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Monk was already waiting at the Ice Snow Corporation when Qingfeng finally arrived there. He still wore a traditional robe and a topknot which caught everyone's attention.

Everyone on the street all stared at Monk, and some women even pointed at him and started whispering. It was a rare thing to see a man dressed in Daoist-fas.h.i.+oned clothes in a metropolis.

"Monk, you've been waiting for a while, huh?" Qingfeng smiled and asked.

Monk shook his head and said, "Not really, just a bit."

"h.e.l.lo, sister-in-law," Monk said once Xue Lin got off the car.

Xue Lin blushed when she heard what Monk called her. Although she was addressed by Monk like that all the time before, she still felt awkward every time she was called that by Qingfeng's brothers.

"Monk, you must be tired traveling along the way. Let's get inside the company," Xue Lin smiled as she invited Monk inside. She knew Monk was asked by Qingfeng to protect her. He was also one of her bodyguards now.

It was easy according to what Xue Li suggested, Ziyi as her protector was far enough already. Yet, Qingfeng still insisted it would be safer to involve Monk as well.

Monk and Ziyi had met before, so they greeted eachother with a head nod since they were familiar with each other.

Qingfeng walked into the company with Monk and told him the layout of the company and Xue Lin's office so that he could protect her, once she is in danger.

"Boss, I heard from Alice that there is dude called the h.e.l.l King trying to mess with you," Monk asked.

Qingfeng nodded, "Not only him, I've heard the Eagle King has also arrived in Huaxia. You know that he is a tricky b.a.s.t.a.r.d and he definitely wouldn't come here until he is sure he can kill me."

Monk nodded as he understood. The Wolf Fang team had fought with the Eagle King before and was aware of his phenomenal power. Besides, he was also a cunning guy with lots of tricks up his sleeves.

Qingfeng felt more relaxed after asking Monk and Ziyi to protect Xue Lin. Both of them were super masters and could delay the time for him to come back even if they met enemies whom they couldn't fight against.

Qingfeng returned to the Sales Department after settling down Monk. When he just arrived, his shoulder was held back by Xiaoyue Zhang.

"Big brother Li, it's Feifei Xie's concert tonight. Let's go together!" Xiaoyue said while staring at Qingfeng with her big, starry eyes.

Qingfeng nodded, "Of course, let's invite Wanqiu too."

"Yeah, we can go together after work," Xiaoyue said with a innocent, happy face. She would feel happy as long as Qingfeng was by her side.

Qingfeng spent a whole afternoon going through different files in the company. The time for going home arrived when he finally finished. He then walked towards Xue Lin's office.

"Honey, it's going to be Xiexie Fei's concert tonight. Let's go together?" Qingfeng walked to Xue Lin while smiling at her.

Yet, Xue Lin looked a bit worried. "My mother just called me and said she caught a cold. She wants me to have dinner at home and take care of her."

Qingfeng looked disappointed since his plan to go to the concert with Xue Lin had to be canceled obviously.

"Alright then, I'll ask Monk and Ziyi go with you," said Qingfeng.

After leaving Xue Lin's office, Qingfeng then met up with Xiaoyue and Wanqiu at the Sales Department and left the company.

Tonight was the night of Feifei's concert. Two ladies dressed like divas in Seattle. Xiaoyue wore a white dress that ill.u.s.trated perfectly her curves, which was extremely charming.

On the other hand, Wanqiu, with her light make-up and red lips, was in a violet dress which made her look absolutely stunning.

Qingfeng becomes excited once he saw these two beautiful ladies.

"What are you staring at?" Xiaoyue asked.

"I'm looking at both of my Ms. Xia and baby Xiaoyue. You girls look amazing."

"You are such a sweet talker. We definitely have to dress up to see our idol tonight."

"I know, but people who don't know you guys might think you are going for a date."

Xiaoyue and Wanqiu blushed immediately and gave Qingfeng a light pinch on his shoulder.

In fact, these two chicks dressed up intentionally for Qingfeng instead. They wanted to show their most charming side to Qingfeng with the excuse of going to the concert. Girls tended to dress up for people they liked.

Qingfeng walked towards the concert with these two ladies while enjoying small conversations.

Feifei's concert was taking place in the Eastern Sea culture center. It was a gigantic stadium that could hold thousands of people. Many singers tended to hold their concerts there.

Loads of people had gathered at the ES culture center when Qingfeng arrived. Many boys and girls were holding their posters with Feifei's pictures and words like "Feifei, I Love You!" on it.

The younger generation now is crazy, huh. Qingfeng was wordless. He wouldn't believe Feifei would have this charm if he didn't witness this scene for himself.


While Qingfeng was going to enjoy the concert, there was a conspiracy going on in another place.

The Eagle King had arrived in Eastern Sea City after a whole afternoon of flying. When he just arrived at the airport, he contacted the h.e.l.l King with the number provided by the Ghost King.

In a Suburban Villa.

The h.e.l.l King and the Eagle King were sitting towards each other. Both of them could feel the exceptional power emitting from the other.

Both of these people were phenomenal. The h.e.l.l King was the disciple of the Ghost King while the Eagle King was the disciple of the Gator King, the hidden elite in the Tiger Continent. They certainly would want to have a battle against each other as the disciples of two super masters.

h.e.l.l King punched out his fist so rapidly that eyes couldn't follow the movement. In the meantime, Eagle King also slapped out his palm.

It was silent after the fist hit the palm, yet, an explosive power lingered around that even obliterated the table in front of them.

After the draw on their first battle, both of them knew they were exceptional fighters.

"The Ghost King has an unbelievable disciple."

"The Gator King has a remarkable one too. One who actually stopped my punch."

"h.e.l.l King, I've heard you have collected all the info on Wolf King. Why didn't you start doing anything?" Eagle King asked with a hint of speculation.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 586

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