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Black Panther was lying in bed upon Qingfeng and King Kong's arrival. He looked pale and was coughing blood.

"Master, you are here," Black Panther tried to get off the bed and bow to Qingfeng when he saw that he came in. Yet, his hand slipped and he fell to the floor since he was severely injured.

"Black Panther, don't get up, you are injured," Qingfeng rushed up to him and helped him get back into bed.

"Master, I'm sorry for my uselessness," Black Panther lowered his head shamefully. After all, he wouldn't feel good being knocked down like this as Qingfeng's subordinate.

 "Black Panther, who injured you?" Qingfeng asked.

"Master, it was someone with a demon like mask. Everyone called him h.e.l.l King. He beat me down with one punch," Black Panther said with a pale face. He felt extremely terrified once he recalled the h.e.l.l King.

As a S level ace, he was already powerful enough to be in the top 300 on the Heroes List. Yet, he was knocked down with only one punch from the h.e.l.l King before he could even see his attack.

The h.e.l.l King?

Qingfeng was shocked as this was his second time hearing this name. He first heard it from Yanzhi. Now, it was mentioned again by Black Panther.

Qingfeng knew from Black Panther that this h.e.l.l King must be at least an SSS level master, especially based on the fact that he could beat Black Panther with one punch. This type of fighter was indeed one of a kind.

"Black Panther, I'm going to treat you," Qingfeng smiled and decided to heal Black Panther first.

Qingfeng flipped over Black Panther. He then took out nine silver needles and inserted them into Black Panther's injured acupuncture points.

Qingfeng vibrated the tails of the needles swiftly, like a vigorous b.u.t.terfly. It formed a magical energy that flowed into Black Panther 's body, slowly healing his injury.

Black Panther felt his body was getting warmer as there was a heat flow waking up his freezing body.

Half an hour later, Qingfeng removed the needles and said, "Try to see if you can get off the bed?"

Black Panther sat up and walked down from the bed. He started to walk around the room and felt like he had completely recovered.

"Master, you are unbelievable to be able to heal me in such a short time!" Black Panther said while admiring Qingfeng. He knew his master was strong in kungfu, but he didn't expect he had mastered medical skills too.

Qingfeng smiled as he said, "Now that you are recovered, let's go find him together."

"Yes, sir," Black Panther nodded obediently and walked towards the Heroes List battlefield with Qingfeng and King Kong.

The Heroes List is a list including all the masters in Huaxia. It had one battlefields in each of the four cities: Jing Capital, Tianjing city, Xijing city, and Eastern Sea city.

The battlefield in Eastern Sea City was a gigantic battle arena called the Eastern Sea Arena. It was a hundred-acre arena surrounded by the audience stands, all located in the suburbs.

There were four big dudes standing at the gate of the Eastern Sea Arena. Each of them was 6 feet tall, robust and muscular, as if they could erupt with explosive power at any moment.

"Huh, isn't that the one who was beaten up like a loser? Why are you coming back again?" the first short-hair dude on the left said with disdain as he recognized Black Panther.

In Eastern Sea Arena, people looked up to the powerful and mocked the losers.

Black Panther got mad and yelled at them, "You are just a doorman, what position do you think you have to talk to me like this?"

The short-hair man yelled back at him, "b.i.t.c.h, how dare you talk to me like that. Listen, none of you can go beyond this door today!"

Black Panther's face gloomed and he looked at the doorman furiously. He was taking his master to the arena today. How embarra.s.sed would he be if they were blocked by this stupid doorman.

Black Panther walked ahead with big steps and was about to past by the short-haired man. Yet, he suddenly stopped after a few steps since the short-haired guy took out a gun and pointed it at him.

"Dude, look up before you try to act wildly in the Eastern Sea Arena. I don't like you, so you either get out of here or get shot and die," the short-hair dude said arrogantly.

Black Panther freaked out and his face turned pale. He wouldn't be intimidated by him in terms of his martial arts, but he was scared of being shot.

The conflict had gathered the people from inside the Arena. Watching drama happening was a pleasure inherent in every human being.

"Huh, isn't he the Black Panther who had just finished the battle? Why did he get into trouble with the doorman?

"Don't you get it yet? These doormen look down on losers. They disdain Black Panther since he had just lost."

"Huh, it makes sense."

"But what can you do? The arena is owned by the Boxing King from Huaxia. Who has the guts to offend him?"

Everyone was discussing while casting sympathetic looks at Black Panther. Yet, not one person stood out for him since they didn't want to get into trouble with the Boxing King.

Qingfeng laughed faintly and said to the short-hair, "Put your gun down, I don't like my subordinate being aimed at."

"Dude, who are you?" the short-haired doorman glared at Qingfeng as he asked indifferently.

Qingfeng suddenly looked serious when he heard the short-haired doorman. He knew that only violence could deter these people.


Qingfeng rushed up to the short-hair in a second and smashed his gun into pieces with his bare hands under the doorman's horrified stare.

What the heck, is this person even real? How could he turn such hard metal into pieces like that? Everyone was shocked while looking at Qingfeng.

The short-haired man was even more terrified since he had never seen anyone powerful like Qingfeng. His other co-workers also freaked out and stared at Qingfeng astonis.h.i.+ngly and became speechless.

"I'm going into the arena now ... is there anything you want to say?" Qingfeng asked while smiling at the short-haired man.

"No… not at all. Go ahead, please," the short-hair stuttered while staring at Qingfeng with fear.

This young man was indeed horrifying. The short-haired man looked at Qingfeng with fright as if he was looking at a wolf.

"Let's go, everyone," Qingfeng placed his hands on his back and walked into the arena proudly with Black Panther and King Kong, leaving everyone behind with a shocked face.

Everyone looked at Qingfeng with fright and automatically made a path for him since they didn't want to mess with this intimidating monster.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 552

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