My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: The Battle of Kings

It touched Qingfeng Li’s heart when he heard Xue Lin ask him to run away. She was always considerate towards him no matter under what circ.u.mstances.

"Don't worry my dear, I will get you out of here," said Qingfeng Li with a determined look.

"That is hilarious. How can you save her while there are a bunch of explosives strapped onto her." Tiger King mocked in a cold voice.

Qingfeng Li’s face took on a ghastly expression when he heard what Tiger King said.

He shouted madly, "You despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d, lay your hatred on me. Don't use a woman as your bait."

"I have no other way to contend against you Wolf King. You are too strong for me. Therefore, the only thing I can do is to kidnap Xue Lin to trap you."

"I'm warning you that you are going to be dead with no doubt today, Tiger King."

"Oh really? I think I forgot to tell you that the explosive on her will go off in ten minutes. Is it quite challenging to beat all three of us in such a short amount of time." said Tiger King banteringly.

The reason he set up the timer for ten minutes was to panic Qingfeng Li, because he would misjudge the situation and make mistakes in a hurry, which left Tiger King a great opportunity.

"Tiger King, Panther King, Rat King, hmm, what an honor to have three of the seven kings come here for me." said Qingfeng Li while looking at the three kings in the room, chilling light emitting out of his eyes.

As kings, it made sense that they knew each other. Thus, Qingfeng Li knew the three people stood in front of him. Obviously, they didn't have a good relations.h.i.+p. As he was the top among all the others, everyone else was dying to kill and replace him.

"It is your time of doom, Wolf King." said Rat King with his face downcast, his inverted-triangle eyes were full of hatred. It was noticeable that he had a missing tooth, which was knocked off by Qingfeng Li before.

Qingfeng Li shot a glance at him, sneering, "Losers don't even have the right to talk to me."

The Rat King’s face darkened. His eyes held total anger after he heard what Qingfeng Li said. He was beaten by Wolf King last year, and lost one tooth. That was a shame that he will have to live with for a lifetime. He swore that he would kill Wolf King to wash off his disgrace.

"Come on Tiger King and Panther King, let's kill this guy." said Rat King with a cold and raging face.

"Come on!" shouted Tiger King, Panther King and Rat king as they started rus.h.i.+ng toward Qingfeng Li.

There was no doubt of the power of the three kings as footprints were left on the hard floor tiles easily as they stepped on them. With a sound of sonic boom, they arrived in front of Qingfeng Li immediately as fast as an arrow.

With an ear-splitting burst of noise, the Tiger King punched Qingfeng Li at his front. The right hand of the Panther King turned into a panther claw, scratching his side. The Rat King was the most despicable one as he pulled out a dagger and stabbed at Qingfeng Li’s back.

As cowardly as the Rat King was, who was good at sneak attack, stabbing from the behind would obviously be his choice.

The dagger was about twenty centimeters long, and the sharp tip gave off some green radiance, which apparently indicated that it was highly poisoned.

Three kings attacked Qingfeng Li from three directions, which cut off all his routes of retreat. Their aim was to kill him with one shot.

"Watch out, dear!" yelled Xue Lin, her face turned dreadfully pale when she saw three kings attacking Qingfeng Li together.

Those three men were too despicable to her. They didn't deserve to be called Kings, as kings would never cheat in a battle. Xue Lin was really worried about Qingfeng Li at this moment.

She was even mad at herself that she didn't know how to fight, since if she did, she could have helped her husband to beat those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

To calm down Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li gave her an a.s.sured lo

ok in return to her warning.

"I'm glad you guys made your moves, now show me what you got." Qingfeng Li stepped hard on the floor as he snickered.

His body moved as fast as a flash, as he dodged to the left, successfully avoiding the Rat King’s dagger from behind. Although the Rat King was not the most powerful one, his poisoned dagger was the most dangerous threat.

The Tiger King and Panther King reached the front and were ready to attack after Qingfeng Li dodged from Rat King. It was impossible to elude, so he had to fight back.


Qingfeng Li shouted madly, threw out his right fist furiously, which smashed against the fist of the Tiger King. His left hand turned into a hawk claw shape at the same time, cras.h.i.+ng against the claw of the Panther King.

Bang Bang!

After two m.u.f.fled but fierce sounds, the Tiger King and Panther King both retreated, as well as Qingfeng Li.

Among all the attacks from the three kings, one was dodged and two were pushed back. Although Qingfeng Li retreated as well, it was easy to figure out who was stronger. It ended up with a draw only because the three kings ganged up on Qingfeng Li.

"That's amazing my dear, to beat three all by yourself." Xue Lin’s face lit up again when she witnessed that Qingfeng Li didn't only dodge the attack, but also beat off all of them.

What scared her the most was that Qingfeng Li wouldn't be able to fight against the three kings and got killed. However, she could put her heart at rest now since Qingfeng Li was so invincible.

"Huh, you are indeed unbeatable, no wonder you are the top seat among all the kings. We can do nothing to you even though we united as one." Tiger King laughed and said, but his eyes flashed with indignance.

The Panther King and that Rat King all had the same indignant look on their faces. They began to rejoice that they kidnapped Xue Lin to tempt Wolf King. Otherwise, they couldn’t do anything to him, as he was too strong.

If they had to fight alone, none of the three kings would be Qingfeng Li’s rival.

"Wolf King, we know you are strong, but so what? There are only nine minutes left before the explosive on your wife goes off. Haha will that feel good to see you wife dies in front of you?"

The Rat King was so despicable that he used Xue Lin to disturb Qingfeng Li’s mind. As Rat King expected, Qingfeng Li’s face changed after hearing what Rat King said, his eyes were filled with concern and he could feel the heat under his collar.

Qingfeng Li could kill a king within ten minutes if they could fight one against one. However, it was challenging to have a battle with three kings all at once in order to rescue Xue Lin.


Qingfeng Li took out his Life-Taking Dagger without hesitation. The Life-Taking Dagger was twenty-five centimeters long, dull black all over, sharp at the tip, and giving off a chill feeling.

He wouldn't pull out the Life-Taking Dagger under normal circ.u.mstances, as this was his ace in the hole. Only when he was in imminent danger would he use it.

"Watch out for that dagger!" The Tiger King quivered and warned the other people loudly.

As Wolf King’s sworn enemy, he knew the Wolf King well. Therefore, he understood how dangerous the Life-Taking Dagger was. There were countless people that got killed by his Life-Taking Dagger.

There was a time when the Wolf King got into a savage tribe, and killed more than a hundred of people with that dagger. That was how it got the name Life-Taking Dagger.

In the world of darkness, no single individual would be the rival of Wolf King and his Life-Taking Dagger.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 243

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