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Chapter 98: Taking Xiaoyue Zhang Hostage

Half an hour later.

The policeman with the buzz cut completed the test for the fingerprints on the banknotes.

After comparison, he found three sets of fingerprints in total on the banknotes.

"What is the result the investigation?"

Mengyao Xu slightly knitted her brows and asked.

She really wanted to know the results of the test because it was about who stole the money and whether Qingfeng Li could be proved innocent.

It was not only Mengyao Xu. Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin and the others in the company were also curious about the results.

"Captain, after testing and comparing, three people left fingerprints on the banknotes: Qiang Hu, Ping w.a.n.g, and Dequan Hu."

Tthe policeman with the buzz cut handed the testing form to Mengyao Xu and said.

"Arrest Qiang Hu, Ping w.a.n.g and Dequan Hu."

Mengyao Xu waved her elegant hand and said to a couple of policemen behind her.

Now the results were obvious. Whoever stole the company's money would leave fingerprints on banknotes. Since there were three people, then bring them all back for interrogation.

"Officer, you can't arrest me! I'm the director of security for the Ice Snow Corporation."

Qiang Hu’s facial expression changed and he said, his face pale.

When the fingerprint was tested out, he knew he would be screwed. He framed Qingfeng Li for stealing money from the company, but Qingfeng Li’s fingerprints were not on the money at all, only theirs.

"Hum, you stole 10 million from the company. The amount is huge, and you will be sentenced to at least three years. You also framed others. Two offenses will get you at least a five years sentence."

Mengyao Xu sneered and said in a cold voice.

"Please, I don't want to go to jail."

Ping w.a.n.g’s face changed greatly, his face full of terror.

He had just been engaged recently and would be married in one month. If he went to jail, his fiancee would certainly run away with someone else.

"You don’t want to go to jail. Then confess and expose your accomplices. It can reduce the punishment. if you behave properly, the punishment can be waived."

Mengyao Xu smiled coldly and said.

Her method was great. To alleviate the punishment, she asked

the criminals to expose each other, which was a very effective method of getting more information.

"Officer, this is all Qiang Hu’s idea. He wanted me to put the 10 million in Qingfeng Li’s drawer. It has nothing to do with me."

To alleviate his own punishment, Ping w.a.n.g exposed Qiang Hu right away.

Though Qiang Hu promised him that the latter could be head of the sales department, he was about to go to jail. He didn’t care about the d.a.m.n head of the sales department.

"Officer, I want to report too. It was Qiang Hu who asked me to steal the money from the finance department and then give it to him so he could frame Qingfeng Li."

Dequan Hu’s face turned pale. In order to not go to jail, he betrayed Qiang Hu decisively.

As the saying goes, when big disasters come, people thought for themselves firstly. When the three framed Qingfeng Li, they ate and drank together, calling each other brothers and had a great time.

But once they face the threat of going to jail, their alliance fell apart right away. They jumped out to expose Qiang Hu right away.

Bad companions and friends at the dinner table were not reliable.

"You two mother*ckers. You actually betrayed me!"

Seeing Ping w.a.n.g and Dequan Hu betraying him, Qiang Hu’s face turned livid, his eyes full of anger. He knew that he was the culprit. He couldn’t deny it at all because there were witnesses and evidence.

"Unexpectedly, it was Qiang Hu who stole the money."

"Yea, he was just framing Qingfeng Li for stealing. He is such an evil person."

"Aye, I listened to him just now and wronged Qingfeng Li."

"Me too. In fact, Qingfeng Li is the good guy."

The people

around were abuzz, but this time, they were pointing at Qiang Hu and feeling guilty towards accusing Qingfeng Li.

"President Lin, we are taking these three to the police station. You will agree, won’t you?"

Mengyao Xu smiled faintly and said to Xue Lin.

After all, Xue Lin was the president of the Ice Snow Corporation. Mengyao Xu was arresting her employees, so she should inform her.

"Of course."

Xue Lin nodded and then turned to the company said, "I now announce that I have fired Qiang Hu, Ping w.a.n.g and Dequan Hu from the company, and will never hire them again."

Listening to Xue Lin’s words, the three went pale, their eyes full of desperation. They were fired by the company, and would never get hired again after this event gets printed onto their records.

The president was really ruthless. Everyone looked at Xue Lin in shock. Her decision was life-changing.

It had to pointed out that their ident.i.ties were not insignificant. Qiang Hu was the director of the security department and his father was the vice president. Dequan Hu was the head of the finance department. Ping w.a.n.g was a senior staff member of the sales department with a sales performance ranking within the top 3.

But now, Xue Lin announced domineeringly that they will all be fired and never hired again.

Xue Lin was very very angry. These guys dared to steal money from the company, and frame her husband. It was absolutely intolerable.

Fire, they had to be fired! And never hired again! They will never be able to step foot into the Ice Snow Corporation again. Xue Lin said, gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth.

"Step back. Don’t come over. I will kill her if anyone comes close!"

Seeing two policemen were about to arrest him, Qiang Hu’s facial expression changed. He took a knife from the shelf and put it on Xiaoyue Zhang’s neck. He yelled out with a threatening look on his face.

He knew he had committed a serious crime, and he was the mastermind. Once caught, he would definitely get sentenced. So he risked it and took Xiaoyue Zhang hostage.

At this moment, Xiaoyue Zhang’s beautiful face turned pale. Her comely face was full of terror. It never occurred to her that Qiang Hu would take her hostage with a knife.

"Let her go."

Seeing Xiaoyue Zhang was taken hostage, Qingfeng Li’s facial expression suddenly changed and he said coldly.

He didn’t expect that Qiang Hu would lose his mind and take Xiaoyue Zhang hostage in order to not get arrested.

"No, you let me out immediately, or I'll kill her."

Qiang Hu’s face was ferocious and the knife in his right hand slightly moved on her neck. Suddenly a string of blood came out, reddened her face.

This was an extremely dangerous moment. With a bit of carelessness, Xiaoyue Zhang would die.

Mengyao Xu and policemen around changed their facial expression drastically, daring not to move. People in the company were frightened and stepped back, scared that they would cause more harm.

"Since you want to die, I’ll let you."

Seeing Xiaoyue Zhang’s pale face, Qingfeng Li showed a touch of coldness in the eyes.

This little beauty treated him very good. Since he came to the company, she had taught him a lot.

He decided that even he was to expose his power, he would save Xiaoyue Zhang.


Qingfeng Li picked up a pen on the table and flung it forward.

The speed of the pen was extremely fast, like a bolt of lightning, stabbing into Qiang Hu’s palm where he held the knife, completely piercing his palm. The knife then fell down.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 98

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