My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became the Weakest Skeleton! Chapter 63.2

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Chapter 63.2
Episode 63 — Because We’re Friends

~ Part 2 ~


The black energy the ‘King’ released caught Sakuma. Burning pain ran around her body, she was thrown out to the lush ground. The ‘King’ gazed at Harui who was crucified to the crest and Sakuma who prostrated on the ground, he snorted.

Akai’s body started dragging itself inside the forest. She had already reached a power exhausted state that even the ‘King’‘s remote control couldn’t deceive it anymore.
If they chase, they would be able to caught up.
They couldn’t afford to collapse in this place.

Sakuma gripped the grassed, while crawling on the ground, she somehow stood up.
The one who was struggling to start moving wasn’t Sakuma alone.

“Damn … it…!”

While grinding her teeth, Harui was also trying to peel herself off the crest she was crucified to.

Quite a lot of time had already passed. Uozumi and the others might have succeeded in destroying the ship. There might be no need to stop the ‘King’anymore. But still, Sakuma didn’t want to sleep here. Even Harui should feel the same.

They didn’t want Akai Asuka, their important friend, to be manipulated any minute any second longer.

“U, raa–…!”

Finally, Harui succeeded in tearing off the crest restraint using brute strength. Immediately, she fluttered her wings once, causing a whirlwind.

“Asuka…, my bad–…!”

An apology to her friend’s body. Simultaneously, the whirlwind shredded the branches growing densely in the forest and was on its way toward the ‘King’. The ‘King’, without

turning around, only pushed out his right arm and crushed that whirlwind.

Akai Asuka’s vacant face turned around.

“I didn’t think you can still move.”

In that voice, something which resembled anger that was seen until a while ago had completely disappeared.

“Why can you wring out that much power?”
“It’s decided because Asuka is our friends!”

Baring her teeth, Harui threatened him, the ‘King’, on the other hand, showed scorn for that.

“At least, there wasn’t a child like you among the children that came up in her story though.”

Harui’s expression froze, as if to say she didn’t want to hear it.

“Asuka is the Queen. That status is promised by birth. She also has the talent to charm people, making them serve her. The one who think you’re friends is only you.”
“Harui-san, don’t listen to him!”

Sakuma shouted.

Akai’s body was nearing its limit. The ‘King’ intended to neutralize Harui without using a vampire power. He was trying to dampen the source of the power she mustered by shaking its precondition. Was it a fact that Harui herself was also aware of somewhere in her heart? She bit her lips, her eyes opened wide.

“Certainly, that Sachi over there may be her friend. Because Asuka herself has said so. But you are different. So to call it, you’re a moth gathers to the torch light. You’ll never become equal ‘friends’ with Asuka.”

Harui could just turn a deaf ear to his words. But the girls couldn’t cleanly

cleanly decided to resort to pure violence without listening to the opponent’s words. With the truth she wanted to avert her eyes from thrusting before her, Harui’s body trembled slightly.


Growling voice from the bottom of the earth spilled from Harui.

Was that directed toward Sakuma or else toward the ‘King’? Fury bled from Harui voice into the surroundings, the air started clattering.Trees started creaking, leaves started rustling.

“Like I care what that guy wants to say…! Asuka is my friend…!”

A pained voice leaked out, even so, Harui Yuka clearly announced.

Perhaps, the ‘King’‘s words were objectively correct. Harui Yuka and Hebitsuka Ranmia were always recognized as Akai Asuka’s followers. Followers, after all, were followers. They would never became existences of the same status as the Queen, everyone in the class was also unconsciously viewing Harui and Hebitsuka as under Akai.

“Don’t you understand? I said it didn’t I? Asuka…”
“The like of you!”

Not letting the ‘King’ finish speaking, Harui shouted again. Wind was increasing its momentum.

“The like of you, don’t call Asuka’s name so familiarly!!”
“Asuka is my friend. I didn’t became friends with her because I’m in want of friendship or anything. Even self-righteous, I won’t hand that girl over to you!!”

Trees making rustling noises, were eloquently spoke for Harui Yuka’s uncontainable mental state. Harui tread one step, two steps forward, her voice further roughened.

“Asuka! Oi, are you listening Asuka!? I’m not giving up! Even if Asuka says Sakuma, Kaoruko

Sakuma, Kaoruko and Utsurogi are more reliable, I and Hebitsuka are always your friends!!”
“What grating noise!!”

Harui shouted.


Sakuma also shouted.

Thereupon, Akai Asuka’s body stopped for an instant. Holding her head with one hand, her expression distorted in anguish. That was the face of Akai herself. There was no intervention of that sinister will.

“Harui…, Sachi…”

That slight moment when Akai Asuka’s consciousness returned.

Akai sent an entreating gaze toward Sakuma.
Sakuma nodded. If she was to use power, then now and here was the only choice.

The succubus racial ability was «Temptation». It suppressed one of the opponent free will and half-forcibly planted goodwill toward themselves. Speaking frankly, it was essentially no difference whatsoever from the remote control the King was doing right now.
Exactly as if it was displayed on a mirror. Sakuma came to understand the terror and the kind of ugliness of that act. Not to mention, to use that on her beloved ones and friends was….

Even so, she had no choice but to do it.

It was the first time she saw that kind of pained face of Akai Asuka. Sakuma gazed at Akai, she put in power. Akai reached out her hand to Sakuma and Harui like seeking for help. Sakuma responded to that with her hand, Harui with her wings.
«Temptation» invoked, Sakuma’s heart smoothly entered inside Akai’s heart. There was no feeling of rejection. Akai started showing a relieved expression, at that moment.


Akai’s expression that moment.


Akai’s expression changed, Sakuma’s heart was thrust away. That power that suddenly came in from the side, had forcibly plundered the control from Sakuma. Anguish passed and again nihility visited.
Akai Asuka’s heart was recaptured.

“It’s useless.”

The ‘King’ muttered in slightly disappointed voice.

“It seems I looked down on your heart a little too much. You taking advantage of a momentary gap to charm her was also unexpected. But apparently, my control power exceeded yours.”

Sakuma bit her lips. Was the control right being taken away because she had hesitated? However, for Sakuma who had never used «Temptation»before, she didn’t know how to adjust it.

Even so, she never thought there was nothing more that could be done.
Harui as well would not give up. Sakuma hated to compete, but she had not the slightest bit of intention of losing to Harui in terms of friendship for Akai. Originally, it was doubtful whether the two of them could suppress the ‘King’ for 5 minutes. Beyond betting, she had also set up an insurance.

And apparently, that was in time.

“Haaaaaa–! Seiyaaaaaaaaaa–!!”

Passing through between the trees, a fire-cladding demon dove toward Akai.


Akai’s body barely avoided a direct hit, but a sharp blow grazed her shoulder.
Landed, brimming with a will to fight, the demon took a Jeet Kune Do stance.

That demon said:

“You’re not hurt? Sakuma, Harui.”
“Utsurogi-kun! Hino-kun!”
“I’m here too, yo–!”

Blue transparent flesh sticking to the demon’s right arm was waving its hand.

My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became the Weakest Skeleton! Chapter 63.2

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