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Twist off his head and use it as a soccer ball?

Hearing this arrogant voice, everyone was in utter shock.

Dude, do you know who you're talking to? That's the Pope of the Holy See, the most powerful man of the entire Tiger Continent, even more powerful than presidents. He could sentence millions to death with one nod of his head.

Everyone looked towards the entrance, wanting to see the brazen individual.

They were greeted by an arrogant middle-aged man. His brows as sharp as swords, his eyes as bright as stars. His face looked like it was carved by G.o.d himself, sharp as can be. The middle-aged man was proud, looking down on everyone and everything. He was dressed in cloak made from fire-scaled tiger skin and his entire body was exuding an unrivaled dominance.

Fire-scaled tigers were demonic beasts, much more powerful than any normal beast. Even the Lord of the Sky G.o.ds League couldn't kill a Fire-scaled tiger. The fact that the middle-aged man was wearing its skin as clothes proved his incredible powers.

But what was most shocking was that the middle-aged man wasn't in his true form, like the Pope, he also appeared as an avatar, created by the spiritual energies of supreme masters.

The middle-aged man was accompanied by another man. The second man was none other than the Sword King, Wushuang Nie.

At the sight of the middle-aged man beside Wushuang Nie, Qingfeng Li's eyes grew teary, he was more than excited.

"Father...father?!" Qingfeng Li muttered, his eyes teary.

Qingfeng Li's parents had disappeared ever since he was eight, but he still had memories of when he was younger. His father's face was still the same, just as handsome, just as fierce and just as proud, unfazed by everyone and everything.

"Third Master, I'll release Qingfeng from the veil." Wushuang Nie said, smiling lightly.

The last time Wushuang Nie separated from Qingfeng Li, he stayed in the Tiger Continent in order to find the secret cave in the Forbidden district of Kun Lun Mountain. He later found it and entered into the forbidden district.

Wushuang Nie found the Great Conqueror Third Master Li at the bottom of a cliff. He was trapped within a king level formation array and couldn't escape.

The Great Conqueror used the Heavenly Fate method and calculated Qingfeng Li's dangerous situation. With disregard towards his own situation, he formed an avatar using his spiritual energy and sent it along with Wushuang Nie towards the Tiger Continent.

Wushuang Nie knew that the Great Conqueror was just an avatar, like the avatar of the Pope, it couldn't remain for a long period of time. Once its energy is used up, it will disappear. This was why Wushuang Nie wanted to save Qingfeng Li.

However, the Great Conqueror waved his hand. He said domineeringly, "No need, my son can only bully others, he cannot be bullied."

He was indeed the Great Conqueror, the fiercest man in all of Huaxia. His words were even daunting. Everyone looked at him with admiration. Look at this father, he will only allow his son to be the bully, and not to be bullied.

"Stay right there, this is the Notre-Dame de Paris, not a place where you can horse around," Albron stood up, blocking the Great Conqueror.


The Great Conqueror let out a cold huff. A ray of golden light shot from his eyes, incredibly fast, upon Albron's body. Even before the Pope could react, Albron's body had already turned into blood mist, disappearing into nothingness.

Killing with a gaze?

It was the first time anyone had seen such a powerful attack. Some were completely shocked silly. They watched with stunned eyes and wide-open mouths.

They had heard of killing with a gaze before but thought it was just a legend, some impossible made-up story. Now that they had witnessed Albron's death, everyone was shocked silly.

Killing with a gaze. It could only be used by the utmost powerful self-cultivators. Normal masters of the True Spirit realm were too weak to use the attack.

"Such a powerful gaze," at this moment, the Pope looked worried, his eyes appeared shocked.

Not only was the Pope in shock, Augustus was in shock as well. Albron was one of the three great Cardinals of the Holy See. He possessed incredible strength and he was even wearing the 'Holy See Red Cloak', an upper-grade spiritual device. But he was still turned into a mist of blood by the Great Conqueror's single gaze.

The Great Conqueror was too incredibly powerful. His gaze-killing was like from some sort of fairy tale and everyone was incredibly fearful.

"Imbecile, daring to trap my son? You're just a mere person in the early-stage of the True Spirit realm," the Great Conqueror said with a face of contempt.


The Great Conqueror shot out another powerful golden gaze, this time, onto the spiritual light veil of Augustus. With a loud bang, the spiritual light veil was blown into pieces, fading into nothingness.


As the spiritual light veil broke, Augustus spewed out a huge gush of fresh blood. His face was pale, his body was heavily wounded.

Killing with one gaze, destroying the veil with one gaze, without even moving his hands. Everyone was stupefied.

"Fffather," Qingfeng Li was so happy he was unable to speak.

Although they haven't seen each other for years, the bond between a father and his son came naturally. He felt a closeness with the avatar in the depth of his bones.

"Why the h.e.l.l are you crying? No son of mine should cry from bullies, make them cry." The Great Conqueror said proudly, smiling lightly. He was even bossy towards his own son.

Qingfeng Li wiped away his tears. He said smiling, "I'm just happy to see you."

The Great Conqueror reached out his hand and patted Qingfeng Li's shoulder. His eyes grew warm. He hasn't seen his son for more than 10 years. The former stupid kid had already grown into a handsome young man.

"Son, watch me tidy up the trash," the Great Conqueror said fiercely, smiling lightly.

Upon hearing this, both the Pope and Augustus were enraged. How dare he call them trash.

The Pope was the ruler of all of the Tiger Continent. Augustus was the descendant of Zeus, the G.o.d of all G.o.ds. They were both immensely prestigious powers of the continent. Their footsteps were more earth-shattering than twelve magnitude earthquakes. But they were trash in the eyes of the Great Conqueror?

"Great Conqueror, I know that you are Huaxia's G.o.d of war, but this is the Tiger Continent, this is no place for you to disrespect," Augustus said coldly, sneering.

 "Disappear!" the Great Conqueror roared. The sound of his voice carried a violent sonic energy, directly pounding onto Augustus' body.

Deng deng deng deng!!!!

Augustus took a few steps back, his face unusually pale, his eyes aghast. The Great Conqueror only said one word, but his voice embodied such an immense power that its very sonic energy forced back Augustus.

At this moment, Augustus felt fear in his heart.

Yes, fear, just what realm has the Great Conqueror reached to be this powerful? How was it possible that he killed through his gaze as if he was from a fairy tale, as if he was divine.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 951

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