My Pervert Roommate Chapter 13

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Author: Iamjaelopez

Translator: Vannie

Co-translator: NinjaGal

Translator’s Important Note:
While translating this chapter I realize that this might be related to the missing scenes in Chapter 7.
This might be because the author is currently editing the raws and things are quite confusing.
Please, bear with us. We’ll do our best to make sure things flow smoothly. Thank you.



Chapter 13: I thought it was… [Leon]

“Ouch, it hurts! Slow down a bit, Sehun. Ahhh. It hurts!”

“You’re so loud. Lower your voice.”

“Ahhh! It really hurts. Ahhh! I told you to be more gentle. It hurts.”

“I’ll be done in a sec. Just a bit more. Don’t move too much. Here it is, it’s nearly done.”


I just can’t listen to it anymore which is why I turned the doorknob and quickly opened the door. (TN: Good, good idea Leon… I also can’t take it anymore!)


He’s really hateful. I already told him that I’ll disinfect my wound myself. He really insisted that he’ll do it instead. He pressed the cotton with alcohol into my wound which is why I shouted. It is unbearable.

It would have been better if he is the one who got wounded but it was me. And besides, it is all his fault because he just suddenly pulled me after we jogged a while ago.

I lost my balance and tripped. Due to his strong pull, which tripped me, and the rough path, I got a harsh scratch on my knee.

“We need to clean this thoroughly, it might get infected.” he stubbornly stated as he disinfects it. This is too much. It is just a small thing. It is not even that serious[i].

"I'll be done in a sec. Just wait a bit more. Don't move too much. Here it is, it's nearly done." He then pressed it in the center of my scrape.

"Ahhhhhh!" I yelled due to the pain. It wouldn't be this stingy if he just let it be. I want to pull his hair right now.

"Ouch, Sehun. I sa-" the door suddenly opened which caused me to stop talking. At the same time, Sehun and I looked at the door. It's Leon.

"Ah.. It is. Ahm, I-I t-though that s-something bad is happening here. Because I h-heard Blake's cries." Leon stuttered while explaining. I just dumbfoundedly stared at him.

"Nothing horrible is transpiring in here. Don't you know how to knock?" Sehun said.

"S-Sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. O-Okay, I'll be leaving. I'll be going Blake." Leon uttered while closing the door.

Sehun stand-up and locked the door. "What's his problem?" he muttered and went beside me. I just shrugged my shoulders.

What's Leon's problem? Why did he just suddenly opened our room? I think he is worried about me after hearing my loud cries.

Sehun planned to put a band-aid on my wound but I stopped him. I really dislike using a band-aid, ah. Just don't ask me why. I just don't like them. And instead of using them, I just grabbed a handkerchief and wrapped it around my knee.

While I was organizing my cabinet, Sehun suddenly walks towards me. I thought he was just going to pick some things from his own cabinet, but I was mistaken.

(TN: Start of the Dark "COPY AND PASTE" Scenes)

"You're really annoying, you pervert. You're so irritating!" I shouted at him after he pinched my butt.

"Well, that's because it's so soft. I can't help myself." He crazily said while running away.
Since I am already used to his teasing, I just let him run on his own, and not bothering to chase him.

"Stop teasing me. You're so irksome. If the time comes that I can't stop myself, I'll definitely kick your manhood!"

He then suddenly covered his lower area with his one hand while the other one appeared to be stopping me.

"Please don't do it, Blake. You wouldn’t have anything to eat anymore if something did happen." He said while still covering his lower half.

"What did you say? What will I be unable to eat anymore?" I asked and walks towards him while threatening to punch him. "Really, you've always been a pervert! You're really vulgar!" With an emphatic tone, I irritably told him.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" He screamed when I touched his shoulder.

Extra[i]. I still haven't punched him.

"You scream like I am raping you."

"You intend to rape me? Oh no! Please don't! I am still young." He bends down as if someone's gonna rape him. This person is really stressful. As if I really want to do it.

Waaah! This person is really stressful. As if I really plan to rape him. In his dreams[ii]. If only he is D.O.[iii] Really, he is such a pain in the brain[iv].

"You're really an abnormal person!  If only there is an empty room available, I would have already moved out. I feel like I really can't stand staying with you in the same room. You'll surely cause my blood pressure to rise, and that may even kill me. If that happens I'll really hunt y—-" I was stopped from talking when he suddenly touched my nape and pulled my face closer to his. I just felt his lips touching mine.

I was stunned at what he did. I was really shocked.

He then put a distance between our faces. A smile form on his lips and suddenly changed into a smirk.

On the other hand, I haven't made any movements. I was dumbfounded.

My first kiss. He got my first kiss. My first kiss was gone.

"Well, that's because you talked too much." He said and passed by me before stopping and continued. He is now just beside me. "But to be fair, your lips are so soft and delicious."

But before he had left entirely, for the second time today, he touched and pinched my butt before he runs away. Because of it, I recovered from my daze.

"Darn you pervert! Be prepared for me! I'm gonna kill you" I shouted while I chased him. He laughed while running away from me.

Argh! That pervert is really annoying, he must be prepared because if I catch him, I'll gonna make him sterile. He should be thankful that my leg is injured right now.

(TN: The end of the Dark Scenes, something new is up next!)


Yes! I am Blake's first kiss. Wohooooo! I am so happy. I am my love's first kiss.

Even if it is hard to confess, I still feeling kilig[v].

When my lips touch his, I feel like my world stopped (TN: *looks away*). From my part it's hard. Even if it looks like a joke, it is something that I struggled to do. And besides, I want him to shut up. Because sometimes, Blake's voice is too irritating. That's why to make him shut up, I kissed him which I know will shut him up. I know Blake, he starts to space out and feel soft when I approached him. I'm lame if I am unable to notice it. I think I have a big impact on him, the way that I am the person who he really likes and someone he has a crush on for a very long time.

I've been thinking, what if I'll just confess to him. It's very obvious that we like each other. As if the things that I've told him are now being told to me. "What's the point of hiding, right?" Yeah, what reasons do I have to keep my feelings hidden? Even though I don't have the courage yet, I have to do it right now. I don't want anyone to get him first. I really like Blake and it's the first time that I fell for someone if the same sex.



[i] Malayo ito sa bituka = slang for it is not serious

[ii] Nek nek n'ya (not sure about this)

[iii] Who is D.O.? Help I don't know.

[iv] In raws is "Cerebrum"

[v] The Tagalog word kilig was officially made part of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in March/April 2016, apparently due to the influence of the Taglish phrase kilig to the bones. It is nearly the same as having butterflies in one’s stomach or something but is still not quite the same.

Translators’ Corner:

Vannie: @[email protected] I am also confused so please spare me… I think everything would flow well if we just pretend that Chapter 7 didn’t exist, at least that is how my brain processes everything…

My Pervert Roommate Chapter 13

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