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A+ A- Chapter 576: Xue Liu At Ruyan Liu's House

"Ruyan, I’ll accompany you home," Qingfeng said.

Now that Ruyan Liu was pregnant, Qingfeng naturally could not let her go home alone. Firstly, it was unsafe. Secondly, he was worried that she would meet a bad guy. This was his first baby.

Truthfully, Qingfeng was still very emotional about being a dad. Only he knew who excited he was to be a dad.

Ruyan Liu nodded and placed her head on Qingfeng’s shoulder. She felt very happy.

At the hospital entrance, King Kong and Black Panther were waiting for Qingfeng. Their eyes widened comically when they saw Qingfeng walking out with a beauty. The beauty was so beautiful. She was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen.

Granddaddy Feng was awesome! He could find a beauty even at a hospital. King Kong looked at Qingfeng admiringly.

"This is my girlfriend, Ruyan Liu," Qingfeng said to King Kong and Black Panther.

"h.e.l.lo, sister-in-law," King Kong said respectfully with a bow.

Since he called Qingfeng, "Granddaddy Feng", he should call Ruyan Liu "Grandmother Feng". However, women hated it when others called them by an old name. Thus, King Kong cleverly called her "sister-in-law" instead.

Ruyan Liu’s face was fl.u.s.tered since this was the face time that someone had called her "sister-in-law". Still, she nodded at King Kong.

"Nice to meet you, Mistress," Black Panther also said respectfully.

Ruyan Liu nodded again at Black Panther. She was quite satisfied with Qingfeng’s subordinates since they were respectful towards her.

King Kong drove the car while Black Panther sat next to the driver’s eat. Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu sat at the seats at the back.

30 minutes later, the car arrived at n.o.ble Palace.

Qingfeng carefully helped Ruyan Liu down the car. Then, they walked towards the community.

When Qingfeng opened the door to Number 14 Mansion, his expression changed drastically. There were two people in the living room. One was Jiaojiao Liu, the other was Xue Lin.

"Omg, can you stop messing with me? Why is Xue Lin in the living room?" thought Qingfeng speechlessly. He was so speechless and flabbergasted.

Xue Lin furrowed her brow slightly when she saw Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu walking into the living room together. A flash of displeasure crossed her eyes. However, she did not throw a temper. After all, this was Ruyan Liu’s home.

"Miss Xue Lin, why are you here?" Ruyan Liu asked as she quickly regained her composure.

Xue Lin said lightly, "Last night you won against me in the game of Go. I am here to challenge you today. But you’re not here so I played against your sister, Jiaojiao Liu."

Jiaojiao Liu’s face was pale and aghast.

"Jiaojiao, how did you do against Miss Xue Lin?" Ruyan Liu asked.

Jiaojiao Liu replied speechlessly, "I lost all five rounds."

Ruyan Liu looked at her sister speechlessly and said, "You should learn and practice more. See? You should learn how to play it better. If you know the game better, you won’t lose so much."

jjl was even more ashamed when she heard Ruyan Liu’s words. She was ashamed that she lost to her sister’s enemy.

Xue Lin tried to provoke Ruyan Liu and said, "Miss Liu, you sister is not good at the game. Why don't we play for a few rounds?"

Ruyan Liu was quite tired today. But she was instantly filled with energy when she heard Xue Lin’s challenge. Who was she to back down from a challenge?

Qingfeng opened his mouth and wanted to stop Ruyan Liu. He knew that Ruyan Liu was pregnant so he wanted her to rest more. But he did not know what to say when he saw the burning compet.i.tion between the two women.

 It was not like he could tell Xue Lin that Ruyan Liu was pregnant. If he said that, Xue Lin would tear him apart.

Qingfeng could only cast silent glances at Ruyan Liu to tell her not to play against Xue Lin. But Ruyan Liu ignored Qingfeng’s looks. She was not one to back from a challen

ge; she was not afraid of Xue Lin.

"Here, let’s play the Game of Go," Ruyan Liu said. She was filled with fighting spirit.

Qingfeng looked at the two women speechlessly. He thought, "You guys fight whenever you meet. Aren’t you guys tired of it?"

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu sat around the game piece. Then they started battling against each other.

The first round, Xue Lin won.

The second round, Ruyan Liu won.

The third round, Xue Lin won.

The fourth round, Ruyan Liu won.

In the four rounds, the two both won two rounds and lost two rounds. Neither was better than the other.

Just as they were prepared to play the fifth round, Ruyan Liu suddenly felt nauseous and almost fell to the ground.

Qingfeng quickly held onto Ruyan Liu. He said with concern, "Are you okay?"

Ruyan Liu nodded and said softly, "I’m tired and my head hurts."

"You just came back from the hospital. You should rest," Qingfeng said as he started putting away the chess game.

Xue Lin was upset that Qingfeng cared so much about Ruyan Liu. A flash of displeasure appeared in her eyes.

Qingfeng naturally could tell that Xue Lin was displeased. However, Ruyan Liu had a baby in her belly so he had to care for her.

Qingfeng poured Ruyan Liu a cup of water. Then, he carefully helped her drink the water. After drinking the water, Ruyan Liu looked much better. However, she still felt nauseous.

Xue Lin looked at Ruyan Liu and said with a smile, "Miss Liu, I realized you have gained weight from eating."

Ruyan Liu rolled her eyes. Women detested it when others said that they gained weight. She gained weight beause of her pregnancy, not from eating food. But she was not about to reveal the fact to Xue Lin; she had to consider Qingfeng’s situation.

 Qingfeng casted a disapproving glance at Xue Lin. How could she say that Ruyan Liu gained weight from eating?

Qingfeng had forgotten that he had said that Ruyan Liu had gained weight from eating too when he did not know she was pregnant.

Xue Lin was upset to see Qingfeng side-eyeing her. She thought unhappily, "Why are you angry and looking at me like that? You helped her drink water and cared for her so much right in front of me. I should be the one who is angry. How can you be angry with me?"

"Qingfeng, I am tired. Let’s go home," Xue Lin said unhappily.

Xue Lin came today to challenge Ruyan Liu. She could only leave since Ruyan Liu was feeling unwell. However, she was determined to bring Qingfeng with her back home. She would not allow Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng to exchange amorous glances at each other anymore.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 576

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