My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 204 That's What You Did To Me

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When she heard Xiao Feng's defense, Xiao Jinhua smiled helplessly. "Qin Feng, what are you thinking about? He is the head of a military district. How could he acted as a matchmaker for us? Beside, What's the status of you, and what's my ident.i.ty? We are not at the same society level. You have received the best military education, you are the elite of the country. But who am I? I am a debauched woman who haunts in nightclubs. my body is full of vulgarity, flattery, dirtiness and controversy. Without Xiao He, there would be no relations.h.i.+p between us."

"How can you say that,Sister Flower? In my heart, you are always a Sister Flower. You are a very outstanding person, but you lack a good platform to display your talents. In these years, you works in nightclubs, but you have never been stained and you haven't done anything unconscionable. Your bar is as clean as a stream flowing in the underground river, clear enough to see the bottom of it. Otherwise, how could Zhao Jun accept your temper? It was because of your outstanding ability and unique business philosophy that make you so unique in the Tian He these years.When people in the same business talking about you, they thumb up on you. Others such as Ru Ru and Xiao Xiang, they tired hard every day to cater to their guests, Zhao Jun, other leaders. Worrying about being investigated. They have done so much work, but their profit were less than two-thirds of yours. This is the difference between them and you. I also very admire that you can keep your original mind in difficulty and create value in your own way, eventually winning respect from others. Not everyone can do that. Even for me, if I don't have the experience as a special team member. To be honest, I would have been begging in streets."

Qin Feng said seriously, "no matter what happens, I will not leave you in this way. I have means to solve the contradiction with the army. It's not a difficult thing, believe me."

"No, haven't you understood yet?"

Sister Flower realized that Qin Feng was too obstinate, she thought about it and decide to say heartlessly, "I just don't want to let you pester me, do you know? Now, Xiao He's work has been done. I don't want to have any connection with the people or events of the army any longer. I feel uncomfortable now. Do you know? In addition, Although you are skillful, you always screw things up. And always cause me a lot of trouble. You are even a bit annoying to me now. I don't want you to become my burden after returning. Can you understand what I'm saying now? "


Although it sounded tough, Sister Flower decided to say it decisively. She knew that only in this way could the stubborn Qin Feng be completely tamed. He was such an obstinate man. Once he had decided something, no one could make him change his mind. If she didn't say so heartlessly, He would be sure to tangle with her again. Even if Xiao Jinhua returned to Tian He alone, Qin Feng would follow her.

"You hate me? I am a burden?"

Qin Feng looked at Sister Flower with disbelief. What happened to her? She was so kind to Qin Feng just now, moreover she was grateful to Qin Feng. But now it changed into annoying. "Do you really think of me in this way? Look at me and tell me."

Xiao Jinhua turned around, she looked at Qin Feng carefully and found him looked anxiously. Xiao Jinhua really could not bear to attack or bully him. But when she thought that Qin Feng was going to waste his life in the Tianhe, she felt sorry for him and endured hesitation in her heart, her said resolutely, "Yes, that's what I think. Don't consider yourself always right. Do you think it's great to be able to fight? When I met you at the very beginning, I just used you as a s.h.i.+eld for me. Now, you don't have any value for me. The enemy has been eliminated. When it comes to this, I still have to thank you for your help. If you didn't come to me, I may not be able to stay in the Tianhe anymore."

When the words came out, Sister Flower stepped backward and make a bow to Qin Feng. "Thank you, you are awesome and brave. But you don't have enough emotional intelligence, especially in the business world. You are too easy to be fooled by people. You are so simple that you would be hurt easily. From now on, bear in your mind that never trust people so easily. Especially women."


Finally, she said it.

Qin Feng tried to weep but failed to shed a tear. He never thought that she was such a person. It didn't look like she's making fun of him because she looked serious.

The atmosphere was suddenly tighten, and the body of the Qin Feng could not help but trembling. He did not dare to look at Sister Flower in front of him. At that moment, he saw pictures of them living together in the past few months as if there was a projector in his brain. He never thought that she was making use of him. How was that possible?

Even though Qin Feng hadn't met numerous people, at least he had been to many places. Of course, he had experienced a lot of things and met many people, and his psychological endurance would not be as vulnerable as Sister Flower said.

For a long time, Qin Feng sipped his dry lower lip tightly. "Sister Flower, I didn't expect you to do this to me. In my eyes, you are the sister of Xiao He, and also my sister. To tell the truth, the last few months being in Tianhe was the happiest time for me. I have never been taken care of by others like a younger brother. I was moved for a long time because of your warm greeting and breakfast. Maybe you don't know, When I was still a child, I was thrown on the wild hills by my father so that I could practice my skills and became skillful as you can see today. My mother died very early. n.o.body cared about me. No one understands me like you did. When I grew up, I executed all kinds of orders in the army like a machine and began to lead the team when I was able to. I have run all over the world, I have killed a lot of people, and have saved many people, my hands are covered with blood, I'm not sure whether it is right or wrong living in this way, I know a lot of principles, I know that this is for the country, I should do so. But I still want to take a rest besides my busy work and have a few days of easy life, return to a normal life and stay with you. Even if I do nothing, I still consider it a living. This is the life I want. Maybe I have been suppressed for too long. The most common days in my eyes are very precious. You said that I was a s.h.i.+eld, I am not sad about it because it proves that I still have some value for you. Xiao He has gone, he died for me, so I should take the responsibilities for you. You … "

"That's enough, shut up."

Before Qin Feng finished speaking, Sister Flower had been in a rage and shouted, "don't remind me again and again that Xiao He is dead! Please. I have already known that he died and died in Golden Triangle, and even his body was not found. If not guessed wrong, his body had been smashed into muddy flash by the gang of unforgivable thugs. Right? "


Sister Flower's word had stimulated Qin Feng thoroughly who was already very guilty. He became even more confused.

Qin Feng stood up, and his legs became weak. He breathed deeply and looked at Sister Flower who was as sad as him:" I …, What should I do? How can you forgive me! "

"I'm not blaming you, no, no. I know that is his fate. No one can change it. But I hope you can walk away from me and leave my world, which is the greatest help to me! Please! "

Finished it, Sister Flower turned away and jumped off the stone steps at the fastest speed. At the moment of turning, she still failed to hold back and shed tears at last.

My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 204 That's What You Did To Me

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