My Pervert Roommate Chapter 12

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Translator: NinjaGal

Co-translator: Vannie

WARNING: Chapter is still an unedited, and English is not our first language so grammatical errors and some mistranslations might appear.


Bolded texts are already written in English in the Raw. Italicized texts are the thoughts of a character [Character name] means that it is that the following part is in that character’s POV(point of view)     Chapter 12: I like you [BLAKE]

That evening, I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. How could I when I couldn’t forget the things that Sehun has told me while he had me pinned down.
“I l-like you B-Blake.”

That. That’s the words I heard that until now, I hear it echoing in my ear. It’s like my brain recorded it and continuously played it back.

Until morning, I was wide awake and couldn’t bring myself to go to sleep. For sure, my eyes will look bloodshot again.

“I l-like you B-Blake.”

“I l-like you B-Blake.”

“I l-like you B-Blake.”

Waaaaaaaah! My thoughts won’t stop on letting me hear the things last night. Did Sehun develop feelings for me? Does he really like me? Can I assume that he will like me back? Do I have a shot at Sehun learning to love me?

“Good Morning” I quickly turned to face him as he spoke. It’s Sehun. Who else could it be? He’s the only one besides me. I looked at him. Oh, my! Even when he just woke up and his hair is messy, he still looks handsome and hot to look at.

“Good morning to you too,” I replied before facing away. I remembered what happened yesterday once more.

“I l-like you B-Blake.”

Waaaaaah! My head hurts from thinking too much. I wish that what he’s saying is true. I hope so.

It’s great to wake up in mornings when the person beside you is someone you love. I feel excited today, and I don’t know why I”m feeling like this.

I greeted him good morning, and he also greeted me back though he faced the other way. Oh well! I think he’s still uncomfortable around me. Well, he should feel cautious around me because I’ll do this every day. I’ll make him feel how much I like him and hopefully, he likes me back. I’m not sure if he genuinely likes me back when I forced him to confess that he’s gay. I really wish that’s true. Because if it is, I will make him mine.


“Blake, face me” I commanded. I didn’t get any reaction from him as he remained facing away from me.

“Blake, turn around and face me.” I gently told him as I caressed his shoulders to make him face me. But he swiped at my hand. Is he mad at me?

“Blake” I called his name but didn’t get any response. He really didn’t want to face me huh. Well, let’s see.


No matter how he called my name, I didn’t turn around to face him. I wasn’t really angry at him. I’m just feeling shy. Especially since he’s nearby and wide awake.

“Blake” He gently whispered once more, and I almost squealed with excitement because of the way he said my name. I didn’t answer him again and maintained my position.

He tried calling my name multiple times once more, but I didn’t bother myself to turn around to face him. I still maintained my silence in that position. Outside, I was so quiet, but inwardly everything is going all over the place as I squealed at the feelings that I’m suppressing. I don’t know why I’m feeling twitterpatted[1].

I suddenly jumped off the bed as I felt Sehun grope my butt and squeezed. The worst part is that he really squeezed my ass directly. Skin contact. He shoved his hand, bypassing my shorts and underwear and squeezed.

I took my pillow, and nonstop hit him, repeatedly. “You Pervert. Pervert!” I shout while hitting him with the pillow. The idiot is smirking the whole time as he deflected the pillow.

“Then face me now,” He said laughing.

“You pervert Sehun. Pervert”

I stopped as I grew tired. I had no choice as I turned around to face him.

The uncomfortable feelings that I felt earlier dissipated as I grew annoyed. Why is it that he’s still insisting on reaching for my butt. That imbecile is making fun of me.

I didn’t allow him to grope me once more as I slapped his hand away as it approached me. He didn’t insist on grabbing since I grabbed a flower vase nearby in defense.

“Put it down Blake.” He ordered as I shook my head in defiance.

“I don’t want to.” I stood my ground.

“Come on. Put it down, please. I promise I won’t fondle your ass.” He stated, raising his arms in surrender.

He approached me and held the hands that were holding the vase. He took the vase and gently returned it to the bedside table.

As usual, I was stupefied and felt anxious about it. He’s holding my hand and standing very close to me. What? How do you think that makes me feel?

“Blake,” He said my name once more. Hoarsely and rugged, it sounds sexy to my ears. My heart was beating louder, and my nerves are running amok.


What the hell Sehun. Stop it. Do you want me to faint?

While Sehun was fast approaching me, with our faces inches apart from each other. He cupped my face and brought it closer, much to my surprise.

OMG! Is he going to kiss me?

Here it is, his face is getting closer. Kyaaaaah! *So gay* Is he going to kiss me for real.

As soon as his face got close, my heart beat faster.

Shit! Should I push him back or let him kiss me? Hmmmm? Ok fine, I’ll let him kiss me. Mwehehe. Flirty!

But before his lips touch mine, a knock on the door interrupted us. Sehun immediately pulled back, pissed off as he opened the door.

Waaaah! Who is it? That interloper. It’s my chance. I was almost kissed by Sehun. Darn it! Who the heck is it?

As soon as Sehun opened the door, a beautiful woman around my height appeared. She was dressing a white dress that went well with her pale skin. The clothes complement the shape of her body. To describe in a word, she’s perfect.

“I will get you back no matter what!” That’s the first thing she says as soon as I heard her.



[1] kilig is a tagalog term to indicate a form of excitement, not really sexual but more on the fluttery feelings that you get that makes you want to squeal and hug the nearest thing tightly.

My Pervert Roommate Chapter 12

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