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Feifei Xie saw Qingfeng’s expression and knew right away that it was a difficult choice for him. The upset emotion inside became even more obvious.

"Big brother Li, I do not request you to marry me, as long as you don’t suddenly disappear again, I will be happy." Feifei said with some hidden bitterness. Her slender eyelashes wrinkled slightly, showing that she took it to heart that Qingfeng disappeared suddenly a half year ago. 

If six months ago, Qingfeng did not disappear suddenly, perhaps they would already be a couple, even an engagement was possible too. But everything became impossible at this time.

Qingfeng nodded and answered right away, "Feifei, you can be a.s.sured I definitely won’t disappear this time." 

Last time Qingfeng vanished because he had to return to Eastern Sea City to get married with Xue Lin. This time he had gotten the marriage certificate, so he didn’t need to disappear without explanation again.

Certainly, Qingfeng felt very speechless about what had happened. Strictly speaking, he was also a victim, he was pushed down by Feifei.

"Feifei, you were so wild just now, you almost killed me." Qingfeng looked at Feifei and teased her.

Feifei’s brain became clear again at his moment, she remembered what had happened before, and she had pushed this man down. Thinking of the shameful things she had done to this man, her pretty face became as bright red as a peach blossom, her heart thumping wildly.

"You bad guy, stop speaking nonsense." No matter how bold a woman was, she would become shy and conservative in this regard. Qingfeng laughed and didn’t continue with this topic, because he also knew she was easily embarra.s.sed. 

Feifei put on her clothes and She even wore a mask to prevent herself being recognized by others. She and Qingfeng snuck away from the hotel for fear of being found by others.

Qingfeng just left the hotel when his cell phone rang. He glanced at the phone and found that it was from Xiaoyue Zhang. On the phone, Xiaoyue asked why she couldn’t find him at the end of the concert, and he randomly made up an excuse.

Because it was late, Xiaoyue hung up the phone after she had a short chat with Qingfeng. At the end, she reminded him to go to work earlier tomorrow.

Because Feifei was too crazy before, her body was very weak now. Her body was a little unsteady as she was walking, let alone driving a car. Since Feifei definitely was not able to drive, Qingeng drove her to the hotel.

Feifei stayed at the Moon Bay Hotel, it didn’t take Qingfeng a long time to drive there. The hotel manager was very affectionate when he saw Qingfeng and personally invited him to the VIP room. Obviously Qingfeng scared him last time when he had fought Jun He.

Qingfeng wanted to leave after he dropped Feifei off, but she said she was in bad mood and wanted to chat with him. There was no other way, so he had to stay and chat with her.

n.o.ble Palace, outside the community

At this moment, a black Audi was parked over there with three men inside. They were Ghost Two, Ghost Three and Ghost Four. These three men were all dressed in black with masks covering their faces, only their eyes were exposed, sending out the dense cold lights.

"Brother, Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu are both Qingfeng Li’s women, which one do we kidnap first?" Ghost Four was a flat-headed young man, he frowned and asked. 

"I suggest kidnapping Xue Lin, she is Qingfeng Li’s wife so should be very important. As long as we get her, we can definitely threaten Qingfeng Li." Ghost Three gave out a cold smile and suggested.

However, Ghost Two shook his head and said, "We cannot kidnap Xue Lin."

"Why?" Ghost Three and Ghost Four were confused and asked with a puzzled look.

Seeing their puzzled looks, Ghost Two explained, "These days we have investigated all the women around Qingfeng Li. Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu are the closest to him. But there are masters protecting Xue Lin, especially that Daoist. He is at least at the SSS level, and is very hard to deal with." 

Ghost Three and Ghost Four nodded and agreed with Ghost Two. There were two masters beside Xue Lin. Besides the powerful Taoist priest, there was also a very fierce woman.

"Tell you the truth, it was h.e.l.l King’s idea to kidnap Ruyan Liu. We were asked to kidnap her alive without any injury. He is going to torment her himself."

Hearing that h.e.l.l King was going to torture that woman himself, Ghost Three and Ghost Four’s bodies s.h.i.+vered and trembled. They knew clearly about Yama’s savageness. He was definitely a devil; he could torture people to death.

Villa No. 14

Ruyan walked out of the villa, ready to go out and do some shopping. She wanted to buy something for the baby in her belly. Even if the baby was not born yet; she was getting impatient and wanted to see the baby with her eyes. She wanted to get everything ready for it in advance.

When walking out of the villa, Ruyan took out her cell phone and called Jiaojiao Liu, "Jiaojiao, I’m going out to buy some clothes for baby. You cook yourself some food to eat after school."

Apparently Jiaojiao had just finished school; a lot of noises could be heard through the phone.

Jiaojiao said, "Sister, your baby is already several months old, you shouldn’t walk around. The baby is not born yet, what clothes do you need to buy?"

"Jiaojiao, the baby is coming soon. I want to buy some clothes for it."

"Sister, you cannot go too far. Do not drive, do not go to the supermarket."

"Jiaojiao, I know. I’ll just go to the maternity store at the entrance of our community." Ruyan hung up her cell phone after talking.

n.o.ble Palace was a high-grade residential community in Eastern Sea City City. There was a ‘One Meter Suns.h.i.+ne’ maternity shop at the entrance. It was very famous and they sold clothes for pregnant women and babies.

Ruyan came out tonight, not only to buy clothes for her future baby, also to buy some maternity clothes for herself. Otherwise when her belly becomes bigger and bigger, the normal tight clothes she owned would not be suitable.

"Miss Liu, it is so late. Are you sure you wish to go outside?" The guard at the gate obviously knew Ruyan, he greeted her when she walked out the gate.

Ruyan smiles lightly and said, "I need to buy something."

Ruyan walked out of the community and entered the ’One Meter Suns.h.i.+ne’ store, ready for some shopping. Seeing that Ruyan entered the maternity store, the guard had some surprise in his eyes. He knew that Ruyan wasn’t married, so why did she go to a maternity store?

"Brother, Ruyan Liu came out and entered the maternity store." Ghost Four held a photo and said. The person in his photo was exactly Ruayn. 

In order to kidnap Ruyan Liu, many days before they took the real action, the Ghost King team had begun to investigate Qingfeng Li as well as those women around him. So they not only had Ruyan’s photo, they also had the photos of Xue Lin, Xiaoyue Zhang, and Wanqiu Xia. 

"Get ready for action! Kidnap Ruyan Liu at the maternity store." Ghost Two smiled lightly, opened the door and got off the car. 

Seeing that Ghost four also wanted to get off the car, Ghost Two stopped him, "Four, you wait in the car, I’ll go with Three. We need to leave right after we get Ruyan Liu from the store. It has to be fast, and we cannot arouse anybody’s suspicions." 

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 593

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