My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 564

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"Did I heard it wrong, Feifei Xie is inviting someone for dinner?"

"No, you didn't hear it wrong."

"As far as I can remember, Feifei Xie has never had dinner with another man."

"Hmmm, I would live ten years less if I could have dinner with Feifei Xie."

The people around were all discussing widely, their eyes were filled with astonishment, admiration and even jealousy.

There was no doubt that the number of men who wanted to have dinner with Feifei Xie was countless. However, not a single of them was able to do it. Qingfeng Li did it, surprisingly, and he was even invited by her, not the other way around.

"When did you get to know Feifei Xie, big brother Li?" Xiaoyue Zhang beside him was confused and felt a bit jealous.

Although Xiaoyue Zheng was Feifei Xie's fan who loved her music very much, it bothered her as it had something to do with the person she liked. Thus, Feifei Xie had triggered her alarm.

At this moment, Xiaoyue Zhang finally understood Wanqiu Xia's logic. The reason that Wanqiu Xia asked her to get dinner was out of jealousy, exactly the same as she was feeling now.

"Feifei Xie, can I interview you for a second? Why did you invite this man for dinner?" A female reporter with short hair walked up to Feifei Xie and asked her question with a microphone in hand.

Feifei Xie turned sheepish, but she had been in this kind of situation for many times, so she held back her discomfort and said, "Sorry I can't tell you since it's my private matters."

"Let's go for dinner now." Feifei Xie left the reporter alone. She turned around and said to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li pointed at Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia, said, "They are my colleagues, can they join us?"

Feifei Xie looked towards where he pointed and saw the two women. And the look also got her attention, as both of them were very beautiful. Xiaoyue Zhang was as innocent as a pure white flower, while Wanqiu Xia caught others' eyes like a glowing purple daisy.

Honestly, Feifei Xie didn't want to invite these two women for dinner, as she only wanted to have it with Qingfeng Li. However, Qingfeng Li insisted on inviting his colleagues, she had to keep up his appearances, so she nodded to show approval.

Jun He got into the way as Qingfeng Li was walking into the restaurant with three beautiful ladies.

"Dude, I have already booked the entire Moon Bay Restaurant. Don't even think about getting in." Jun He sneered and said coldly.

He booked the entire restaurant in order to invite Feifei Xie for dinner. But now, Feifei Xie hit on Qingfeng Li which apparently made Jun He very annoyed, that was why he didn't allow them to go in.

"How about going to another restaurant?" Feifei Xie said in a low voice seeing the security guards standing behind Jun He.

Feifei Xie was smart enough to sense the hostility Jun He had against Qingfeng Li. She was worried that Qingfeng Li would get hurt, so she wanted to go somewhere else.

Qingfeng Li waved his hands and said carelessly, "We are going to have dinner here tonight, let's see what Jun He could do to us."

Finished what he was saying, Qingfeng Li walked towards the restaurant first, totally ignoring Jun He as well as the security guards behind him.

"Go ahead, beat the h.e.l.l out of him." Jun He waved and gave his command to the security guards behind him.

All those security guards were tall and strong, their huge figures indicated that they had been working out for a long time, which made them stronger than normal people.

The security guards stood there, they were all taller than Qingfeng Li and had anger in their eyes.

Huh huh huh huh …...

All the securities threw their punches at the same time roughly aiming at Qingfeng Li. If they landed on his body, bones would be broken for sure.

From the audiences' views, the securities were very fierce and powerful, however, they were just some junk in Qingfeng Li's eyes.

Qingfeng Li swept around with his right foot abruptly. With some banging sounds, all those tall securities fell off the ground and fainted.

Such a powerful kick?!

Jun He paused for a second, shock appearing in his eyes. His father was one of the three tyrants in Hujiang Province. He was the elder master who had practiced Kung Fu ever since he was a kid. Obviously, he could tell the incredibility of Qingfeng Li.

However, Jun He was quite well-known, if he left right now then he would lose all the reputation he earned, which would make him a big joke in society.


Out of surprise, Jun He took out a dagger and walked up to Qingfeng Li. He knew Qingfeng Li had excellent kicks and punches, which was why he came up with a dagger.

As an old saying said, even the top master would be afraid of a knife. It meant that no matter how excellent one's Kung Fu was, they would still get hurt, or die if they were stabbed by a dagger.

"Jun He, how dare you to use a dagger. Be careful or I'll sue you." Feifei Xie changed her look and yelled, seeing the dagger in Jun He's hand.

Apparently Feifei Xie knew Jun He already, and she hated him. Jun He tried to court her crazily after seeing Feifei Xie's concert in the Capital.

"Feifei Xie, people all say that you are pure and innocent, but I never expected that you would ever hug a man. Today I have to break this man." Jun He said furiously.

Jun He held the dagger with his right hand, swept the dagger in a wave in the air and tried to toughly stab at Qingfeng Li's chest. The dagger was moving with a sonic boom which showed how powerful he was.

Qingfeng Li reached out two of his fingers and grabbed the dagger like they were iron clamps.

The dagger was caught?

The look on Jun He's face switched, and shock flickered in his eyes. He knew that his dagger was extremely sharp, as it was made of refined iron.

Terror appeared in Jun He's eyes, he twisted the dagger, trying to break out of Qingfeng Li's fingers, since fingers couldn't be harder than an iron dagger in his view.


Qingfeng Li added more pressure on his right hand and pinched off half of the blade, under the shocked look of Jun He.

"What the h.e.l.l! That's awesome, to crack the dagger just with his fingers."

"If it isn't because I witnessed it, I would have thought this was in a movie."

"This Qingfeng Li is incredible, he must know martial arts."

The people around were all frozen with their eyes full of astonishment.

Jun He wasn't stupid, he realized his opponent was a master as soon as he saw the dagger was broken. He wasn't be able to fight against him.

"Run, I have to run."

Jun He mumbled, then he turned around to run away. However, Qingfeng Li threw a hard kick at his back and kicked him five or six meters away, his body hit roughly on the wall beside the restaurant.

Crack! Crack!

Jun He broke many bones, blood flowed out of his mouth like a fountain. He fell off the ground then fainted.

"Let's go have dinner now." Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and invited the ladies to go in for dinner.

Feifei Xie nodded and went inside with Qingfeng Li.

This man was so incredible. People were astonished seeing the fainted Jun He and his security guards.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 564

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