianci Zhang was different. They met in Eastern Sea City and had been through a lot together. Furthermore, Tianci Zhang was his younger brother and calls him 'Big Brother'. That was why Qingfeng Li had told him what his illness was.

Tianci Zhang's face changed as he said, "Big Brother Li, my fatty liver illness is very severe, and hospitals can't cure it. You must help me!"

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "No problem, I will give you an acupuncture soon to disperse the extra fat in your body and make you healthy again."

Upon hearing Qingfeng Li, Tianci Zhang was excited, because he knew that Qingfeng Li was a G.o.d-like doctor who had cured him before. His illness now was no big deal to brother Feng.

In front of the Green International hotel was four beauties. They all were wearing Qipao and had long, flowing hair. Their faces were blushed and covered in makeup, and their mouths had red lipstick on. They were the hostesses at the hotel.

"Welcome, Mr. President." The four beauties bowed to Tianci Zhang.

Tianci Zhang pointed at Qingfeng Li and said, "Look, that's my Big Brother Li. He's my senior and from now on, whenever he come to the hotel, all the services will be free for him. He is the highest priority guest, and even if it was Jesus' second coming, Big Brother Li comes first."

Upon hearing Tianci Zhang's words, the four hostesses were all shocked.

They knew that the CEO was the richest person in Eastern Sea City and had tens of billions of funds, and he probably secretly controls hundred of billions. He had companies, factories, corporations, and firms throughout the country. But they questioned why he was so respectful towards a young man in his twenties.

Tianci Zhang did not pay attention to their looks and walked into the hotel with Qingfeng Li and the others.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "Young Master Zhang, you own the hotel now."

Tianci Zhang nodded and said, "I've already bought the hotel and renovated it. It's the most luxurious hotel in the city now."

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake followed Qingfeng Li and walked in. Once Black Puppy saw the luxurious hotel, it barked twice.

Its bark was loud and seemed out of place in the hotel's lobby. Some people's gazes were drawn towards it.

"Why would the Green International Hotel, a seven-star luxury hotel, let a dog in?"

"Right, this hotel we are staying at is the most luxurious in the city that only the rich can stay in. Why would they let an ugly black dog in? We can't let it in."

"Right, it's displeasing me. What's wrong with the hotel?"

Everyone in the hotel lobby discussed amongst themselves and pointed at Black Puppy, criticizing it.

Hearing the crowd's criticism, Black Puppy looked angry, it thought, "d.a.m.n these peasants, how dare they call me ugly and black? I am clearly extremely handsome."

Thinking back, in the ancient era, Black Puppy was extremely handsome. He charmed tens of thousands of young women. Countless beauties wanted to be its wife or even mistress, but they were all rejected by Black Puppy.

Black Puppy had its own pride and dreams, wanting to be the strongest in the universe. Its dreams were not something that peasant woman, or even humans could understand. They were calling him ugly now, but even if they wanted to be the puppy's servants, it would not agree.

Upon hearing their discussions, the manager of the hotel walked in.

It was a beautiful woman in her thirties. She had long flowing hair and a charming face, her body was thin and curvy, and she was wearing black stilettos; her appearance was well put together and elegant. She was the manager of the hotel.

She glared at the four hostesses at the door and said, "Haven't I told you before that dogs aren't allowed in? Why would you let it in then?"

The four beautiful hostesses' faces changed upon hearing the woman, as she was their boss and the woman that controlled everything in the hotel.

They remembered that it was Tianci Zhang, the hotel's CEO who the dog had followed in. They did not dare to speak.

"Are you mute? Who let the black dog in? Throw it out immediately," the beautiful manager angrily said to the four hostesses.

One must remember that whenever the manager talked, the hostesses would happily answer.

But now, the four hostesses were too afraid to agree with the manager. The manager felt that her superiority was being challenged by mere hostesses.

"Don't trouble the hostesses, I am the one who let the dog in. What do you have to say about it?" Tianci Zhang frowned as he said to the manager.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1383: They Won't Let The Puppy In

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