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"Beauty, you haven’t told me your name yet."

"I’m Wanqiu Xia." (TL: direct translation is late fall, summer)

"Good name. Summer has past, one leaf reminds us of fall." Qingfeng Lee complimented while putting away his acupuncture needles.

"What’s yours?" Wanqiu Xia asked quietly with an innocent face.

She somehow liked the handsome young man in front of him. It was not easy to achieve such a professional level of medical skill at such a young age.

"I’m Qingfeng Lee, unemployed." Qingfeng smiled without feeling ashamed of what he said.

He just came back from another country, which was a genuine reason for why he didn’t have a job yet.

"Thanks for treating me. This is my business card, you can call me if you need a job."

Wanqiu Xia smiled, gave a business card to Qingfeng, and then immediately got up. She had already arrived at the place she worked at so she naturally had to get off.

Honestly, Wanqiu really wanted to continue the small talk with this handsome young man, but since she had arrived at her company, she had to go to work.

"Ice Snow Corporation, Sales Department Director, Wanqiu Xia."Qingfeng looked at the white business card on his hand and was a little shocked.

He didn’t expect the beautiful girl he just met to actually be a higher-up at a company, and her position was even a director.

Qingfeng put the business card into his pocket and closed his eyes.

Until now, he was still a bit absent-minded. Apparently, he was still in shock about his marriage.

Twenty minutes later.

The bus arrived at n.o.ble Palace. Qingfeng stood up and got off the bus.

n.o.ble Palace was the most luxurious residential area in Eastern Sea (ES) City. You could tell by the name itself that many famous figures, wealthy families and elite professionals lived here.

Most of the houses were private villas with three stories of European style architectures, an individual garden and a courtyard, and they are absolutely stunning.

Xue Lin’s private villa was the 13th unit.

Since Qingfeng just returned home today and didn’t have a place to live yet, he would obviously live with Xue Lin.

Although the Li Family was one the wealthiest families in Beijing, he was abandoned since young after his parents went missing. If it wasn’t for his grandfather, Qingfeng wouldn’t agree to return home and marry Xue Lin.

No matter how rich his family was, it had nothing to do with him. He didn’t even think about going back to that cold-blooded family.

After Qingfeng opened the door and entered the house, he found Xue Lin focused on reading a professional book carefully.

The book seemed like it was related to jewelry and their authentication.

Although Xue Lin was at home, she didn’t change her business outfit into her pajamas. She had a standard oval face that was delicate like a piece of jade, flawless like G.o.d’s masterpiece.

She also had a good body shape. Big chest, slim waist, straight legs, which made it hard to look away.

Qingfeng knew, Xue Lin was flawless in both face or figure. She was definitely of the highest quality among women.

Unfortunately, she was too cold, just like an iceberg.

"Honey, I’m back." Qingfeng greeted her with a light smile.

Xue Lin put her book down and glanced at him after she heard him.

It was such an indifferent glance as if it was to a stranger, which made Qingfeng really uncomfortable.

Right, you don’t like me, but since we are married and I’m your legal husband, what was that glance suppose to mean? Indifference? Disdain? Or Sarcasm?

"My room is on the second floor, yours is on the first. Don’t come upstairs."

Xue Lin said with a cold face as if she tried to keep a distance with him.

"Honey, we are married, aren’t we supposed to sleep together?" Qingfeng asked while trying to suppress the discontent in his heart.

Today is the first day of his marriage. Aren’t they supposed to do the thingy?

What was marriage for? In the grand scheme of things, it was for pa.s.sing down generations, and, to be specific, it was about having s.e.x.

A married couple was supposed to spend their first night in bed together. It had been a rule since the p.e.n.i.s existed. But now, Xue Lin was actually going to sleep in another room. What does that mean?! Is she refusing to sleep together?

"I’ll castrate you if you walk into my room."

Xue Lin walked upstairs and only left an graceful back image behind after she glanced at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng was a complete stranger to her. She didn’t feel anything for him even though they were married.

As for sleeping together, don't even think about it.

Xue Lin really placed a pair of scissors in her room in case Qingfeng came in. She would definitely castrate him if he dared to enter.

"Cold enough." Qingfeng mumbled as he walked to his room on the first floor.

Although Xue Lin was a beautiful girl, it only mattered if she liked him back. Qingfeng didn’t feel like bothering her if she wasn’t into him.

It was not a big deal to sleep separately. He could just imagine that he married a piece of wood.

However, Qingfeng still felt a bit frustrated and uncomfortable.

Who would know the sadness and frustration of a king?

His parents went missing since he was young. His relatives didn’t care about him at all and even bullied and laughed at him, except for his paralyzed grandfather.

At the age of eight, he was brought overseas by a mysterious elder. He was then taught martial arts and medical skills, and even formed a mercenary group called the Wolf Fang Clan. Eventually, he was proven to be the strongest man in the Wolf Continent and received the t.i.tle of Wolf King, recognizing him to be the King of the Underworld in that continent.

He thought his life could finally be warm and peaceful after marriage, but it seemed that he was clearly dreaming.

This wife that was a.s.signed by his grandfather before his death had absolutely no feelings towards him and treated him like a complete stranger.

Qingfeng entered his room and found it was all well decorated. The wall was painted white, the king-sized red wooden bed, closet and shoe cabinet were all prepared.

Besides, there was also a computer.


This is a good thing! He could keep in touch with the Wolf Fang Clan with it.

Qingfeng turned on the computer and entered the pa.s.sword. He then got in a mysterious chat room.

The chat room was dark in the beginning but a huge wolf head suddenly appeared. Later on, a blonde girl with blue-eyes showed up in the chat.

The blonde girl was a westerner. She had a high-bridge nose, fair skin, red lips. AND THEN, a 36D chest that seemed like it was about to burst out of her clothes appeared. It would definitely drive all men crazy.

"Your Majesty the Wolf King, you finally contacted me! I miss you so much."

The blonde girl licked her lips and spoke in English seductively.

"Alice, is everyone in the Wolf Fang Clan fine?" Qingfeng spoke back in fluent English with a smile.

Alice was one of the members in the Wolf Fang Clan. She was also the most loyal member.

"Not fine. We don’t get why you just left the Wolf Continent without even telling us. I heard that you returned home and got married, is that true?" Alice complained like a frustrated house wife.

She had a crush on her Wolf King for a long time. The fact that he got married certainly frustrated her.

"I’m sorry, Alice. This was my grandfather’s last wish, I have to listen."

Qingfeng explained to Alice since he knew how she felt for him.

This chick was a complicated character. Not only was she strong at martial arts, she also had an incredible background. It was heard that she was linked to the royal family of the Tiger Continent. She became the Wolf King’s most loyal follower since he saved her life once.

"Can I see your wife? I wonder how beautiful she is that she could even win our Wolf King’s heart."

Alice pushed up her lips. She still looked a bit unwilling to accept defeat and wanted to see Xue Lin.

"Alice, she already slept. I will show you another day, alright?"

"Alright, dear Wolf King."

"Alice, is anything going on with the other Six Kings recently?"

"Dear Wolf King, I heard Tiger King has gone to Huaxia. He must have went there for you, you have to watch out."

"Tiger King already came to Huaxia?" Qingfeng frowned in surprising.

There were seven continents on Earth and there was a king in each continent. The king was the most powerful man.

Qingfeng was the King of the Wolf Continent, and the Tiger King was the lord of the Tiger continent. The two were in a deep conflict, and they were mortal enemies to each other.

"Dear Wolf King, I learned a new position, do you want to see?" Alice smiled seductively while licking her lips.

Alice wouldn’t give up even though Qingfeng was married. She must win him back from that woman.

Seeing Alice's seductive look in the video chat, Qingfeng only felt his blood surging and he almost said yes. Though at the final moment, he held it in.

"Little devil, I’m going to punish you the next time I see you."

Qingfeng said quickly and turned off the chat right away. It seemed like he could still hear some charming laughter from Alice.

He certainly knew Alice’s charm well. If he was in the Wolf Continent now, they would definitely be having s.e.x already. Unfortunately, he was Huaxia now. The distance had driven him crazy, and the ban of p.o.r.n sites was just even more…

Well, just go to sleep then.

Qingfeng suppressed the fire in his heart, went to take a hot water bath, and went to bed.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 2

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