My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became the Weakest Skeleton! Chapter 56.2

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Chapter 56.2
Episode 56 — Wrath of Harao

~ Part 2 ~

“In that case … we declineee!!”

Kaoru gathered magic power in his right hand and invoked it together with a shout.

“«Evil Flare»!!“

The black flame he released, however, was very easily erased by a swing of a p.a.w.n’s right hand.
But Kaoru’s attack didn’t end at that point. With his magic invocation as the cue, several imps that were hiding on the deck shot magic at the 5 p.a.w.ns from all direction. Kaoru made a short chant again and shot attack magic one after another.

Attack magic cross-fired from every direction. But when the dense smoke cleared, the p.a.w.ns were, as expected, standing there uninjured.

“Ha ha ha, as I thought, this Promotional Armor is quite a robust magic tool.”

One p.a.w.n said that in an elated manner.

“As expected of Bishop Akeno’s quality product. Both offense and defense are very excellent.”
“But then, even without this armor, it won’t take much time to clean up the small fries before us though.”

The p.a.w.ns were having a carefree conversation, Kaoru couldn’t feel even an atom of vigilance against themselves at all. I guess it’s natural. It’s vexing but there’s no need to be vigilant. The difference in our true strength is too overwhelming, even if our side is superior in terms of number, there is nothing we can do at all.


“Harao-kun, why are you doing nothing? Let’s get them.”

∗Guu∗, tightly clenching his fist, Kaoru glared at the p.a.w.ns. He didn’t think it would be effective, but he tried to use «Temptation» anyway. Deciding his aim to be a p.a.w.n that he casually met eyes with, he pulled out the maximum power of temptation and loaded it into his eyes. He forced the opponent’s brain to be aware of himself.
But, the instant the p.a.w.n smile fearlessly, he felt as if the magic power ran counter-current in his whole body, Kaoru’s consciousness flew for a moment. He unintentionally staggered and leaned his hands on the side of the s.h.i.+p.

“«Temptation» won’t have any effect.”

A p.a.w.n proudly said.

“This armor’s anti-magic and anti-curse are overwhelming. Unless we open our heart ourselves and accept the other party, «Temptation» won’t have any effect.”

Even his trump card was sealed, he was even more helpless now.
However, Akai was behind him, so he wasn’t going to give way here. Kaoru again stood up straight and scolded his unmoving cla.s.smate.

“Noisy Okama…”

Using a little irritated tone, Harao said.

“I’m also anti the evil blood army…. The quadrangular pyramid barrier is constructed with the blessing of Nile River…. Thee shouldst witness the strength of Pyramid Power…”
“Py, Pyramid Power…?”

Kaoru inclined his head but that moment, he noticed a barrier-like something stretching around Harao.
That was deployed in a pyramid-shape, it was highly transparent and seemed to melt into the air but it definitely did manifest. It wasn’t that the 5 p.a.w.ns were complacent and didn’t come down. They were hindered in front of Harao’s barrier and couldn’t come down.

“Isn’t this amazing…”
“But, I can’t keep it up anymore.”

Simultaneously with Harao’s announcement, the pyramid-shaped barrier started cracking.


∗Parin∗, like a joke, the barrier broke. That moment, t

he p.a.w.ns vigorously swooped down on this place.

“Intercept them, Harao-kun!”
“This too, is a nay.”

Harao created an invisible force field with the ankh brandished in his right hand, the p.a.w.ns’ swoop was held back for just an instant. Immediately afterward, Kaoru’s body gently floated in the air, he was snugly thrown into a golden coffin which came flying from out of nowhere.

“Ah, hey, wait … Harao-kun!? Hara…”

∗Bakun∗, the coffin’s lid closed tightly. Even if Kaoru beat it from the inside, it only made gan gan sound and naturally didn’t budge.

“The enemy is a threat…. You, as I degree, be mine eyes, be mine ears. Go convey and summon.”

At the same time as Harao launched the coffin with Kaoru locked up within toward the island, the swooping down p.a.w.ns made a simultaneous attack toward Harao. The vampires’ sharp claws continuously tore apart the decoration and bandages adorning Harao’s body.
The vampires immediately flew toward the cabin in one go, but Harao brandished the ankh and teleported in front of the door leading to the cabin. An arm a p.a.w.n thrust out was intercepted by a telekinesis wall.

That p.a.w.n clicked his tongue.

“What foolishness is this…?”
“No one shalt disturb mine friends’ slumber.”

This was the cabin Akai currently rested in. And the door leading to it was perfectly blocked by Harao’s telekinesis.

“You want to die huh. Even though we’ve told you we’ll let you live if you just stay out of our way.”

The p.a.w.n muttered so, his voice betrayed a little irritation.

p.a.w.n-cla.s.s vampires, number: 5. However a hit pieces, a hit ability he pulled, however freely could he manipulate that ability, even if this was Harao Masaki, this number was not something he could deal with by clas.h.i.+ng with them head on. However, in the face of this battle with no chance of winning, Harao first locked up Kaoru in the coffin and let him escape in order to look for reinforcement, next, in his effort to earn even a bit of time, he blockaded the pa.s.sage.
You want to die? The p.a.w.n’s question was reasonable. He still showed this much blatant defiance will in front of this overwhelming different in ability, that is to say, even if his head was sent flying, he wouldn’t be able to complain.

However, Harao puffed up his chest and said.

“I am Harao. With the moonrise the soul shalt sleep, with the sunrise a new life shalt be granted. Harao shalt never die. Thee lowborn blood clan shalt never disturb mine friends’ slumber.”

It was something that the 5 p.a.w.ns were completely unaware of, but the word ‘friends’ Harao said in this place was not necessarily indicating just Akai.

The one whose slumber he was trying to protect, was the owner of the altar enshrined in the dining room. For him, the s.h.i.+p’s interior was something akin to an imperial tomb that promised the eternal slumber of his now deceased friend, Was.h.i.+o Kouta. The insolent bunch who tried to step inside with their dirty feet, Harao Masaki would never allow it.
Naturally, he also didn’t plan to taste that same sense of helplessness he tasted at that time when Was.h.i.+o died, ever again. That’s why, Harao was risking his life in order to protect both Akai’s person as well as the peace of Was.h.i.+o’s soul.

“O lowborn ones, thee can cometh. I am Harao. Learnth the warth of Harao with thy body.”
“Bring it on!!”

One of the p.a.w.ns, as if to say I’m tired of this s.h.i.+t, sprung at Harao.


On the other hand, Kyousuke group at that time was tracing their steps back to before a certain residence where Hanazono group was waiting, of course, with Nekomiya rescue unit in tow. Hanazono, Kinogasa, Shokuzura, everyone of them was safe, while concealing themselves within the tentacles, they had been waiting for Kyousuke’s return.

“There’s no big movement.”

Looking at the residence, Hanazono said. A wriggling tentacle was wrapping around her entire body, but she didn’t show any sign of hating it in particular. There are vines and ivies among plants as well, so her affinity with these kind of things might be high?

“No one leaves, no one enters, I means, not at present.”

There was no doubt that Inugami was being detained in the cellar of that residence. They, in fact, still didn’t have any positive proof if she was truly safe, but discussing that at this point was pointless. Even in the worst case that she wasn’t safe, for Kyousuke and the others in this place, the choice of not going to help Inugami didn’t exist.
The leader of the rescue unit — Nekomiya — looked around the surroundings. From the viewpoint of the pet.i.t Nekomiya whose overall length was but 50 cm, even if she was standing straight, her body was still being covered by the tall gra.s.s.

“By the way, Shokuzura, what you’re holding now look like Inugami’s clothes…”
“Ahh, I picked it up.”
“Fumu. So that means, right now, Inugami is naked…”

The instant Nekomiya muttered that, everyone of the rescue unit stiffened with a twitch.

“It, it’s youth…”
“That kinda thing, Saruwatari, is called p.u.b.erty.”

As Saruwatari muttered with quite a hard to describe expression, Kyousuke lightly retorted.

“Anyhow, we’ll be storming the residence now, so we can’t take those clothes.”
“I and Rin as well, we’ll be combining and rus.h.i.+ng in as soon as it becomes a battle so it’s a bit…”

There no signs of human in the this area, and this was that Inugami they were talking about so she might unexpected not care about it, nevertheless, he felt awkward about making her — who was just rescued (not yet) — take a stroll outside still naked. Kyousuke felt awkward, so he had zero confidence that he would be able to look straight at her, probably.

“There isn’t any need to look straight at her, Kyousuke-kun.”
“Ah, you’re right.”

A severe retort came flying in from Rin.

“It’s best to brought Inugami to Hanazono after confirming her safety, isn’t it?”

Akira who was floating ∗fuyo fuyo∗ right beside Kyousuke, uninterestedly propose. Such a him, Kagoi and Karasuma was looking at him like seeing something unbelievable.

“Hino…. You, even you are a healthy young boy … right?”
“That, that’s right…. The heck did I do?”
“How was you able to propose such a thing so calmly and uninterestedly?”

Judging from Akira who kind of got this communication disorder, he was unexpectedly not used to being pressed by the two students without any malice in this way. The hue of his flaming body was hectically changing. It was probably the equivalent of shedding cold sweats all over his face in he was still human.

“Well, let’s leave it at that.”

Did she judge that it would just be bothersome to let the story develop anymore than this, standing around their feet, leader Nekomiya concluded the story.

“After sneaking in, if it comes to a battle with the vampires, we will call Utsurogi group. Please standby in the combine state.”
“What about the signal?”
“I will use shadow magic to give a sign. Can I borrow Utsurogi’s shadow for a bit.”
“I don’t mind, but…. You can do quite a skillful thing.”

The ‘shadow magic’ that Nekomiya used is a special form of magic that consume the shadow of the consented target as resources. This magic is said to be something a witch from somewhere once devised, and even now, it is still being transmitted to a portion of sacred beasts, including cait sith. When Nekomiya reincarnated as the species called cait sith, she had mastered this shadow magic as her monster skill.
By the way, the target will die if their shadow is used up, so it is a problem if you give your consent so thoughtlessly, but well, Kyousuke could only trust in Nekomiya’s management about that part.

“Now, let’s start storming in.”

Nekomiya solemnly declared in front of the group of 3 boys in p.u.b.erty who was still imagining Inugami’s naked body and couldn’t calm down.
Kyousuke and the rest were was going to wait for her report while hiding among the tentacles in the forest.

Nekomiya brought along the a.s.sault team and stealthily approach the house’s wall, with her ability «Shadow Pa.s.sage», they soundlessly intruded inside.

My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became the Weakest Skeleton! Chapter 56.2

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