My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 574

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A+ A- Chapter 574: Ruyan, You Have A Baby?

Qingfeng hurriedly let go of Ruyan Liu’s hand when he saw Yanran Zhao’s gaze. But it was too late, Yanran Zhao had saw them holding hands. It was too late to hide.

"Big brother Li, who is she?" Yanran Zhao asked. Her tone was slightly interrogating.

Strictly speaking, Yanran Zhao was not one to question Qingfeng’s relations.h.i.+ps. But she felt uncomfortable when she saw Ruyan Liu. Perhaps it was a natural animosity towards beautiful woman; especially when it involved someone she liked.

Qingfeng smiled awkwardly. He did not know what to say. If he said Ruyan Liu was her girlfriend, Yanran Zhao would think he was a player. It would be troublesome if she told Xue Lin.

 At the moment, only Xue Lin and Jiaojiao Liu knew that Ruyan Liu was his girlfriend. No one else was aware.

Xue Lin deeply valued her reputation. If many people knew that her husband had a girlfriend, she would feel awkward. She might even give Qingfeng the cold shoulder. Qingfeng did not want that to happen.

Ruyan Liu was smart. She did not want to reveal her reslations.h.i.+p with Qingfeng either. She said with a smile, "Hi, I am Qingfeng’s cousin, Ruyan Liu."


Yanran Zhao looked at Qingfeng with astonishment. She had never seen Qingfeng’s cousin. Furthermore, she was so beautiful.

Ruyan Liu’s lashes fluttered. She casted a quick look at Qingfeng. Qingfeng was very smart. He immediately said, "Yeah, Yanran, Ruyan Liu is my cousin. I am here to accompany her today."

Yanran Zhao nodded when she heard Qingfeng’s words. The unhappiness in her heart dissipated. She was quite happy. If Ruyan Liu was Big brother Li’s cousin, she was a friend.

"What happened to you? I know all the doctors here. Why don't I bring you to the doctor?" Yanran Zhao said warmly to Ruyan Liu. Her att.i.tude was much warmer than before.

Ruyan Liu furrowed her brows. She was not used to Yanran Zhao’s warmness. She said, "It’s okay. I have already seen the doctor."

At this moment, a voice was heard from the ultrasound room, "Ruyan Liu, the ultrasound result is out. Come and get the result."

What? Ultrasound?

Qingfeng was stunned. His mouth was wide agape. This was the most shocking words he has ever heard.

Oh no, the cat is out of the bag. Ruyan Liu’s charming face was filled with nervousness. She had forgotten about the ultrasound.

"RUyan Liu, are you here? Come and get the ultrasound result," The person in the ultrasound room said loudly again.

Ruyan Liu looked at Qingfeng nervously. She ducked her head and quickly picked up the result from the ultrasound room. Just as she was about to hide the results, Qingfeng rushed forward.

Qingfeng’s expression changed when he saw the image of the baby on the results.

"Ruyan, you have a baby?" Qingfeng was stunned.

He felt that everything was a dream but things were so realistic. Everything reminded him that this was not a dream.

Ruyan Liu knew that it was impossible to hide it anymore. She nodded her head.

Qingfeng was stunned once more. Even though he had seen the ultrasound results with his own eyes, he was still shocked.

Qingfeng was just about to ask if it was his kid when Yanran Zhao said, "Big brother Li, why are you so emotional that your cousin is pregnant."

Fk? My cousin is pregnant?

Qingfeng looked at Yanran Zhao dazedly. He wanted to slap his mouth. How could he say that Ruyan Liu was his cousin.

The secret would be revealed if he asked Ruyan Liu if the kid was his.

"Uh, uh, Yanran, I am excited that my cousin is pregnant," Qingfeng stuttered. Clearly, Ruyan Liu’s pregnancy had shocked him.

Qingfeng was slightly upset to see Yanran Zhao standing unmovingly. She was a third wheeler. Why can’t you leave?

"Oh yeah, Miss Liu, you are pregnant but your boyfriend is not with you? Why did you come alone?" Yanran Zhao asked.

Normally, a pregnant woman’s wife or

boyfriend would accompany her to the hospital. Miss Liu was quite strange to ask her cousin to accompany her.

Ruyan Liu felt awkward. She did not how to explain the situation. She could only say, "MY boyfriend is dead from a car accident."

What? Dead from a car accident?

Qingfeng looked at her bitterly from the side. He thought, "I am still alive. How can you curse me?"

But he dared not admit that he was Ruyan Liu’s boyfriend. Yanran Zhao was still by their side.

A flicker of pity appeared in Yanran Zhao’s eyes. She said, "Miss Liu, I am so sorry. I didn't know your boyfriend is dead. What a poor baby. His father is already gone."

Qingfeng felt really awkward as he stood at the side. He thought, "omg, the conversation between you too is just too much."

"Big brother Li, you are such a good cousin. You treat your cousin so well," Yanran Zhao said to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng rolled his eyes and looked at Yanran Zhao speechlessly. He thought, "Please leave and stop being a third wheeler."

Ruyan Liu secretly placed the ultrasound result in her purse when Qingfeng talked with Yanran Zhao. However, her actions were still discovered by Qingfeng.

"Cousin…let me see your result," Qingfeng asked nervously.

"Omg, what is wrong with me? I am not so nervous even when I meet the President of Wolf Continent," Qingfeng thought in his mind. Perhaps it was from the excitement of seeing his baby’s picture.

Ruyan Liu was awkward. She did not know what to do.

Qingfeng looked between them and felt that their actions were very wrong. They were cousins right? Why were they so nervous and excited?

"Big brother Li is your cousin. Why are you so nervous that he wants to see the results?" Yanran Zhao asked.

Uh, cousin?

Ruyan Liu was dazed to hear that Qingfeng was her cousin. But since Yanran Zhao had spoken, she could not say no. It would be bad if she became suspicious

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 574

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