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"You are from the Skeleton League?"

Qingfeng Li’s brows locked slightly and asked the old man coldly.

"Hehe, you are smart, but Xue Lin must die today."

The old man wiped his face with his extended hand, and wiped off his yellow face skin,

exposing a crazy and rough face.

A disguise. This guy really disguised himself. His real face was a middle-aged man.

"Who are you guys? Why do you guys want to kill me?"

Xue Lin stood up from the ground and frowned with her eyebrows. Her pretty face was covered in


She knew that she had a lot of compet.i.tors in the business world. She had received threats before, her car had been smashed, and dead rats were also thrown into her company.

But it was the first time that she had encountered an with guns.

This was no longer a simple a.s.sault, but they wanted her life.

"CEO Lin. Someone is offering a reward of 5 million dollars for your head. I am simply just taking

the money and doing the deed."

The middle aged smiled coldly and pointed the gun at Xue Lin again.


Qingfeng’s body moved and protected Xue Lin behind him.

Even though he was about to divorce this woman immediately, but they haven’t divorced yet, so

on paper Xue Lin was still his wife. He of course didn’t want to watch this woman die in front of


Seeing that Qingfeng jumped in front of her, Xue Lin’s pretty face changed. Her heart

skipped a beat.

Yes, the guy in front of her was her husband, but ever since they got married, Xue Lin had

never looked at him in the eye. She never respected him ever.

But now that Xue Lin had come across danger, this man that she looked down upon still

jumped in front of her.

To know that there was a gun, a bullet that could take away someone’s life.

For her, he could throw away his life.

Xue Lin’s heart was pinched. There was a moment when she even wanted to cry.

She …. was touched.

It had always been said that women were emotional animals. This wasn’t a lie. Qingfeng only

hid her behind him and that made her super emotional.

"Son, you want to be a hero and save the beauty. I am afraid you aren’t qualified."

The middle-aged man smiled coldly, his eyes full of disdain.

"Really, I want to see how powerful a killer from the Skeleton League really is?"

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, his eyes full of pride.

He was just an from the Skeleton League. Even if the head of the Skeleton League

came, he would still not put him in his eyes.

Once the Wolf King became angry, there would be corpses covering the ground within thousands of miles. That was the worst nightmare of all the mercenaries in the Wolf Continent.

"Then go die."

The middle-aged man used his finger to pull on the trigger and was ready to shoot out a bullet.

But the next moment, Qingfeng disappeared!

The middle-aged man rubbed his own eyes and looked from left to right but couldn't find him. His face changed and he started sweating from his forehead.

"Are you looking for me?"

A teasing voice suddenly sounded from behind the middle-aged man.


Why are you behind me?


The middle-aged man suddenly turned around and found that Qingfeng Li was standing

behind him, he was shocked like he had see a ghost.

This guy was so fast, he didn’t even have time to react.


Qingfeng extended his right hand, and immediately took away the middle-aged man’s gun.

He squeezed it casually and it turned into a pile of parts and fell onto the ground. He saw the

middle-aged man’s fear on his face.

After observing Qingfeng closely, the middle-aged man finally remembered. The guy in front

of him was the Wolf King. He had seen him in a photo before.

"You….are Wolf…."

The middle-aged man was scared. Right when he was about to talk, Qingfeng used his hand

and clutched his neck.

"You know too much."

Qingfeng Li clutched the neck of the middle-aged man and squeezed slightly. They heard a

"Kach" sound and his neck broke, his body falling softly onto the ground.

Even though he didn’t want to kill anyone, this middle-aged man recognized him, so he

must be killed.

Or, if his ident.i.ty was exposed, then he would face the crazy revenge of the Skeleton League

as well as the chase of other people.

A scent of murderous intention?

How could there still be scent of murderous intention in the air?

Qingfeng Li was extremely sensitive to the murderous intention of others. He clearly killed this already, but he could still feel a strong murderous air.

This murderous air was so strong that it was stronger than the murderous air of the middle-aged


Red dot?

He suddenly noticed that there was a red dot at where the heart of Xue Lin was located.

Oh no, sniper.

Qingfeng’s face changed. His eyes were full of surprise. The red dot on Xue Lin’s heart was

where the sniper was aiming.

Careless, he was really careless.

This moment, his heart was full of self-blame.

He originally thought there was only one middle-aged man as He didn’t think of the possibility that there would be a sniper.

Sniper, that was a long-ranged killer. It was a being that could end lives with one shot.

If this sniper was aiming at Qingfeng, with his powerful strength he could naturally avoid it.

But this sniper was actually aiming at Xue Lin. As the ordinary Xue Lin, there was no

way that she could avoid it. If the bullet sounded, then Xue Lin will die without a doubt.


A fatal ballet came from the distance, aimed directly at Xue Lin’s heart.

"Wife be careful!"

Qingfeng Li’s face changed and roared, he suddenly hugged Xue Lin, protecting her in his



The bullet landed mercilessly on Qingfeng Li’s shoulder, a huge wave of blood suddenly shot

out, coloring his clothes red immediately. Some blood even splashed onto Xue Lin’s beautiful


Qingfeng Li held Xue Lin, rolled on the ground and entered an abandoned shed that wasn’t too

far. Behind him, a couple of shots sounded.

It was good that he ran away fast, or he would be hit again.

This shed was like a waste collection station, there was only one room. It was filled with

garbage. There was also a bed. The owner wasn’t there, maybe he went out to collect more


After the two of them entered, the sniper outside continued to shoot. It seemed like he was

looking for a direction for attack.

"You bled a lot, what should we do?"

Seeing Qingfeng covered in blood, Xue Lin’s beautiful face was full of panic.

This cold CEO who was usually arrogant was acting like a panicky little girl.

If a normal person met an attempt like this, they probably would’ve fainted already. But Xue Lin was the CEO of a huge corporation after all. She had seen big storms and waves, even

though she was panicking, but at least she didn’t faint, she was just a bit worried because she didn’t know what to do.

"Not a big deal, find a small knife quick, a lighter and gauze. I need to take out the bullet, this bullet

is poisonous."

Qingfeng’s face was very pale as he talked with great difficulty.

When he was shot by the bullet, he felt it wasn’t right. This bullet wasn’t a normal bullet but it was

an anesthetic bullet. It had anesthetics in it, and it made him drowsy.

If he didn’t take out the bullet as soon as possible then he would pa.s.s out from the anesthetic. If the sniper came in, then the both of them would be dead.

Xue Lin’s pretty face slightly changed and hurried to find a knife, a lighter, and a piece of gauze

from the room.

Qingfeng Li knew that they were short on time. The sniper could come in any moment so he

needed to hurry to take out the bullet.

He used the lighter to burn the little knife sanitizing it, and then he took out his clothes and

under the shocking stares of Xue Lin, he stabbed his shoulder, sliced open his skin and took out

the bullet that was inside.

And then he cleaned the wound simply and wrapped it up in a piece of gauze.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 16

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