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In the Capital City, inside a luxurious villa.

A woman with a flower-look face, soft skin, cherry lips and long eyelashes was sitting on the couch casually. She was in a purple shoulder-strap dress that brought out more of her s.e.xy figure. This was a marvelous beauty.

This marvelous beauty was no one else than the queen of the music industry, the superstar in Huaxing, Feifei Xie.

"Feifei, I don't get it, why do you have to have a concert in Eastern Sea City. Why didn't you pick some big cities like here in the Jing Capital or at Tianjing?" a young lady with asked.

This young lady was in her twenties, she had a sweet pretty face with smooth skin. She looked quite beautiful having a thin layer of makeup and dying her hair red. However, compared to Feifei Xie, she was still far less beautiful.

"Juan w.a.n.g, of course I know it would be better to have a concert in the Capital, but I have to go to Eastern Sea City this time, as I need to see someone." Feifei Xie opened her red lips and looked at the sky outside. Her eyes started losing focus, but in her mind, there were more memories coming up.

She thought about lots of things related to the Wolf King who saved her life in the Tiger Continent. However, she still hadn't found him after searching for the past half year.

This time Feifei Xie heard from a friend that Qingfeng Li was in Eastern Sea City. Therefore, she had to hold a concert here to see the man she had been thinking of day and night.

Feifei Xie asked Juan w.a.n.g to book a flight, then got on the plane to Eastern Sea City with her team.

Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng Li went back to the Ice Snow Corporation with Hao Luo and the security guards. He gave them some simple bandage treatments and then went to the sales department.

"Big brother Li, did you save Hao Luo?" Xiaoyue Zhang asked with concern. Obviously, she knew about Hao Luo, as he was Qingfeng Li's fellow, so he was her friend too.

Qingfeng Li nodded, said:, "Don't worry, he is back now."

Xiaoyue Zhang mumbled and the expression on her face relaxed a bit. Then she started sorting the report for the sales department.

Time went by fast, and soon it was time to get off work.

Wanqiu Xia walked out of office and went to the sales department, saying with a smile on her face, "Xiaoyue, tonight you have to buy dinner."

Wanqiu Xia was highly focused when working. She used to call Xiaoyue Zhang by her full name at work, but she would call her Xiaoyue after work, as they were good friends.

"Okay, I'll ask big brother Li too." Xiaoyue Zhang smiled and brought Qingfeng Li with them for dinner.

The Moon Bay was a five-star luxurious restaurant. This high-end restaurant was built with clear gla.s.s all over and was also in the shape of the moon. It looked fabulous with the curves and was especially gorgeous under the moonlight.

Obviously, the cost to dine here was very high, but Xiaoyue Zhang had to choose this place to please Sister Xia.

"Big brother Li, there are so many people at the restaurant front door." Xiaoyue Zhang said. They noticed a big crowd of people gathering outside the restaurant soon as they arrived.

Many of them were holding microphones as they were waiting to interview someone, and there were also many fans around.

"What are you doing here?" Qingfeng Li asked a girl with freckles who was standing beside him.

The girl with freckles took a look at Qingfeng Li and said to herself, "What a good-looking guy."

Seeing the girl with freckles start getting a crush on him, Qingfeng Li felt speechless, but he had to ask again, "Beauty, what are you doing here?"

The girl with freckles blushed on her pretty face after hearing Qingfeng Li call her a beauty. She answered, "We are waiting for the superstar Feifei Xie. She is coming here today."

Feifei Xie was coming here?

Qingfeng Li frowned, he didn't expect that Feifei Xie was coming today. No wonder so many reporters gathered here to wait for her.

"Yayy, Big brother Li, Feifei Xie is coming here today. We picked the right restaurant." Xiaoyue Zhang said excitedly. Her innocent face blus.h.i.+ng.

It was known that she was Feifei Xie's big fan. Actually, not only Xiaoyue Zhang, but Wanqiu Xia was also Feifei Xie's fan, who seemed as excited as the others.

Feifei Xie was the queen of the music industry, the superstar in Huaxia, and had tons of fans.

"Big brother Li, Sister Xia, let's go to the restaurant now. Perhaps we will meet Feifei Xie." Xiaoyue Zhang said joyfully.

However, Xiaoyue Zhang was stopped by a few security guards when she arrived at the restaurant door. All the security guards were dressed in black suits with black ties and matching black shoes. The all-black look made them look even more serious and their huge figures revealed how powerful they were.

"You can't go in." the huge security ahead said.

Xiaoyue Zhang frowned, said, "We are here for dinner, why can't we go in?"

"Huh, the entire Moon Bay Restaurant was booked by our master. No one else but Miss Feifei Xie can go in." the huge security sneered and said.

Xiaoyue Zhang tried to argue, but the huge security stepped forward and revealed a terrifying force that scared her to stop.

Qingfeng Li gave a pat on Xiaoyue Zhang's hand to calm her down, then said, "You ape, all you can do is scare a woman?"

What, ape?

The huge security changed the look on his face, anger filling his eyes. His face was dark and his body was enormous. What he hated the most was being called an ape. This young man in front just triggered him.

"Young man, you dare to swear at me, don't you believe I'll kick your a.s.s?" the security guard threatened by waving his fist.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "It is your fault for not letting us in for dinner. Now you want to kick my a.s.s, isn't that too rude?"

"Young man, yes I am rude, but what can you do to me?" the huge security started laughing and said with an arrogant smile on his face. Having the master at his back, he wasn't fear of anyone in Eastern Sea City.

"It isn't your fault for looking like an ape, but it will be if you don't know how to adjust. You can't stop me if I want to go inside." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said fearlessly.

After finis.h.i.+ng what he said, Qingfeng Li started walking in, not giving a d.a.m.n about the strong security guard.


The huge security reached out his right hand all of a sudden, tightened his palm and aimed at Qingfeng Li. His palm had gathered great momentum, and it created wind as it moved. If his palm landed on any normal person, it would break all their bones without a doubt.

Qingfeng Li stayed calm, he stretched out his right hand, grabbed the security's wrist in the speed of a flash. He put more pressure on his hand, then with a sound of crack, the security guard's wrist was snapped, leaving the white bones exposed.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 562

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