My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1417: Dragon-Tiger Canyon

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"Let's go to the heart of Dragon-Tiger Mountain and find the Heart spirit fruit to save Linger Yao first." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and took off for the heart of the Dragon-Tiger Mountain with Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake.

The Dragon-Tiger Mountain could be divided into four parts - the outer, the inner, the heart and the core. The more towards the center the area was, the more dangerous it was. The centre parts would be much more dangerous compare to the outside.

Thanks to Black Puppy, who was more familiar with this place, they were able to go in the right direction.

The Dragon-Tiger Mountain contained many dangers, and Qingfeng Li hadn't walked far when he was suddenly met with a poisonous snake.

It was a five-colored poisonous snake, and its body was covered in spots of gold, black, red, blue and purple. This was a five-step snake.

This kind of venomous snake was so toxic that if someone was bitten by it, they will die before they can take five steps.

Qingfeng Li was carrying Linger Yao in his arms, so he couldn't attack.

"Sky-Devouring Snake, you are a snake too. Kill this guy," Qingfeng Li said to the snake beside him.

Sky-Devouring Snake nodded and slithered forward. It didn't immediately attack the five-step snake in front of him. Instead, it said, "Five-Step Snake, I am the ancestor of all snakes. You should get away right now."

The Five-step Snake laughed and said with disdain, "I am the Five-Step Snake, one of the most venomous snakes. What kind of ancestor are you, you black thing with only one color? I, myself, already have five colors."

After hearing the words of the five-step snake, Sky-Devouring Snake started to look angry. It wanted to let the snake go because they belonged to the same family, but the other didn't care about that and began mocking it instead, directly courting death.

"Five-Step Snake, since you are looking for death, I will make your dream come true." Sky-Devouring Snake sneered with cold light in its eyes.

It opened its mouth and directly used spat out a black vortex.

Behind that vortex, the river of times could be seen faintly. In the river of times, there was a huge shadow of a snake which was that of the ancestor of all snakes during the ancient era.

Looking at the shadow of Sky-Devouring Snake in the river of times in the sky, the Five-Step Snake was so scared that it laid down on the ground and began shaking.

"Master Ancestor, please forgive me. I was as blind as a bat just now." The Five-Step Snake was lying on the ground and kowtowing to the Sky-Devouring Snake, extremely terrified.

For any snake-like animals, Sky-Devouring Snake was their ancestor. It was just Sky-Devouring Snake hadn't awakened the memory and strength of its previous life yet. But now, it could use its divine power to reveal the shadow of itself in the river of time, terrifying any beasts in the snake family.

Sky-Devouring Snake sneered and said, "Five-Step Snake, you just offended the ancestor of snakes! You should go to h.e.l.l. Die!"

After saying that, a black vortex shot out from its mouth. It overtook the Five-Step Snake and absorbed its body and soul, both becoming energy being absorbed by Sky-Devouring Snake.

Black Puppy waved its tail and said, "Little snake, I didn't imagine you were so powerful, killing the five-step snake so easily."

Sky-Devouring Snake smiled and said proudly, "Of course, I am the ancestor of all snakes. Any other snakes wouldn't be my opponent."

Black Puppy curled its lips and said, "Stop talking nonsense. I would never believe that there isn't a single snake that can be your opponent."

Qingfeng Li frowned and said, "Stop fighting. We have to go to the heart of Dragon-Tiger Mountain as soon as possible."

The heart spirit fruit was very precious. If it was taken by someone else first, he would have no hope to save Linger Yao with it.

Hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Black Puppy and the snake stopped talking because they knew Qingfeng Li was very worried about Linger Yao. If the two of them continued fighting here, they would be disciplined by Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li and his group headed towards the heart of Dragon-Tiger Mountain. They were very quick and had walked about a hundred kilometres already.

On the way, there were a lot of animals, but they were all killed by Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake.

Sometimes, Qingfeng Li also encountered some powerful self-cultivators that would create a conflict with them.

But the fat Daoist was with them, and every time, the fat Daoist would take out very powerful weapons like the Black Fire Grenade. Everytime a Black Fire Grenade exploded, many self-cultivators would be severely injured and die.

Qingfeng Li didn't fight much because he was transferring huge amounts of his vital essence into Linger Yao's body, prolonging her life.

Linger Yao was very weak now because her heart had been injured and there wasn't enough blood being supplied around her body. The meridians in her body had also been weakened.

After a long time of travel and many difficulties, Qingfeng Li arrived at the heart of Dragon-Tiger Mountain.

There were many huge canyons there, including two peaks. The left one looked like a dragon and the right one looked like tiger. In the middle, it was the huge Dragon-Tiger Canyon.

Inside the canyon, there was a tree, a red one. It was very tall and big, with about ten spirit fruits on it.

Every spirit fruit looked pretty, shaped like a human heart.

Qingfeng's face suddenly became serious, because he saw a few hundred men standing outside the canyon.

These men must've known that there were heart spirit fruits here too, so they came here to fight for those fruits.

The heart spirit fruit contained huge blood power. It could not only cure heart injuries, it could also help strengthen it as well as other organs.

It had been told that if someone ate a heart spirit fruit, their heart would become very powerful and that they wouldn't die even if their heart was stabbed through with a longsword.

Of course, all of these were legends. The heart spirit fruit was very powerful, being able to give self-cultivators another life, and thus, so many self-cultivators wanted to get it.

The fat Daoist frowned and said, "I didn't know that the heart spirit fruit had attracted so many people to come and fight for it. This might be a fierce battle."

Black Puppy waved its tail and said arrogantly, "You should not be worried about anything. We must get the heart spirit fruit, and anyone who gets in our way is our enemy."

Although Qingfeng Li didn't say anything, he agreed with what Black Puppy said.

Qingfeng Li had to take the heart spirit fruit today, no matter who it was. If someone dared to stop him, he would have chopped off his heart with the long sword in his hand.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 1417: Dragon-Tiger Canyon

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