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"Tiger King, where are you running to, b*tch?!"

Qingfeng Li suddenly opened his eyes, jumped out of the bed and punched his fist forward.


The table in front of him was instantly shattered into a million pieces.

The table was made of tempered gla.s.s and could withstand a force of 250kg.

Qingfeng Li gave a wry smile when he saw the broken table.

He had forgotten that he was no longer in the Wolf Continent. He was in Huaxia now.

The Tiger King was his biggest enemy. He even dreamed about killing him in his sleep. Now that the Tiger King had secretly entered Huaxia, there would be a battle to the death between them.

"The sun is nice today."

Qingfeng squinted his eyes and glanced at the beaming sun. Then, he changed his clothes and walked outside.

At that moment, Xue Lin was having breakfast at the table. Her breakfast was simple, it was just a gla.s.s of milk.

There was usually a housekeeper, Ms. Zhang, who lived in the mansion. However, she had some family issues and took a few days off. Thus, Xue Lin could only drink milk since she could not cook.

Xue Lin’s face was delicate and charming. Her red lips were slightly perky. The white milk flowed through her lips into her body. Watching her drink milk was a true enjoyment.


Qingfeng’s stomach grumbled. He was clearly hungry. He ran to the kitchen and discovered nothing. He opened the fridge but it was empty.

There was only one gla.s.s of milk. But it had been drank by Lin Que.

The housekeeper was not at home, so there was no one to buy groceries.

Qingfeng prepared to head out to grab something to eat. But when he touched his pocket, awkwardness was written all over his face.

Since he had to rush back to Huaxia, he did not carry a single cent. He had boarded the plane with no preparations.

"Umm…honey, can I…borrow some money from you?"

Qingfeng awkwardly touched his nose and said.

To be honest, it was awkward for him to borrow money from a woman. Especially since it was his wife.

"You eat my food, live at my home. I even paid the 20 RMB for our marriage registration. How do you still have the nerve to ask me for money?"

Xue Lin’s frowned, and gazed coldly at Qingfeng. Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

You are the heir of the Li Family... Your family has more than a hundred billion, but you ask me for money? Isn’t that laughable?

"Honey, can you lend me 100? I will give you 200 back tomorrow."

To avoid starvation, Qingfeng could only humbly say.

Yes. The Li Family had hundreds of billions in capital. But unfortunately, it did not belong to Qingfeng and had nothing to do with him.

Today, he only asked to borrow money from Xue Lin because he had no other choice.

A penny could sometimes f*ck a hero. One had to bow to the circ.u.mstances sometimes.

"I will not give you a single dollar. If you want money, go find a job."

Xue Lin looked at him coldly. She then stood up and walked out.

She had zero respect for lazy men like this who had no aspirations.

She still had to get to work and had no time for this man.

Sigh. As the legendary Wolf King, I am looked down upon by a woman. Qingfeng felt dejected.

How could a grown-as* man starve to death?

Imma go find a job.

Qingfeng put on his camo clothes and walked outside.

"It’s so hard to find a job!"

Qingfeng went to a few companies but was rejected by all.

Eastern Sea City was an international city with a good economy and high population. There were many companies in the city.

But, the hiring process for these companies were extremely strict. They required a PhD or Masters, or a bachelor’s degree at the minimum.

He finally found a company which did not require a degree. But it was a technology company which preferred applicants to have three years of work experience, or at least a year.

Qingfeng went to a dozen companies but did not succeed in any of them.

Sh*t, if anyone in the Wolf Fang Clan knew that I couldn’t manage to find a job, I’ll be a laughing stock. Thank G.o.d no one saw me. He felt rejoice in his heart.

"F**k, it’s so hot."

Under the scorching sun, Qingfeng continued to search for a job on the streets.

He had not eaten breakfast. If he could not find a job, he would not be able to eat lunch as well.

Qingfeng Li muttered to himself and walked along the streets.

[Hiring sales a.s.sociates with no gender requirement. Between 20-40 years old, healthy and good looking. Provide free meals and residence, insurance and holiday included.]

Qingfeng Li’s eyes lit up. He saw an ad under a 20-stories tall building.

The ad was posted by Ice Snow Corporation. That was a big corporation within ES city worth a few billions of RMB. They have good benefits and remuneration.

Let’s try this company.

Qingfeng smiled slightly and walked towards the building.

He saw on the ad that Ice Snow Corporation took up the first to third floors in the building. The other floors were taken by other companies.

Qingfeng walked seven to eight meters and found ten or so people in line. They were clearly applying for the job.

Every applicant had to fill out a form and then enter the room for an interview.

He took a form and wrote down his name, age, height and other basic information.

"Bro, are you also here to go after Xue Lin?"

A chubby guy behind him suddenly patted Qingfeng on the shoulder and said to him while winking.

"What do you mean?"

Qingfeng frowned his brows lightly and asked in confusion.

"Bro, stop pretending. Xue Lin is the number one beauty of the ES City. Most of the applicants are here because of her. Are you not the same?"

The chubby guy looked at him with disdain. He thought that Qingfeng was being dishonest.


Qingfeng smiled and did not say anything. Xue Lin was his wife. Why did he need to court her?

But he did not expect that the job he was looking at was actually hosted by his wife’s company.

Enemies often crossed each other’s path.

Qingfeng frowned and wanted to leave. He did not want to work in his wife’s company. It would be really awkward if they met.

"Next, number 19, Qingfeng Li."

Qingfeng was about to leave when he heard a sweet clear voice.

When he was chatting with the chubby guy, the first ten people had already finished their interviews. Now, it was his turn.

"Stop dawdling, come in!"

A pretty girl pushed Qingfeng into the interview room.

When he walked into the room, he smelt a light fragrance. He raised his head and saw a long-haired beauty looking at him in shock.

"It’s you."

The two said simultaneously. Their eyes were filled with disbelief and some confusion.

The long hair beauty was Wanqiu Xia.

Could this be fate?

Wanqiu Xia’s face flushed and a cute flash of red appeared over her eyes.

She originally thought the two of them would never cross path again. She did not expect they would meet again so soon. It was as if its written in the stars.

But, when she thought about what had happened on the bus, she was still embarra.s.sed and her heart beat quickened. She was like a very confused young girl who just fell in love.

She had a good impression of the young man in front of her.

"You are a job applicant?"

Wanqiu took a long breath and tried to suppress the shyness in her heart. She opened her mouth and asked.

"Yes. Are you the interviewer here?

"That’s right. I am the Sales Department director Wanqiu Xia. I am responsible for the hiring process for the Sales Department."


Qingfeng Li nodded and suddenly understood.

He suddenly remembered the name card Wanqiu Xia gave him on the bus. The t.i.tle written on it was the Ice Snow Corporation Sales Department Director. He had forgotten such an important detail.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 3

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