My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 206 A Waste Of Affection

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Green dragon saw that Qin Feng was haggard. It was not right. Green dragon was puzzled. "What's wrong with you? You look haggard. Why are you not in Tianhe? Fei Ying and Lei Ming told me that you are going to do business in Tianhe."

Qin Feng walked weakly to the sofa in the living room, he lay down lazily, then lit up a cigarette, smoked and put his two legs on the tea table, then glimpsed green dragon beside him. "Where is green snake?"


When green dragon heard what Qin Feng said, he burst into speechless words. "You guess? You left in that evening, you were free and ease. But I was in trouble. I talked to her for a long time, but she refused me at last. I wanted to kill you that night. I blame you for it. If you weren't involved, green snake would definitely be together with me. But in these two days, I also understand, oh, f.u.c.king love, there are a lot of good women in the world. Anyway, you do not like her, it is useless if she is still trying to get together with you actively. Just let her go, as time past, she will change her mind. Nothing could change her mind at the moment."

"I'm asking you, where is she? Why are you saying so much nonsense! "

Qin Feng was somewhat impatient. Green dragon had always been like this. He said a lot but always missed the point.

"She said he wanted to get some fresh air, and then drove a JIMNY to Qinghai."

Green dragon had no choice but curled his lips. "As you know, she's too stubborn, once there's something she wants to do, no one can stop it. Chief Gu talked to her for a long time, but she refused to listen to him and drove away. She never cared about others feeling. She said that she would come back when you returned to the army, otherwise she would keep traveling and getting some fresh air."

Qin Feng thought that after this farewell, green snake would give up, and green dragon would seize this opportunity to soothe green snake. The two people would get together again, but this guy still didn't make it unexpectedly.

"You, you are so useless. You can't hold this good chance. When she went to Qinghai, why didn't you follow her? If you two were driving a JIMNY to Qinghai Lake. What a romantic journey. You are really an idiot."

Qin Feng was so angry that he punched green dragon heavily. "Can you use your brain and be cheekier at the critical moment? If you keep being straight-faced, when would you get into her heart?"

"I wanted to go with her, but she rejected. When I followed her, she took a knife to suicide. I know it's false, but I didn't want to force her. After all, she has said that, it was meaningless if I followed her. She didn't give up, so any word was in vain."

Green Dragon said helplessly, "I can only blame myself for being unattractive, so she doesn't like me."

Qin Feng looked at this grievance of green dragon, he was not good to say anything, "OK, two lost men come together, do not say anything, it's all because women are not good."

"What's the matter? You also... "

Green dragon asked him urgently. "Are you hurt by Sister Flower?"

"Don't mention it. Go for a drink."

"Drink in the apartment. I'll get the alcohol in the canteen, I'll come back soon."

Green dragon hummed, "in these days, because you are absent, I am very boring, and I have to deal with all kind of things of Special Forces. You don't have to deal with these things after you leave, but I have no time to rest."

"That's a good thing. A skillful man should do more work. Everyone needs you, it proves that you are gaining your prestige slowly, as time past, everyone would consider that you are the captain of Special Forces, a somebody, it takes time, you have to learn to adapt, adapt to the change of this role. A change from a team member to a captain, it seems that the two positions are not very different, but the level of occupation is different, and the groups you face are different. At the same time, your spirit state and daily behavior should be improved accordingly. Forget it, let's not talk about it. There's a lot of knowledge in it. Let's get some alcohol and food. I'm starving. "

While saying, the mood of Qin Feng was suddenly much better, he hugged the shoulder of green dragon and went out with him, "f.u.c.k, it is pleasant to have a brother to get together, to spend time with women is a waste of time."

Yes, the sudden departure of Sister Flower made Qin Feng puzzled, he couldn't understand why Sister Flower was so determined, even if it was really good for him, it didn't have to be so sudden. Everything must have a process of adaptation. Her words were so vicious, who could bear it.

Qin Feng felt very grieved, although he would not hate Sister Flower, but he always felt bad, because he was used as prop, s.h.i.+eld, and so on, it was all he did not want to hear. He could pay all for the people he liked and the things he liked, even if it was his life, but if the other person only used his innocence, it would be a sad story.

They came to the canteen of the military area, in fact, it was a "small restaurant" it was rather than a canteen which was recruited by the leaders.h.i.+p of the military area. The interior decoration was better than the five-star hotels. The core members of Special Forces were all meals at the internal recruitment level. The ordinary members of Special Forces ate the ordinary food of a small restaurant, the ordinary officers and soldiers could only eat the food in the big canteen, although taste and material were also good, but it was still different from special stir-fried dish.

Their inside meals would also be eaten in a single room of the highest-grade restaurant. But there were too many people. The influence was not good for a long time. Now, besides the reception of foreign guests, few leaders would come here to eat. They all called the cooks to cook dishes and send over.

Qin Feng picked up a few dishes and got some of treasured Niu Lan Shan alcohol. This was a great product that was specially supplied by manufacturer. It couldn't be bought in the outside markets, and it tastes a lot better to than that from markets outside.

When they returned to the apartment, it was half past six in the evening. They set up the dishes on the tea table and eat them directly.

After taking a drink, green dragon suddenly thought about something, "Is that Lei Ming quite fond of drinking? Let's call him."

"Yes, yes, call him, almost forget him. This guy was not very good before, but now he works with me and he has a good relations.h.i.+p with me."

Qin Feng said that while he called Lei Ming, Lei Ming was drinking in a regiment with several regimental cadres. Although they were lower in rank, but on weekdays, only these regimental cadres flattered Lei Ming. It was their honor that Lei Ming could have dinner with them.

But after receiving the invitation of Qin Feng, he immediately promised to go right away. He stood up and wiped his mouth. He left behind a group of leaders who were at a loss, and then he left the regiment.

"Look, a phone call made him come here immediately."

Qin Feng showed off, "it's not my exaggeration. Our prestige in the special region is absolutely greater than Gu Shaoyun's. Do you believe it? He was indifferent and proud, he had a bad temper all day, and he was very concerned about the power he grasped. Sooner or later, he would fail. No matter where we are, at the end of day, the most important thing is relations.h.i.+p, not power. If we have a good relations.h.i.+p with others, we could have everything done."

My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 206 A Waste Of Affection

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