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There was a roar of gunfire, and the calm valley was suddenly roaring with noise.

Had it not been for Qin Feng, Green Dragon would have likely been hit by a bullet to the face. He hid under a mound and listened as bullets swished past his ear. Suddenly the firing stopped.

The other team was approaching the ground; when the enemy noticed them, they immediately adjusted their aim.

Qin Feng shouted, "Green Dragon, come on. We have to go fight the enemy, or Lei Ming and the others are doomed to die."

"The situation isn't clear. We're likely to fall into a trap. In the event of an ambush, we'd have no way out," Green Dragon cried.

"We can't worry too much. They're completely exposed in mid-air, with no cover once they land. They'll become an easy target once they're closer to the ground."

Although Lei Ming had always picked on Qin Feng, they were on the same team. When facing the enemy, they needed to stand together.

Green Dragon conceded Qin Feng's point. "Okay. Fire's coming from 3:00 but denser at 07:00. Let's separate, move around, then destroy the enemy's heavy fire."

Qin Feng replied, "No, their cannons have a close attack range. Hit the machine gunners first. After you leave the bunker, run west. Leave me. As long as they are distracted, I can destroy them."

"It's too dangerous. What if they turn around and hit you? They're not like the Golden Triangle drug lords. They've undergone strict military training," said Green Dragon anxiously.

"No, listen to me. I'm the king of this battle, and no one will be faster than me."

At this point, Lei Ming and the others were less than a kilometer from the ground in mid-air. A little lower, and they would be completely destroyed by the terrorists.

Green Dragon stopped hesitating. "Watch yourself," he warned as he dashed out of the dunes. He ran west, lowering his head like a cheetah. He jumped and turned while bullets roared around him like rain; Green Dragon was running at a speed that these men could not keep up with. They tried to antic.i.p.ate where he would move next, but Green Dragon dodged every bullet. Eventually, the terrorists burst out of the hillside bunker, cursing.

Qin Feng, who had been hidden in the dark, was waiting for this opportunity.

Dressed in camouflage, the terrorists ran out one after another. Qin Feng shot precisely—one, two, three, four. After several shots, the ones who were still moving were frightened and rushed back.

At that moment, Qin Feng heard Lei Ming shout, "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Are you watching where you're shooting? You almost killed me!"

"You almost got shot in midair! You should thank me. The entire southern hillside was full of enemies. I pulled them off of you! Move to the north. We'll gather on the fourth a.s.sembly point," Qin Feng ordered.

Although Lei Ming did not want to listen to Qin Feng, he still followed his orders. After all, on the real battlefield, Qin Feng was better than the entire special combat team. Lei Ming couldn't argue with facts.

Green Dragon, panting, approached and said, "Captain Qin, withdraw. Lei Ming, they've moved back. We're safe for the time being."

Qin Feng objected. "No, these people are still a threat. I've seen the heat sensing screen and noticed that the field line on the north side is too long, hundreds of meters long. We have so much baggage that if the enemies caught up with us, we would be eliminated. I'll drag them out, and you and Lei Ming can take the hill."

Green Dragon shook his head. "No, it's too dangerous. There are at least forty or fifty people on the hillside. How will you deal with them?"

"There is a mountain forest on the east side. I'll go in and go around them. No matter how powerful these people are, they cannot compare with me. Rest a.s.sured."

Qin Feng then hurled two smoke bombs to the west and north. In an instant, a thick fog rolled over the bushes. The enemies saw the smoke, and thinking that the Chinese soldiers were about to run away, rushed out of the trenches to chase after them.

Qin Feng hid at the edge of the eastern mountain forest, his gun aimed at the edge of the smoke cloud. As long as someone ran through his line of fire, he was sure he'd make a fatal blow.

Besides, he could launch three consecutive shots.

Qin Feng nervously stared ahead. He had not fought for a while. Hearing the gunfire again put his nerves on edge, but it seemed like a natural reaction to him.

Everyone yearned for peace, but in this world, there would always be people who would try to take what they wanted without earning it. If they showed restraint, they could be helped. But if they did it recklessly, Qin Feng's division could only guarantee the safety of the innocent people.


Qin Feng had felt that the enemy would appear before he saw them and took a shot. It hit a man 50 meters away in the head, and two more shots killed the next two men.

After that, the rest of the group didn't dare to come forward. They hid behind the bunker where Qin Feng had hidden earlier and turned eastward. They could not figure out where Qin Feng was hidden. Besides, Qin Feng had deliberately used two different types of guns to hit his targets, so the enemy wasn't sure how many men they were up against. Qin Feng hoped to distract the enemy long enough to ensure the safety of Green Dragon and Lei Ming.

Qin Feng had always been like this when he got into battle. He did not know how many times he had chosen the most dangerous move in a life-and-death situation. He figured as long as the mission succeeded and his comrades were safe, protecting his own life didn't matter.

However, despite the number of bullets that had flown at him over the years, he always survived. The G.o.ddess of luck seemed very attached to him. He often encountered miracles.

His shots had angered the terrorists. They had received warning a while ago that Chinese special forces would land here, but they didn't quite believe the reports. Just as they had been preparing to wrap up and leave the area, this helicopter had appeared.

My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 119 Front Line

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