My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 357

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Chapter 357
Chapter 357: King Kong Is A Tough Bone

Translator: Noodletown Translated  Editor: Noodletown Translated


Hearing Aotian w.a.n.g was going to break his two legs, King Kong was filled with rage.

He was Grand Daddy Li’s little bro. As the saying goes, subordinates represented their boss. This Aotian w.a.n.g was going to hit him; obviously not respecting Grand Daddy Li.

King Kong will not embarra.s.s Grand Daddy Li’s reputation.

"Aotian w.a.n.g, if you have the skill then fight me on your own. Getting your subordinate to fight me doesn’t mean anything. Are you too scared?" King Kong laughed coldly.

He knew that the black cape elder was extremely skillful; a lot stronger than him. He wanted to battle Aotian w.a.n.g to test his strength so by the time Grand Daddy Li arrived he could tell him how strong Aotian w.a.n.g is.

One has to say, King Kong was extremely loyal. Even at moments like this he was thinking of Qingfeng Li.

What, fight with me?

Aotian w.a.n.g’s brows tensed and a flash of cold light occurred in his eyes.

Who is he, he is the leader of Western Sea City’s underground force. In all honesty, he hadn’t fight anyone for a long time. Normally it was his subordinates that did all the dirty work.

Even though Aotian w.a.n.g didn’t fight for a long time, it doesn’t mean he was weak. Surprisingly, he was very strong; an AA level master. Or else he wouldn’t become the leader of the underground force.

Aotian w.a.n.g was extremely arrogant; reputation and dignity were extremely important to him. If King Kong wanted to challenge him, naturally he had to accept the challenge.

"King Kong, you wanted to challenge me. Good, I will grant you your death wish."

Aotian w.a.n.g smirked.

In all honesty, the difference between the two’s builds were apparent. King Kong was 190cm, extremely tall and buff.

Regarding Aotian w.a.n.g, he was only 175cm, shorter than King Kong by a head and wasn’t as buff. But he was a lot firmer.

Seeing how King Kong was challenging Aotian w.a.n.g, everyone gathered around. Even though some of them were going to obey Aotian w.a.n.g, it was because of the fear of getting killed, not at Aotian w.a.n.g’s strength.

In the underground world, the powerful were to be respected.

They all wanted to know, King Kong and Aotian w.a.n.g, who was stronger?

King Kong walked towards Aotian w.a.n.g with his robust body. All of his muscles were shaking; extremely powerful.


King Kong raged and punched Aotian w.a.n.g with his right fist.

This punch was extremely powerful because he used all his strength. He wanted to defeat Aotian w.a.n.g with one punch. Even if he failed, he wanted to test Aotian w.a.n.g’s skill level.

Aotian w.a.n.g smirked. This kind of punch meant nothing to him; it was too weak.


Aotian w.a.n.g held onto King Kong’s fist with his hand. Doesn't matter what King Kong did he cannot withdraw his fist.

Too strong. King Kong’s face changed. He used all his strength, but the result was he got neutralized so easily. In addition, Aotian w.a.n.g didn’t even move.

Aotian w.a.n.g pinch his hand and King Kong’s fist crumbled. It was almost like all the bones snapped.

King Kong didn’t scream even if his bones were broken. His face was pale, but his lips were shut.

Kacha, Kacha!

Aotian w.a.n.g suddenly kicked out with his right leg. He kicked onto King Kong’s legs. With the sound of snapping, King Kong’s leg got snapped and fell onto the ground.

The pain from his legs made King Kong’s face pale. Bean like sweats were dripping down, but he still didn’t scream in pain.

"You are really someone. I will g

ive another chance. If you will obey me I will let you continue to rule Eastern Sea City." Seeing how tough King Kong was, he wanted to make him his subordinate.

Aotian w.a.n.g liked subordinates who are loyal. As long as these people obey him, they will help him organize Eastern Sea City.

"Keep on dreaming. I am Grand Daddy Li’s little brother; I will not obey under you." King Kong said coldly without any hesitation.

In King Kong’s heart, Grand Daddy Li was his G.o.d. Even if there were ten Aotian w.a.n.g, he still wouldn’t change his answer.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Aotian w.a.n.g’s face changed and his eyes were filled with rage.

He going to attract King Kong and make him follow him, but King Kong wouldn’t give in.


Aotian w.a.n.g kicked King Kong. King Kong’s body made a huge sound; his rib cage was broken as well. He was lying on the ground with blood in his mouth; unable to stand up.

Seeing how King Kong got hurt, his subordinates all rushed in trying to revenge King Kong.

Peng peng peng...

In a short moment, all of King Kong’s subordinates got beaten down. Broekn legs and arms and painful screams were everywhere. These subordinates were not as tough as King Kong; they couldn't bare the pain.

"Aotian w.a.n.g is so strong." The bosses’ faces all changed. They thought the elder was strong, but didn’t know Aotian w.a.n.g was this strong as well.

Aotian w.a.n.g walked to King Kong and took out his phone. He found a number named Grand Daddy Li and called it.

Currently, Eastern Sea Theme Park.

Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu were chatting on the chairs. Suddenly his phone rang.

He took out his phone and saw it was King Kong who called. He immediately answered because he knew King Kong wouldn’t call if there wasn’t anything up.

"King Kong, did something happen?" Qingfeng Li said to the phone.

"Qingfeng Li, do you know who I am?" an arrogant sound came from the other side of the phone.

What, it isn’t King Kong’s voice?

Qingfeng Li’s face changed. He never heard this voice before; why was King Kong’s phone in someone else’s hand?

"Who are you, how come you have King Kong’s phone?" Qingfeng Li tensed his brows and asked.

"I am Aotian w.a.n.g"

"Aotian w.a.n.g? Who's that?"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you not know me. I am Western Sea City’s Underground Prince Aotian w.a.n.g." Aotian w.a.n.g said with rage.

He originally thought Qingfeng Li would be scared once he heard his name, or at least try to please him. But he didn’t think the other side didn’t even know who he was. This challenged his reputation.

Western Sea City Aotian w.a.n.g?

Qingfeng Li blanked out and finally remembered. Just some times ago Ba w.a.n.g was Aotian w.a.n.g’s subordinate. Afterwards the were also under Aotian w.a.n.g. He didn’t think this guy would of call him.

"Qingfeng Li, I am currently in Qingfeng League’s headquarter. King Kong’s two legs were broken by me. I will give you 20 minutes, if you didn’t come then I will kill him." Aotian w.a.n.g smirked.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 357

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